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Results from 5/20/12

May 21 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red lost 7-1 to Vendeval SC

Womens White drew 1-1 with Manhattan Kickers

Mens White beat Polonia 5-0 to advance to the League Cup Final

Mens White Reserve beat Floral Park (LISFL) 4-1 (D’Arpino Cup)

Mens Red Reserve drew 2-2 with Shamrock

Mens Red, Black and Gray are done, and thus had the weekend off.


Mens White Reserve @ NYAC, Thursday (League Playoffs)

Mens White Reserve also play Sunday (D’Arpino Cup Semi)

Mens White in the League Cup Final

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Schedule for 5/20/12

May 18 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red vs Vendeval SC, 11am East 6th St.

Womens White vs Manhattan Kickers, 3pm East 6th St.

Mens White @ Polonia, 2pm McCarren Park (League Cup)

Mens White Reserve vs Floral Park (LISFL) 12noon McCarren Park (D’Arpino Cup)

Mens White Reserve @ NYAC, to be played mid-week

Mens Red are done

Mens Red Reserve @ Shamrock, 4pm Randalls #74

Mens Black are done

Mens Gray are done

Old Boys are done



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Firsts’ Go Down to Potential Champs

May 18 2012 Published by under Whites

The game started off slowly as both teams struggled to establish a flow.
But the Greeks slowly gained more of the possession and pinned us into our
 own half. A couple give aways in our own half led to counter attacks that
 the Greeks made us pay for. Kwesi had a chance to pull one back but a good
 defensive play from a Greek defender saw his attempt blocked. We went into
 the half down 2-0. The second half began as the first half had ended with
 the Greeks enjoying most of the possession. After loss of possession in
the attacking half the Greeks were quick on the counter and finished off a
 chance with an unlucky deflection that went over Ben and into the net.
 I dont remember how the 4th goal was scored so I cant comment on it.
But we did have a chance as a Pat Ouckama cross found Adam's head but
the chance chance went wide. It was a solid effort with Riso, Chris
Brown and Shane doing doubles but in the end we were out classed 4-0 by
the Greeks.


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CPR Old Boyz finish up the season in fine fashion with 3-1 win over rivals Barnstonworth

May 15 2012 Published by under OldBoys

It was the last game of a disappointing season.  Despite the shift to be aggressively competitive the results were the same.  The motto of the team might as well have been changed to “If Only”.  The least losses and the most draws in the division sounded great, but there was no Carling cup to offset those “kissing your sister” statistics.

All of this leads to the reason for a sparse turnout of 13 for the game against arch club rivals Barnstonworth on a very warm Sunday morning (well, that and Mother’s day).  With typical government ineptitude there was no lazy security guard to be seen to unlock the school fence, so after joking about it the Old Boyz actually went ahead and shimmied through the narrow gap in the fence, the act of breaking & entering bringing back many memories for the Essex members of the team.  Reluctantly Barnstonworth eventually followed, and even more unenthusiastically the referee made his way to the field past the building materials to the opposite gate.  Apparently the time and date clearly specifying the location did little to appease his suspicious mind.

Kick off, with a title at stake for Barnstonworth and nothing but pride and the chance to match their previous high of 28 points at stake for CPR.  At least the team CPR had to put on the field was not only a decently strong one but a well distributed team, with only Andy Jones having to play out of position while awaiting the surprisingly absent Hollins, who made it to the field a few minutes late thanks to living in Queens.

Barnstonworth started off the stronger team, switching the ball back and forth and taking advantage of the vast field to try moving the ball straight down the middle.  On one such raid they took the lead, a very nice finish thumped into the side netting from distance.  CPR also looked dangerous on the counter on such a large field, with one excellent attack leading to a poor long distance choice from Venkataraman rather than attacking the goal.  Soon after though a free kick resulted in the equalizer, Bustamante as customary whipping the ball in, this time for Ault to rise up and loop a header over the stranded keeper.

Men in Black
”This sun is so hot! Wearing brand new heat soaking black kits was a bad choice!”

