Mark Resnik

AKA: Rez, Silent Mark, Silent, MC Mark


Position: Athlete/Defender/Goalkeeper

Date of Birth: October 1968

Birth Place: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 190 lbs

College: Virginia Tech

Favorite Teams: Virginia Tech, Chicago Bears/Cubs, Newcastle, Yankees, Red Bulls


Debut: October 2000 vs Eleven United


CPR Honors:

·          Spring 2005 MSNY League Champions

·          Spring 2005 MSNY Division Winners

·          Fall 2004 MSNY Division Winners

·          New York 2005 Classic Co-Ed Runner Ups

·          2004 CPR Golf Champion

·          Las Vegas 2004 Virtue Cup Co-Ed ‘B’ Champions

·          Las Vegas 2003 Virtue Cup Co-Ed Runner Ups

·          Miami 2003 Colony Classic Co-Ed League Champions

·          Miami 2003 Colony Classic Co-Ed Knock Out Runner Ups

·          Carlsberg Cup 2002 Qualifying Day Runner Ups

·          Spring 2002 MSNY League Champions

·          Summer 2001 MSNY League Runner Ups


Player Profile

Mark moved to NYC in April 2000.  His debut in the NYC sports scene was to be delayed a few months after travelling back to VA in May to finish the final weekend of games with his flag football team resulted in a shattered left wrist and most of the summer in a cast, then in PT.  Ready to go in September of 2000 he decided to first make his mark on the soccer pitch.  He posted on NYSOL his availability, at any position, and was called upon by then CPR skipper Nick Stroffolini for the role of MetroBoyz GK.  Mark spent 5 seasons handily holding down the GK position, winning one league championship, and becoming known around the league for his above average play and consistency.  In Spring of 2003 Mark handed the GK reigns over to “The Vulture” and moved out into his more natural position playing outside midfielder or more commonly defense.  Several years of solid play on the field ended in December 2005 when Mark suffered a knee injury.  Not knowing the extent of the injury, and trying to self-heal, it wasn’t until several months later that an MRI was conducted and uncovered a torn ACL and torn meniscus.  Mark underwent surgery in late April 2006 and spent the next year recovering and playing the part of part time coach, and as a sideline supporter.  Mark returned to play in March 2007 for the Spring 2007 season, and over the next year wore a brace while playing and fully recovering,  In 2008 Mark helped form the CPR OldBoys and was a stalwart on the field and in the pub for 5 seasons on the OldBoys.  In Fall 2012, Marked helped form the CPR Legends and is looking forward to many more successful seasons with CPR.


Off the field, Mark has one the most consistent attendance records for post-game pub outings of any player in all of CPRFC.  Never letting a short subway trip across town keep him from an opportunity to throw back a couple pints and hang out with his team and the rest of the club.  Mark has also been a frequent participant in other off the field CPR activities such as banquets, golf tourneys, soccer tourneys, various trips, kickball, dodgeball, softball, and regular impromptu NYC outings.