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Legends foiled by embattled Argo Silver & jobsworth referee

Oct 30 2012 Published by under Legends

An interesting game on an interesting weekend.  Hurricane Sandy had rendered some confusion, especially with the Parks department’s contradictory note as to whether the facilities were open and the game was still on.  The teams chose to believe the Parks closure of 5pm which turned out to be correct.  With only one panicky last minute withdrawal by new boy Purhonen it was still going to be a decently strong team of 13 to face Argo Silver, a team whose results seemed to be very dependent upon what squad members they had available on a particular day.  Despite the fact that they were short players, the Legends tried to caution each other to play their own game and not worry about the other team, except for trying to keep the tempo up to wear them out.

For the first time in what seemed like months the Legends got to play on a decent turf field instead of crappy grass, and were very  much looking forward to it.  Playing against 8 men & Dana looked like it would be a good tonic to recover after the previous week’s cup loss, but it quickly turned out not to be the case.  8 men though they were, it was readily apparent that they had their strongest club players out starting from the enormous keeper.  The small field that was usually a help for CPR was a hindrance this time as Argo marshaled themselves well to congest the middle.  The extra men advantage was apparent at the back for the Legends but the congestion made it difficult to carve out clear cut chances.  Argo periodically threatened down the wings with pace, but they forced their way into the game mostly by Legends errors & lack of urgency.  Normally encouraged to shoot from distance, in this case the chances just went begging as balls were sprayed high and wide, the few on target proving no problem for the Keeper.  A few balls bounced around in the area but any shots made were not venomous to cause issues.  The best chance of the half was a cross to Pritchard who met it with a searing scissors kick that shuddered the cross bar.

Half time seemed to come quickly and on reflection it was an error on the Legends part not to question the 38 minute half.  They were too busy trying to reorganize and formulate a means to unlock the stubborn Silver back line.  Pushing the defence up further due to lack of offensive pressure and limiting the long range shots were some of the options discussed.  Argo themselves made some interesting adjustments, most notably deciding to play a very high line in response to Legends lack of pace up front.

The Legends started the second half with all the urgency they lacked in the first, switching the ball from each side and pushing it up and into the area.  Clean chances were still hard to come by though as Argo continued to close down the middle, with the smaller pitch benefiting them and hurting the Legends.  At this point the referee started to assert himself, or more like started to relinquish control.  Silver started playing more aggressively as the referee started letting the physical play go.  The Legends put some hard tackles in of their own, but the game was starting to disintegrate into a more physical contest that favoured the bigger Argo team.  Apart from a near post shot wide and a couple of set pieces Argo’s attacking chances were minimal, but for all their possession CPR were unable to create concrete chances.

As expected though the two men difference was starting to tell as Argo were slowly starting to tire.  As any smart veteran team would do, they spent the second half milking the clock for as much as they could.  With the Legends repeatedly pointing this out to the referee, he nodded and pointed to his watch that he was noting this down.  As such, it was an absolute shock when the referee blew the whistle for full time, again after only 38 minutes.

It is very difficult to give a proper accounting of the match without noting the stunning clock management by the referee.  Total time played was 76 minutes, which meant the game was short 14 minutes without taking into account a minute of injury time for timewasting.  In addition, on being questioned regarding several physical illegal plays by Argo the referee commented that they only had 9 players.  This isn’t Little League.  If it’s a foul, it’s a foul and trying to rig the game as an even contest for the nonexistent spectators is not the job of the referee.  Furthermore, we all understand that there was a hurricane on the way, but the referee was paid $76 for a 90 minute game, not to hurry it up and run off home.  To add insult to injury, he had the audacity to point at his watch (which said 44 minutes based on his manipulation of the start tme) as justification. 44 minutes means you played -1 minute of injury time, idiot.

The flipside was that Argo Silver played a tremendous defensive game, and the Legends had 76 minutes to score and didn’t manage it.  But that’s why the games are 90+ minutes long.  Manchester United probably would have had several less titles if the games were played to 76 minutes and not their proper length.

A final word goes out to valued team member Tony Vamvouris, whose father passed away last weekend.  Our condolences go out to you and be well.

Competition: Argo Silver, League opposition

Location: Randalls Island #74, Randalls Island

Conditions: Windy afternoon

Fans: None.

Result: 0-0 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: N/A

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None.

Mike D’s aka No Shows: New boy Purhonen, who two hours before game time canceled due to being worried about subways closing (at 7pm, for 2pm game time) and needing to stock up (Sandy was known about for days). Not exactly Leonidas at the Hot Gates determination.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, although Teesdale had hurt himself previously with a broken rib.

Old Man of the Match: Obviously a disappointing result, but there were some stand out performances despite the overall inability to pierce Silver’s defences.  Honorable mention went to the Referee with 2 votes for his undeniable influence on the game both time wise and trying to make it an even game by his own admission.  However tied for joint OMoM were Luciano Belizano for his defensive & attacking prowess in central defence & Chris Muro for a great attacking cameo in the first half and solid central midfield play.  Due to his presence at the bar Muro got to drink out of the chalice for the night.

