CPR Reds lose a hard fought, close game to Korabi SC

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Reds

9/23/12__The Reds, in only their second game as as newly constructed team, decided to make the learning curve of a new group of guys playing together that much harder by unveiling a new formation: the seldom heard of Trinidadian 2-3-2-3…

Despite some early growing pains on the pitch with people getting used to where they and their teammates were supposed to be, the formation played to the strengths of the roster and the team grew stronger and more confident as the match wore on. Korabi scored in the first 15-20 minutes on a broken play volley from the 18 to the far 90…once in a lifetime shot that nevertheless put the Reds behind 1-0. As players settled into their roles the Reds managed to get several good chances on net and began to mount pressure on the home team. There were some interesting calls by the referee, but nothing game changing on either side of the ┬áball. Reds fought hard until the last whistle but were unable to pull even.

Honorable mention to GK Alex, who despite refusing to warm-up for more than 2-shots, saved everything under the sun once the game started, save for a random rocket shot that wasn’t getting saved by Blake Griffin…and new guy Matthew, making his CPR debut after returning from doing volunteer work with senior citizens across the pond…even if it took us 45 minutes to figure out what the hell he was talking about.

And then things got interesting…with a match at a pitch hidden in a sunken marsh in the middle of Staten f***ing Island, and a late start due to the previous game having finished late, the Reds faced their stiffest challenge yet…how to get 14 guys to the last ferry in one mini-van…missing the boat would mean spending a full hour more than needed in the St. George Terminal and almost certain peril…Rusty, the Korabi manager, an all-around good guy apparently, got the referee (with his wife and kids in his car) to give some guys a ride to the ferry and took the rest in his car…all made it back to Manhattan safe and sound, and even had time to squeeze in a cold pint (or an Oilcan…) on the boat.

CPR, I present to you the New Reds: 12 men went back to the bar after returning from the swampland at 8:15 pm on a Sunday night….

Man of the Match: Alex “I guess I’ll warm up” ┬áMargolin

Honorable Mention: Matthew “Tippy Toes” Hatcher


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