Whites Extend Unbeaten Run

Oct 28 2012 Published by under Whites

The Whites traveled to Travers Island in Pelham to defeat an abrasive NYAC side on Sunday October 28th.  NYAC came out strong keeping possession well.  As the Whites settled in and put ever increasing pressure on the home team, the match began to change.  NYAC began to give the ball away and CPR was looking dangerous on quick breaking counter attacks.  The Whites also managed to find some openings through a suspect NYAC back line stemming from possession and set pieces.  As usual Kwesi was wreaking havoc on the NYAC defenders.  The breakthrough came as Mike Ni stepped in to pull the ball away from a NYAC striker.  Mike continued to drive forward slicing between opposing midfielders.  He hit Kwesi with a through ball, who drew two defenders and cleverly rolled the ball back behind him squarely in the path of the onrushing Mike, still streaking forward.  Mike hit a perfect one time shot that rocketed past the keeper and kissed the post on its way into the back of the net.

In the second half the wind really began to blow in favor of NYAC.  CPR was under increased pressure the majority of the half as a product of the stiff wind and increased NYAC numbers pushing forward.  Despite the extended pressure the Whites shape remained stout and organized.  Right at the end of the match things got scrappy as CPR faced a flurry of corner kicks.  Eli was taken out by NYAC keeper who was getting involved in the attack.  A protective Lasse then pushed the keeper and a small, but uneventful scuffle ensued.  Tireless defending from all over the pitch helped CPR hold onto the 1-0 win and remain unbeaten improving to 5-0-2 on the season.

Squad:  Ben (GK), Shane (D), Mike Ne (D), Mike Ni (D), Matt (D), Riso (M), Conor (M), Westy (M), George (M), Xavi (M), Kwesi (F)

Subs:  Lasse, Eli

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