Old Man of the Bar: Another good night, but once again last man standing after several hours was Manohar Venkataraman.  Honorable mention to the other two managers Resnik & Hodges.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 6 out of 13 (46%)

Team Bar Night:  4 out of 5: With Hurricane Sandy canceling most work days the next day, a few people were able to stay longer but a few people had to hurry back home while they still could.  Overall a good performance, with thrilling Giants victory over the Cowboys providing a nice backdrop.

Team (No new profiles this week): Jonathan Lerner (GK), Luciano Belizano (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Dan Ochoa, Willian D’Andrea, Steve Pritchard, Steve O’Connell, John Hodges, Chris Muro, Manohar Venkataraman, Will Rhem

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Results and Cancellations from Oct 28th

Oct 29 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red vs Battle Row – postponed

Womens White @ NY Smoking Aces – postponed

Mens White beat NYAC 1-0

Mens White Reserves lost to NYAC, 2-0

Mens Red @ Gotham Argo – postponed

Mens Black win via forfeit by AO Brooklyn

Mens Grays beat Guyana Veterans B, 4-3

Mens Old Boys beat BWG Cosmos, 5-0

Mens Legends drew 0-0 with Argo Silver

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CPR Old Boys defeat BWG Cosmos 5-0

Oct 29 2012 Published by under OldBoys

CPR Old Boys fired their way to equal their biggest win of the season defeating perennial top-three side BWG Cosmos 5-0.

The early kick off allowed the game to go ahead just before Hurricane Sandy rolled onto Randalls.

Mark Becker made a starring return as goalkeeper and made 1 crucial save at 0-0 to keep the scores level.

Andy Jones making his return from a back injury pulled a muscle in the warm-up meaning the Old Boys had just 1 sub after several hurricane-related cancellations.

But 1 sub was all they needed putting in one of their best displays of the season and passing effectively on a bobbly grass pitch.


1. Dave Sawyer – assist Neil;
2. Neil – unassisted;
3. Jesse (spectacular bicycle kick) – assist Neil;
4. Dan Webber (even more spectacular bicycle kick)- assist Eric;
5. Hakan – Joe.

Half time: 2-0.

Yellow card: Hollins (but took out their best player).

Red card: 1 for the Cosmos in the final 15 mins as their striker elbowed Jesse in pure frustration after having been dominated the entire game.

MOTM: many candidates, but it was decided Jesse closely followed by Neil Stower.

Subs: Jenny (Lankford) Jones – thankfully, who both kept me company and helped make key tactical changes!

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Whites Extend Unbeaten Run

Oct 28 2012 Published by under Whites

The Whites traveled to Travers Island in Pelham to defeat an abrasive NYAC side on Sunday October 28th.  NYAC came out strong keeping possession well.  As the Whites settled in and put ever increasing pressure on the home team, the match began to change.  NYAC began to give the ball away and CPR was looking dangerous on quick breaking counter attacks.  The Whites also managed to find some openings through a suspect NYAC back line stemming from possession and set pieces.  As usual Kwesi was wreaking havoc on the NYAC defenders.  The breakthrough came as Mike Ni stepped in to pull the ball away from a NYAC striker.  Mike continued to drive forward slicing between opposing midfielders.  He hit Kwesi with a through ball, who drew two defenders and cleverly rolled the ball back behind him squarely in the path of the onrushing Mike, still streaking forward.  Mike hit a perfect one time shot that rocketed past the keeper and kissed the post on its way into the back of the net.

In the second half the wind really began to blow in favor of NYAC.  CPR was under increased pressure the majority of the half as a product of the stiff wind and increased NYAC numbers pushing forward.  Despite the extended pressure the Whites shape remained stout and organized.  Right at the end of the match things got scrappy as CPR faced a flurry of corner kicks.  Eli was taken out by NYAC keeper who was getting involved in the attack.  A protective Lasse then pushed the keeper and a small, but uneventful scuffle ensued.  Tireless defending from all over the pitch helped CPR hold onto the 1-0 win and remain unbeaten improving to 5-0-2 on the season.

Squad:  Ben (GK), Shane (D), Mike Ne (D), Mike Ni (D), Matt (D), Riso (M), Conor (M), Westy (M), George (M), Xavi (M), Kwesi (F)

Subs:  Lasse, Eli

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CPR Blacks vs AO Brooklyn on Oct-28 Cancelled

Oct 28 2012 Published by under Blacks

AO Brooklyn forfeited earlier in the morning, could not get enough players.

Next match 4-Nov@12pm vs FC NY Bravehearts on Verrazzano Sports Complex in Brooklyn.

Good luck to everyone through Hurricane Sandy.

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Schedule for Sunday 10/28

Oct 24 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red vs Battle Row, 1pm East 6th St.

Womens White @ NY Smoking Aces, 4pm Grand St.

