Whites Reserves Defeat Manhattan Kickers

Nov 28 2011 Published by under Club, Whites

The Whites Reserves defeated the Manhattan Kickers on November 2oth.  It was an early kickoff and that showed at the beginning of the match.  The Reserves gave up an early goal on a counter attack, as the Manhattan kickers streaked down their right flank, centered the ball and found themselves up 1-0.  CPR quickly responded 5 minutes later when Kwesi penetrated to the end line and drew the ball back for Mike D to smoothly slot home.  Another counter attack by the Kickers gave them the lead once again on a driven shot from the top of the box that was guided in with a bit of luck.  Again the Reserves responded quickly finding another equalizer when Dan Riso drove in a corner that found Mike D whose angled header found the corner of the net.  They went into the half at 2-2.

The Whites Reserves took control of the match in the 2nd half enjoying the vast majority of the possession.  After creating a multitude of chances the breakthrough finally came as an oddly bouncing ball in the box was bravely and skillfully headed up and over the keeper by Chris Norelli as he was absolutely laid out by a charging defender.  That would prove to be the game winner with the final whistle blowing at 3-2.

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