A 1-1 tie at half time was a good result, but the hope was that the 2 substitutes would be enough as the heat continued to beat down in waves, making wearing the thick black kits a poor choice.  The big field and the old players looked to make this an open game, and so it was that the Old Boyz took a surprisingly lead.  After reeling in a ball defensively, Jones looked up to see Hollins in acres of space on the right wing.  A pin point ball resulted in Hollins having room to roam, and another forward pass gave Heitkamp all he needed to finish in two touches with a neat chip past the keeper.


With their backs against the wall, Barnstonworth’s Joey Barton took upon himself to turn the wall into a mountain.  Having already put the referee on notice for some dirty elbow challenges he was caught clattering Jones in the back of the head.  His reaction to the immediate booking was raising the index finger in the universal sign of uncouth disagreement, the immediate sending off causing much consternation among his teammates.


Insult was added to injury for Barnstonworth after a glorious one on one chance led to their strikers beautiful chip of Vamvouris to bounce on the ground and remarkably go almost straight up to hit the crossbar.  CPR’s luck seemed to be continuing from the previous weekend, and they certainly looked to take advantage.  Heitkamp continued his rampage and looked to seal the victory, taking advantage of a flick on from Becker to blast the ball past the keeper for a seemingly insurmountable lead.  There was still time for Heitkamp to cruelly hit the post to be denied his hat trick and for Hollins to fluff his lines straight at the keeper.

For the third time in four years, the Old Boyz had finished with 28 points.  With another season in the books, the winds of change will be blowing more vigorously than usual this year.  Stalwarts Gavin Hamiton & Paulo Bustamante will be leaving for geographic pastures new, as will relative new boy Dan Ault.  The management will be looking long and hard at the squad and the team’s raison d’etre, which could make the squad’s makeup vastly different than it is now.

CPR Old Boyz 2011-2012
The last look at the 2011-2012 Old Boyz

Competition: Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boyz, League opposition

Location: Forest Hills HS,Queens

Conditions: Very warm morning

Fans: Mrs. Telly gets a strong vote for fan of the year for another showing.

Result: 3-1 (1-1 at H/T).

Goals: 1-1: Ault Assist Bustamante

2-1: Heitkamp Assists Jones & Hollins

3-1: Heitkamp Assist Becker

Yellow Cards: Ault got sucked in by the perpetually whiny #5, the referee taking dual action.  Shocking that Stower didn’t receive one either.

Red Card: None.

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Stower played on a very sore ankle but produced a creditable performance.

Old Man of the Match: As per last week there were a lot of good candidates, but in his last game for the Old Boyz for the foreseeable future Dan Ault took home the honours.

Old Man of the Bar: When Teesdale does make it to the pub, he does so with a vengeance.  Exciting wins for the Old Boyz, his long sufferingManchesterCity & the Red Bulls all helped to leave him as the last man standing/sitting.  To quote Rosie, “I don’t know who you are, but I like you.  You can drink!”



Mr Teesdale
I don’t always come out to the pub after games, but when I do I make it count. Last man standing indeed, Mr. Teesdale

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): Edmunds, although this time he managed to leave with his backpack weighing the same as it did when he came in.






Team Bar Showing: 9 out of 13 (69%)

Team Bar Night:  3 out of 5: The grading may have to be changed on a curve as it appears the days of the several hour sessions are over.  It was a happy group, some of whom were fortunate enough to see the last 10 minutes of the City QPR game, while the others only got to see the first goal thanks to the vagaries of ATT.  A decent Red Bulls game provided a good coda to the day.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Marc Walby (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Alex Kass (DF), Mark Becker, Andy Jones (DF), Neil Stower, Dan Hollins, Dan Ault, Paulo Bustamante, Manohar Venkataraman, Steve Heitkamp

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Results from May 13th

May 14 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red fell to Rovers1, 3-0 (State Cup)

Womens White had the weekend off

Mens White lost 0-4 to NY Greek American Atlas

Mens White Reserves lost 3-2 to NY Greek American Atlas

Mens Red forfeited to Turksih American SC

Mens Red Reserves forfeited to Turksih American SC

Mens Black beat Homnetmen, 4-2

The Old Boys beat Barnstonworth Old Boys 3-1

The Grays shutout  RTG, 6-0

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Tough Loss for Firsts’

