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Congrats to Individual Award Winners – 2011/12 Season

Jul 14 2012 Published by under Club

For those that missed the dinner and may not have otherwise heard, below are the individual award winners for the 2011/12 Season.

Congrats All!

As usual, these have been added to the awards section on the CPR website:

Womens Red:

MVP: Jill Mansfield

Golden Boot: Jill Mansfield

Heart Of the Team: Meridyth Park


Womens White:

MVP: Cat Verri

Golden Boot: Alison McKeown

Heart Of the Team: Kelly Sanders


Mens White:

MVP: Mike Nieraeth

Golden Boot: Kyle Harman

Heart of the Team: Ben Lucki


Mens White Reserves

MVP: Danny Riso

Heart of Team: Chris Brown

Golden Boot: Chris Norelli and Dan Coccero (joint winners with 12 goals each)


Mens Red – N/A


Mens Red Reserves – N/A


Mens Black:

MVP: Chris Valentine

Golden Boot: Mike Sevchek

Heart Of the Team: Serge Verdoux


Old Boyz:

MVP: Paulo Bustamante

Golden Boot: Steve Heitkamp (8)

Heart Of the Team: Mark Becker

Mr. Glass: Declan Breslin


Mens Gray:

MVP: Dan Mejias

Golden Boot: Rich Enticott

Heart Of the Team: Danny Azzo

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