Grays v Troy

Dec 14 2011 Published by under Grays

A top of the table clash represented a chance for CPR to gain a measure of revenge against the only team to beat them in the league.  Considering the game was to kick-off at 8:15 in the AM in a field deeeeeeep in the heart of Queens, it was not immediately clear some of the more Manhattan-centric men of the Grays would find the venue in time.  The fear of lining up short was misplaced in large part to the organizational qualities of Messrs Shapiro and Linehan who corraled everyone into cars and trains to guarantee a full squad.  Kudos to the gaffers!


G- Harvard

D- Jack, Alex, Roberts, Yuval

M- Charlie, Stig, Danny, UK, Allessandro

F- Cheez
Subs: Toks, Mazzi, Andres, Chris 
With Danny’s newly acquired fatherhood status and Cheez coming back from his honeymoon, CPR had some questions to answer. 

The first half proved to be an evenly matched affair where mid-field combination of Danny and Stig controlled the proceedings and nullified Troy before they could get their attack going.  Harvard spent large parts of the first half peacefully digesting the eggs, ham and cheese he wolfed down minutes before taking the field while the defense snuffed just about every ball played to Troy’s attackers.


UK continued his recovery from injury by finding different ways to miss one-on-one opportunities versus the keeper.  His first attempt on a breakaway went closer to the corner flag than the goal post (difficult to do as he was closer to the goal post) and on his second, almost identical opportunity a few minutes later, he mixed things up by trying to slot a low ball to the far corner but his shot was, eh, a bit weak and easily saved.  We eventually got a goal from Cheez (he should get married more often) in the first half and continued to make things harder for us by missing good chances.


Troy came out for the second half hell-bent on equalizing and went with 3 strikers up top and a mental patient at center back.  Neither move proved decisive and CPR held on to give Troy it’s first league defeat and move to within 5 points with a game in hand.


Final Score: CPR Grays 1 – Troy 0

Scorer: Cheez

MOTM: Cheez

Honorable Mention:  Stig

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  • Marc says:

    I get married over and over and over in my dreams! Hope it helps the goal tally for the spring season

    Harvard could also be MOTM for saving our asses, given how difficult a morning we created for ourselves.

    Nicely done Eduardo.