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Match Report: Old Boys 2 – Nieuw Amsterdam 0

Sep 23 2012 Published by under OldBoys

Week 3: CPR Old Boys vs. Niew Amsterdam:

CPR Old Boys Won 2-0 vs. Niew Amsterdam (a team CPR Greys also beat 2-0 last week).

Dave Sawyer and Steve Heitkamp both scored in the 2nd half to bring home the points to CPR.

It was a game that the new Old Boys squad grew into as the game went on.

Scott Brindley, Alex Kass, Joe and Stevie Morse (Capt) kept the opposition at bay, while Telly made a great save early in the second half to keep the scores level.

New boys Chris Williams and Dan Webber proved a constant threat.

Bill Marsillo won players’ man of the match.

The Old Boys had a 100% attendance at the Randall’s bar post match and Engler, Sawyer, Jones, Jessie, Hakan and Williams also made it to Central Bar post game.

CPR Old Boys are now 2 – 1 – 0 for the season.

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Whites Victorious in Brooklyn

Sep 20 2012 Published by under Whites

CPR Whites traveled to Aviator Sports complex in Brooklyn to take on United FC Sunday night September 16th.  Once again CPR was under pressure early resulting from some speedy wing play and accurate long balls from United FC.  The whites found themselves on the defensive for the first 20 minutes, when a United FC corner was mis-cleared, put on frame from point blank range, and expertly denied by Ben, but unfortunately the ball fell to United’s big center forward for the first goal.

Conceding the goal managed to wake CPR up as the whites immediately grabbed hold of the match by regaining possession and pushing some numbers forward.  Riso managed to get in on a breakaway only to be denied by the United keeper.  After a long spell of possession George put in an extraordinary effort to keep a ball from crossing the end line, pulled it back to Conor whose shot came off the far post where Riso was waiting to slot it home.  Half time came with the match level at 1-1.

The second half was a different story as a relaxed CPR possessed the ball and seemed to be in control.  United FC slipped into playing mostly long balls that the whites back line cleaned up calmly.  As CPR pushed forward and created some chances, United FC found some space down the wings, but Ben and the CPR defense held fast.  Lasse came in off the bench and found himself in a scoring position when Westy arched a far-post ball that found Lasse inside the 6-yard box.  Lasse met the ball with a technical volley that was somehow turned away by United FC.  The breakthrough finally came as Kwesi tracked down a ball in corner and pulled it back to George who slotted it by the United keeper.  This 85th minute strike proved to be the winner for a great 2-1 CPR victory.

Squad:  Mike Ne (D), Mike Ni (D), Nick (D), Matt (D), Riso (M), Westy (M), Conor (M), Brunet (M), George (M), Kwesi (F), Ben (GK)

Subs:  Eli, Lasse, Shane

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A Hard Fought Draw For Whites Opener

Sep 20 2012 Published by under Whites

CPR Whites battled to a 1-1 draw away with Lansdowne at Tibbett’s Brook Park in their season opener on September 9th.  Lansdowne began the match by putting heavy pressure on the CPR back-line and midfield.  The home team controlled the early part of the game keeping CPR pinned back, but failed to create any extremely dangerous opportunities.  After absorbing some pressure and mounting a counter attack CPR was awarded a corner kick that was whipped into the mouth of goal by Chris Brunet.  The resulting scramble saw a point blank header effort by Matt Geswell saved by the keeper, quickly followed by a shot from Kwesi denied by the hand of Lansdowne defender.  CPR was awarded a penalty which Andy West cooly converted.  Lansdowne was controversially not awarded a red card because the referees could not identify the guilty party.  The half continued with CPR finding more possession and creating a few half chances, but the whites were abruptly bitten by a Lansdowne counter in which their pacey forward found himself 1-on-1 with Ben for the equalizer.

The second half was a lot different as CPR was able to spread the field and control the possession.  The game became rather spread as both teams began to tire.  Ben came up with big saves when called upon by Lansdowne attacks.  Despite controlling the second half CPR could not quite find the final ball to crack open the Lansdowne defense.  The game finished 1-1.

Squad:  Matt (D), Nick (D), Mike Ne (D), Danny D (D), Riso (M), Westy (M), Mike Ni (M), Chris Brunet (M), George (M), Kwesi (F), Ben (GK)

Subs:  Eli, Lasse

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Schedule for Sunday Sept 23rd (Womens Derby)

Sep 18 2012 Published by under Club

It’s CPR Womens Derby Day!

