Grays try to play football but a hockey games breaks out

Sep 25 2012 Published by under Grays

CPR lined up with Dan in goal, Marko, Steve, Toks and Yuval at the back, Jack, Stig, Kareem and Texas Mike in midfield, and Rich and Ugo leading the charge up top. Charlie, UK, Chris and Eduardo were subs.

UK reminded the squad to ignore the Partizano histrionics. 3 games into the CSL season, and they are already famous for their overall unpleasantness. We started quick and disciplined and following some nifty passing from the back through midfield, Stig hooked a shot from outside the penalty area that dipped into the far right of the goal for 1-0 start. Soon after and out of nowhere, Partizani #9 struck a bouncing ball a few yards past midfield that caught Dan off his line and leveled the score. A few minutes later, Jack sent in a corner that found Stig in the middle of the box and he hammered home for a well deserved 2-1 lead. There were some handbags in the first half that saw the entire Partizani bench, fans and traveling dogs invade the pitch which proved to be a harbinger of things to come.

In the second half, CPR did not deal with a hopeful run by their forward who managed to get a foot on the ball in front of the defender and sent it past Dan for 2-2. CPR started to move the ball again and apply more pressure when Jack and a Partizani player (it is hard to keep track of all the a-holes in their side) got into a tackle that soon degenerated into a scrum where Jack was punched and kicked by some of the Partizani scumbags. The ref stopped the game and quickly went home, ending the game at 2-2 with 20 minutes to play. Before we left the field, a bushy-topped Partizani ambled to our sideline to remind everyone just why they are all a-holes by promising to remember Jack and the rest of us in the return fixture. Partizani are a disgrace and lucky the ref ended the game with the score tied.

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