May 10 2012 Published by under Whites

The firsts faced an excellently drilled Pancyprian team who gave us defensive problems from the very start. We sloppily went a goal behind early on, but a great finish from Robbo after a spell of our pressure leveled things up. We made some defensive changes and also had a lucky break as the referee should have punished us with a red card for Ben and a penalty kick, inexplicably deciding instead to yellow card the felled Pancyprian striker for diving. We gave away another soft goal but ended the half gaining better control of midfield. We got another lucky break near the start of the second period as the Pancyprians went down to 10 men. We had most of the possession from there and moved the ball well, but found it difficult to break down a resolute defense and keeper. With only minutes remaining and pushing more players up the field, we were caught short at the back and conceded a third. Even though we lost the game 3-1 this was a much better performance than in recent weeks, and showed us what level of play we need to aspire to.


TEAM: Ben, Andy Ma, Paul, Mike Nel, Danny, Andy, Conor, Mke Nie, Eli, Kwesi, Kyle – SUBS: Dave, George, Dan Riz

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Schedule for 5/13/12

May 10 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red @ Rovers1, 11am East 6th St.(State Cup)

Womens White have the weekend off

Mens White vs NY Greek American Atlas, 6pm Icahn Stadium

Mens White Reserves vs NY Greek American Atlas, 4pm Icahn Stadium

Mens Red @ Turksih American SC, 10am Newtown High School

Mens Red Reserves @ Turksih American SC, 8:15am Newtown High School

Mens Black vs Homnetmen, 3pm Greenbelt Recreation Center

The Old Boys @ Barnstonworth Old Boys, 9:30am Forest Hills HS

The Grays vs RTG, 4pm Randalls Island #74


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Results from 5/6/12

May 09 2012 Published by under Club

Womens White drew 2-2 with NY Smoking Aces (match report here)

Men’s White lost 1-3 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms

Men’s White Reserves lost 0-1 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms, (match report here)

Men’s Black  drew 3-3 with Mr Dennehy’s

Old Boys beat Brooklyn Gunners 4-2 (match report here)

Men’s Gray thumped Banatul, 8-1…no match report but word was Linehan had a crazy goal, or so he says

Womens Red had  BYE.

Men’s Red & Reserves got a win by forfeit over Moroccan Astoria Lions due to a state ruling.

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White Reserves Fall To Pancyprians

May 07 2012 Published by under Whites

The White Reserves faught hard in an unfortunate 1-0 loss yesterday at St. John’s.  CPR looked to be the better side from the start, both with their brand new kits and in terms of play.  CPR found plenty of room to go forward in the first half finding Muzz down the wing on multiple occasions and winning multiple corners and dangerous set pieces.  The Reserves could not manage to connect in the final third to break the deadlock.  The Pancyprians were a solid opponent and created a few chances of their own with Jon making a couple fine saves.  Just before halftime the Pancyprians floated a free kick to the back post to find a striker that had slipped his marker for a tap in.  1-0.

The second half was all CPR as they pushed for the equalizer.  Dan R. and Andy Ma came on at halftime to give the squad an attacking lift.  CPR enjoyed the vast majority of possession as they sent numbers forward searching for an opening, but their efforts were to no avail.  The Pancyprian’s sat in, keeping 10 men behind the ball and only went forward with an occasional counter attack.  Jon was as alert as ever springing off his line to clean up some nerve-wracking balls that slipped by the CPR back four.  Not for lack of effort, the White Reserves could not find the key to unlock the Pancyprian defense with painfully close efforts coming from Archie, Mike D, and Norelli.  The final whistle blew at 1-0.

Line Up:  Jon-(GK), Chris B-(D), Nick-(D), Matt-(D), Mark-(D), Archie-(M), Toph-(M), Dan C-(M), Mike D-(M), Norelli-(F), Muzz-(F)

Subs:  Dan B., Sol, Andres, Dan R., Andy


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CPR Old Boyz finally scrape out a spring win against Brooklyn Gunners

May 07 2012 Published by under OldBoys

CPR Old Boyz finally scrape out a spring win against Brooklyn Gunners

The dog days of spring are upon the Old Boyz, and with nothing to play for but pride it looked like it was going to be an old old team indeed that would suit up on a pleasant Sunday afternoon.  With ex old boy Creighton’s (in)famous Kentucky Derby party the evening before coupled with Cinco De Mayo and the FA Cup final it was certainly a challenge to appear in peak physical form for some of the team members the next day.