Womens Red @ Womens White  11am East 6th Street

And in other games…

Mens White vs JC Eagles, 2pm Randalls #75

Mens White Reserves vs JC Eagles, 12noon Randalls #75

Mens Red @ Korabi SC, 4pm Greenbelt Recreation Center

Mens Black vs. NIFA, 10am Randalls #54

Mens Grays @ Partizani, 8pm Randalls #74

Mens Old Boys vs. Nieuw Amsterdam,  10am Randalls #74

Mens Legends seem to have a BYE this weekend, due to a late new team and resulting scheduling change (beats that 8pm game I guess)

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CPR White vs. Magic Reserves – 9/16/2012

Sep 17 2012 Published by under Womens Whites

We had another beautiful day to play this weekend. Although some people were hurting from the previous night, we still were able to stick with Magic for most of the first half. After going down 2-0, we came back with a goal in the second half. Kelly Sanders risked her body by going in for a challenge with the goalie, and the ball popped out to Sara. Lappen was able to put the ball away for our first goal of the season! Unfortunately, the game ended with a score of 4-1. Now, we are looking forward to the showdown with the Reds next weekend!

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Referee rescues Banatul from double digit thrashing at the hands of the Legends

Sep 17 2012 Published by under Legends

The Legends were still smarting from avoidable dropped points from the opening stanza of the campaign.  A 5pm start gave them all day to brood and get themselves ready on the same pitch that the Old Boyz had just vacated.  Fortuitously enough, as Becker was to be the stand in keeper for the Legends.  While concentrating on getting themselves ready and correcting the lessons of the previous week, they failed to notice a distinctly sparse squad of Banatul players readying themselves.  In fact, on kickoff there were only about 8 players ready to go for Banatul with the other 3 taking their time, a plight that the Legends looked to take advantage of.

Some of the issues of the previous week still reared their heads as the Legends eagerness to attack resulted in snatching at balls and lobbing the ball into the penalty area instead of methodically probing for weaknesses & taking advantage of all the available space.  Banatul’s defence employed an interesting but disciplined strategy of playing a concertedly high defensive line, begging for a midfield runner to pierce it on a continuous run.  Instead the breakthroughs came from the wings, with both Conboy & Pritchard able to beat their men at will and get the ball inside.  Pritchard’s shot & Conboy’s pass were both calmly dispatched by Venkataraman, but long & painful lessons had shown that a two goal lead was never safe no matter how weak the opposition looked.  Once Ochoa was able to force his shot to trickle just over the line the contest was for all intents & purposes over.  D’Andrea still had a chance to bury one past the keeper from deep before the shortish first half was over.

Banatul were gasping for breath just to get to half time, but the Legends could only focus on what they were doing.  With 7 substitutes it was a matter of getting everyone on the field and used to playing with each other, and the goal was to use the real league situation as practice to get the team in synch for more potent opposition in the future.

With the second half came a renewed onslaught, and although CPR still managed to score they also needed to fine tune their ability to adapt to changing game situations.  Casanova looked like he was trying to break the league’s offsides record by himself despite the referee making it very clear that he was going to call anything that looked borderline.  With Banatul players looking more and more disinterested the goals were there for the taking with simple passing & spacing, D’Andrea adding a goal with Brazilian flair & Ochoa adding perhaps the best of the lot with a one touch flick past the keeper from a high lob.

After the large keeper mercilessly took Pritchard out in the box the game turned farcical.  Venkataraman to no surprise dispatched the penalty only to bemusedly face vitriolic epithets by one of the defenders, who apparently had left his self respect in Queens along with any substitutes.  The thrust of his argument was that since Banatul were so old and had no substitutes the penalty should have been missed in some fashion.  Perhaps rather than languish in self-pity and blame the opposition, the defender should have done what the Legends did during the summer and spent many hours recruiting & signing over a dozen players to add to the 12 members of the squad already over 40 (including the scorers of 5 of the goals).

Angry Old Man
”Waddya doing still scoring goals?  I know there’s still half the game left but you should take mercy on us like we’re 5 year olds not 50+ year olds!”

To their credit some of the Banatul players realized it was nobody’s fault but their own and that it was only a Sunday afternoon Old Man’s League, but it didn’t stop bitter old man kicking out at Casanova right in front of the referee to garner himself an early shower (one can only hope).  Some of the other defenders repeatedly asked how much time there was left, and not liking the answer started shamefully discussing the forfeit rules.  With the Legends still scoring goals the referee decided to invoke his own mercy rule and end the game in the 33rd minute of the second half.

Regardless of the scenario, a 9 goal shutout is still a 9 goal shutout.  The squad looks like it is coming together and with a game against RTG next week should fancy themselves to keep the momentum going.

Competition: Banatul, League opposition

Location: Randalls Island #74, Randalls Island

Conditions: Bright afternoon with the blinding evening sun behind the bridge adding some adventure to the proceedings

Fans: Assorted showing including some of the Old Boyz & familes, & the Casanova family.

