Firsts’ Go Down to Potential Champs

May 18 2012 Published by under Whites

The game started off slowly as both teams struggled to establish a flow.
But the Greeks slowly gained more of the possession and pinned us into our
 own half. A couple give aways in our own half led to counter attacks that
 the Greeks made us pay for. Kwesi had a chance to pull one back but a good
 defensive play from a Greek defender saw his attempt blocked. We went into
 the half down 2-0. The second half began as the first half had ended with
 the Greeks enjoying most of the possession. After loss of possession in
the attacking half the Greeks were quick on the counter and finished off a
 chance with an unlucky deflection that went over Ben and into the net.
 I dont remember how the 4th goal was scored so I cant comment on it.
But we did have a chance as a Pat Ouckama cross found Adam's head but
the chance chance went wide. It was a solid effort with Riso, Chris
Brown and Shane doing doubles but in the end we were out classed 4-0 by
the Greeks.


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