Three substitutes including the Gaffer were definitely on the low side this season, and the distribution was not kind with no substitute defenders available (Becker screaming “Keeper” when the ball was up in the air did not lend anyone an air of confidence.  Especially since he was playing in defence at the time).  The fact that the combined age of the starting back four was 168 (211 if counting the keeper) didn’t appear to be too promising, but the ancient boys very slowly turned back the clock to use their wily veteran skills to counter the ravages of time that had so sorely diminished them.  The lead goal for CPR was provided by somebody suffering the ravages of alcohol as Venkataraman “pounced” on a loose ball in the penalty box with an expert finish.

CPR Ancient Boyz
With a combined age of 168, the back four of the Old Boyz had their work cut out for them. And their food cut up for them and mashed into an easy to digest paste.

The Old Boyz strikeforce was clearly not going to beat anybody for pace, but with rampaging midfielders available all they needed to do was hold up the ball and distribute it as needed.  One such run from Barry led to the second goal, with a long mazy run and shot resulting in a large deflection that completely wrongfooted the keeper.









History has shown that a 2-0 lead for the Old Boyz was very dangerous for their health, and so it proved to be as the Gunners came out as if their hair was on fire.  The Old Boyz tried in vain to ratchet up the intensity but Brooklyn soon grabbed one back, a towering powerful header crushing the back of the net.  Fortunately for the Old Boyz the officiating finally evened out over the season.  An egregious non offsides call saw Hollins pass it to Teran about 4 yards offside, who proceeded to bury the ball.  Soon after it was 4-1, with what should have been a penalty awarded as a free kick followed by a disputed handball.  The resulting penalty was nicely put away by Bustamante.

The game wasn’t quite over as a driven shot from outside squirmed underneath Vamvouris, but the Old Boyz looked the more likely to score after that as the Gunners were sending numbers up to chase the game.  A long awaited and very welcome victory that was satisfying in the big scheme of things, especially for the older veterans.  A win next week would match the Old Boyz highest point totals achieved in the 2008-2009 & 2009-2010 seasons.  The what-ifs concerning the abundance of draws could wait for the summer of change coming up.

Competition: Brooklyn Gunners, League opposition

Location: Bushwick Inlet, Brooklyn

Conditions: Very pleasant spring afternoon

Fans: Numerous families, clearly in double figures.  2pm starts definitely help the attendance.

Result: 4-2 (2-0 at H/T).

Goals: 1-0: Venkataraman Assist Hollins

2-0: OG

3-1: Teran Assist Hollins

4-1: Bustamante (pen)

Yellow Cards: None, although there were a couple of vociferous tackles from a couple of the Old Boyz.  Getting the benefit of the important calls certainly helps keep a lid on things.

Red Card: None.

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Manuel’s tights were as useful at preventing hamstring injuries as they were for preserving his dignity.  Zlatar hobbled around for awhile but the difference in pace was not noticeable to the naked eye.  Other than that, it was remarkable how few injuries occurred given the extended minutes some of the old old boys played.

Old Man of the Match: An excellent performance on a pitch conducive to good footballing, with many players turning back the clock and using their canny wiles to overcome their physical limitations.  With several nominations it was no surprise that there was a tie, 3 ways with Morse, Bustamante & Walby all sharing the honours.

Old Man of the Bar: None

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 10 out of 14 (71%)

Team Bar Night:  2.5 out of 5: Half point deducted for leaving before the 4th quarter of a Knicks playoff game and subsequently missing what looked to be a rambunctious finish.  The younger old boyz would have thoroughly mocked the old old boyz for such a travesty.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Scott Brindley (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Marc Walby (DF), Mark Becker, Steve Morse, Dan Hollins, Paulo Bustamante, Manohar Venkataraman, Barry, Ilja Zlatar, Ernesto Teran, Manuel Casanova


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