Result: 9-0 (4-0 at H/T)

Goals: 1:0 Venkataraman assist Pritchard
2:0 Venkataraman assist Conboy
3:0 Ochoa assist Dean
4:0 D’Andrea assist Sherwin
5:0 D’Andrea assist Resnik
6:0 Ochoa assist D’Andrea
7:0 Venkataraman (pen) assist Pritchard
8:0 Sherwin assist Casanova
9:0 Muro assist Venkataraman

Making it Rain
The Legends made it rain…goals

Yellow Cards: Rhem received a pedantic booking after shooting at goal 10 feet away on being given a borderline offsides call.  Dean was more properly given a card for a completely unnecessary full throated challenge when up 7-0, just the type of tackle that could have lit the tinderbox that was already smoking.

Red Card: None, although with the frustration level of some of the opponents rising it could easily have provoked some of the Legends into retaliation.  Fortunately the excellent referee had a full grasp on the proceedings.

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None again, with the 7 substitutes giving everyone plenty of rest.  The new guys will soon learn that 18 every week is an anomaly that won’t continue for long.

Old Man of the Match: Unlike last week there were a number of contenders given the sheer dominance top to bottom.  Although the defence pitched a shutout they suffered by Banatul’s feeble shorthanded attacking abilities.  In the end the man who scored the most goals for a first official hat-trick in a CPR uniform garnered the honors, Venkataraman waiting 12 years for his shooting boots to work 3 times in the same match.

Old Man of the Bar: None, as the 7pm finish didn’t help.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 8 out of 18 (44%)

Team Bar Night:  2.5 out of 5: A 7pm finish makes it difficult to gather the troops.

Team (No new profiles this week): Mark Becker (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Luciano Belizano (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Dan Bernoske (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Kyle Sherwin (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Mark Dean, Michael Conboy, Dan Ochoa, Willian D’Andrea, Steve Pritchard, Tony Vamvouris, Chris Muro, Manohar Venkataraman, Manuel Casanova, Will Rhem

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CPR Blacks Defeat NY Galicia, 2-0

Sep 17 2012 Published by under Blacks

Forward Baha’a Ahmed scored two goals to leads CPR Blacks to their first victory of the season on a late 9pm kickoff Sunday night versus NY Galicia.

Ahmed’s scoring streak for the season extends to three in total with one goal per half, both unassisted goals Sunday night were left-footed strikes that left NY Galicia’s goalkeeper awe-struck.

CPR Blacks’ goalkeeper Ben Zwicker and defense were under pressure throughout entire match but maintained a clean sheet with strong organization and communication.

The 2nd half was packed with chances from both teams, but more obvious was NY Galicia’s forward’s tactic to play in a unsporting like manner with late tackles and vulgar confrontations.

CPR Blacks now 1-0-1 look forward to next match on Sunday 23-September vs NIFA SC at 10am.

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Results from Sunday Sept 16th

Sep 16 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red lost 2-3 at Rovers2

Womens White fell 1-4 to. NY Magic Reserves

Mens White beat United FC 2-1

Mens White Reserves drew 1-1 with United FC

Mens Red had the weekend off

Mens Black beat NY Galicia 2-0

Mens Grays beat Nieuw Amsterdam 2-0 (goals from Tony D and Yuval)

Mens Old Boys drew 1-1 with Hoboken FC (goal from Jesse)

Mens Legends thumped Banatul 9-0  (too many goals, wait for match report)

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CPR Reds: Wait, what? We’ve got a bye week 2?

Sep 16 2012 Published by under Reds

9/16/12__WTF, seriously? Who requests a bye the second week of the season? This was not cool…

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CPR Whites Reserves Lose season opener against Landsdowne Bhoys 2-3

Sep 16 2012 Published by under Whites

The reserves started brightly and were in full control in the first half with neatly taken goals from Chris Norelli and Greg Moss. A poor refereeing decision gave Landsowne a free-kick in a dangerous area late in the half and they pulled a goal back when we did not defend the set-piece properly. We were still in control in the second half when a defensive error gifted Lansdowne an equalizer. We visibly tired as the half went on and conceded a third. We lifted our game to try and find an equalizer, but to no avail. Fitness was clearly a problem, but there were enough good things in the game to make me confident that with more matches we will be competing for the title again.

Tream: Jon (K), Archie (LB), Toph (CB), Mauricio (CB), Joakim (RB), Greg Moss (RW), Mike D (CM), , Devin (CM), Andres (LW), Chris Norelli (F), Tony (F)

Subs: Brian Nolan, Carlos,

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