Mens White @ NYAC, 12noon Travers Island

Mens White Reserves @ NYAC, 10am Travers Island

Mens Red @ Gotham Argo, 9pm Pier 40 West

Mens Black @ AO Brooklyn, 10am Randalls #74

Mens Grays @Guyana Veterans B, 2pm Bushwick Inlet (Williamsburg)

Mens Old Boys vs BWG Cosmos, 10am Randalls #54

Mens Legends vs Argo Silver, 2pm Randalls #74

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Legends start slow, can’t catch up to AC Glen Cove in State cup

Oct 22 2012 Published by under Legends

Competition: AC Glen Cove, State Cup – Round 1

Location: Glen Street Train Station, Glen Cove, Long Island

Conditions:  sunny and cool.  10am game on very crappy muddy pitch.

Fans:  Muro & Conboy families

Result: 0-2 (0-2 at H/T) (both goals given up in first 10mins)

Goals: None

Yellow Cards: Muro

Red Card: None

Mike D’s ak a No Shows:  Steffens.  Emailed in as sick 10mins before scheduled ride.

Conboy’ s aka Reverse Mike D’s:  None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award:  None

Old Man of the Match:  Conboy.  Legends were dismal before his late arrival giving up 2 goals in 10mins by playing very timid and letting AC Glen Cove be first to every thru ball, bouncing ball, and every other kind of 50/50 ball or worse many 60/40 balls.  Conboy played great and inspired those around him to raise their level of play.  Game was actually pretty even after the first 15mins.  Ho norable mention to D’Andrea who despite the crappy pitch was able control the ball and keep possession, and if not for an unbelievable foot save by the Glen Cove GK would have put the Legends on the score sheet in the first half.

Old Man of the Bar:  Resnik & Ochoa stayed thru with OldBoys until they left (OldBoys arrived 2hrs after Legends)

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 5 out of 14 (36%)  (Resnik, Ochoa, Lerner, Hodges, Murray)

Team Bar Night:  2.5 out of 5:  Once again Resnik and Ochoa had a great extended showing, but overall low attendance and low longevity.

Team (No new profiles this week):

John Lerner (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Marc Walby (DF),  Lars Murray (DF), Juan Pablo Etchegaray (DF), Dan Bernoske (DF), Da n Ochoa, Chris Muro, Willian D’Andrea, Panu Purhonen, Tony Vamvouris, Milan Gupta, John Hodges, Mike Conboy

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Results from Weekend of 10/20-21

Oct 22 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red were knocked out of the cup by Vendeval WSC, 3-2

Womens White beat NYC Sirens 2-0 with goals from  Kelly Sanders and Alison McKeown

Mens White advance via forfeit by Olympiacos (LISFL) (Manning Cup)

Mens White Reserves (defending D’Arpino Cup Champions) – had a BYE this weekend

Mens Red lost 1-2 to Queens Liberty  (Division 3 State Cup)

Mens Black beat NIFA (CSL) 3-1 (Division 3 State Cup)

Mens Grays fell 2-4  @ Port Jefferson (LISFL)  (Marth Cup)

Mens Old Boys lost to Polonez  on PKs, after 0-0 in regulation (LISFL) (Marth Cup)

Mens Legends were shutout 2-0 by Glen Cove (LISFL) (Marth Cup)

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Blacks Earn 3-1 WIN over NIFA in First Round State Cup

Oct 22 2012 Published by under Blacks

CPR Blacks’ striker Brandon Levy scored three goals to lead CPR Blacks over NIFA  3-1 on Saturday night in First Round of NY State Cup.  

CPR Blacks coming off a tough 0-2 loss in previous weekend in Metro Div 2 action were able to get back on track with a win Saturday night to continue in NY State Cup.  

Levy’s first two goals came in first half of play culminating from tenacious attack of CPR Blacks. 2nd half began in same fashion 1st half ended with Levy’s individual brilliance widening CPR Black’s lead 3-0 with an early goal.

NIFA SC was able to find back of the net, finishing an unstoppable header crossed in the box during transition of possession.

CPR Blacks held their 3-1 advantage for remainder of 2nd half to lock in their victory. Next Sunday, CPR Blacks return to Metro Div 2 action against AO Brooklyn, kickoff & location TBD.

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Schedule for Weekend of 10/20 + 10/21

Oct 17 2012 Published by under Club

Womens Red vs Vendeval WSC, 11am East 6th St.

Womens White vs NYC Sirens, 9am East 6th St.

Mens White vs Olympiacos (LISFL) 3pm Randalls #74 (Manning Cup)

Mens White Reserves (defending D’Arpino Cup Champions) – have a BYE this weekend

Mens Red vs. Queens Liberty (LISFL), 10am Randalls #54  (Division 3 State Cup)

Mens Black vs. NIFA (CSL) SATURDAY 6pm, Randalls #70 (Division 3 State Cup)

Mens Grays @ Port Jefferson (LISFL)  TBD  (Marth Cup)

Mens Old Boys vs.Polonez (LISFL) 12noon, Randalls #75 (Marth Cup)

Mens Legends @Glen Cove (LISFL) 10am at Glen Street Station, Glen Cove LI (Marth Cup)

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