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Negative Skid Continues for Reserves

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Whites

The Reserves entered the match seeking redemption from a poor showing the previous week and reclaim the winning form which led to League and Cup hardware over the past 3 seasons.
The squad got off to a fine start, dominating play and claiming the open goal within the first 15 minutes.  The goal resulted from nice combination play down the left wing before Devin slotted the ball to Andres, on the right hand side, who convincingly finished off the sequence.  The Pancyprians inserted new personnel whom quickly changed the balance of play.  Less than 10 minutes after going ahead, CPR conceded a goal.  A failed offside trap left the Pancyprians most dangerous player isolated with plenty of time to calmly collect a ball played over the top of the defense and slot in for the equalizer.  Noticeably dejected with the early lead wiped away, the Reserves lost structure and confidence.  Minutes  before the half-way mark, the Pancyprians were awarded a questionable penalty.  Jon guessed correctly and did well to get a paw on the well struck shot but ultimately the penalty found the back of the net.
From the outset of the second half, the Reserves energy level and intensity ratcheted up.  Strong midfield play ushered a return to possession football and created several dangerous chances.  Perhaps the most dangerous of which saw Carlos going close with a shot that cannoned off the post.  Despite the strong play, we were unable to capitalize our chances and were caught flat at the back line on a breakaway and a well taken strike. Heads did not drop and we kept on working, finally getting some fruit out of our labor when awarded a penalty that Devin converted.  We continued pushing for the equalizer but time ran out.
Starters: Jon (K), Andy (D), Chris (D), Mauricio (D), Joakim (D), Rob (M), Archie (M), Devin (M), Carlos (M), Andres (M), Tony (F)
Subs: Brian, Julio, Chris

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Legends toil to overcome obstinate RTG

Oct 16 2012 Published by under Legends

After scraping by Hoboken with bare minimum numbers it was back to a full strength squad to play RTG on a nice Sunday morning at an optimal 10am time.  As happens in the league, this time it was the opposition who were short on numbers with just 11 at game time.  Having already played on the field before, it was emphasized that it was not the place for pretty football.  Taking time on the ball and passing it around would not have the cooperation of the grassy field so it was imperative that the defence minimized touches and mistakes while the offence took full advantage of those errors.

Any smirks at the opposition’s large and slow appearance were soon wiped away by some hard tackles and a better hunger for the ball.  The quickness to the tackle certainly took the Legends by surprise with a few players caught dawdling.  Unfortunately for RTG, one such tackle to nip Venkataraman at the top of the box also resulted in an injury that brought them down to 10 men for the rest of the game.  Although the Legends had many attacks, the extra man advantage didn’t make itself obvious, a credit to the RTG defence.  Shots were either gently played straight at the keeper or blasted wide, but the chances did keep coming.  The frustration level was simmering on high when another stroke of fortune helped CPR take the lead, a cross from the dangerous right wing by O’Connell forcing an own goal 5 minutes from the half.

Half time was spent imploring the defence to reduce the touches and move the ball up, and for the midfielders and forwards to increase the tempo and intensity to tire out the opposition and increase the number of chances, where hopefully by sheer accident more goals could be scored.  A one goal advantage was far too tenuous to feel comfortable.

Somehow trying to play nice football had been too engrained into some of the team’s psyche, because instead of keeping it to a couple of touches the ball was kept far too long.  RTG somehow had large reserves of energy which helped them harass and steal the ball from anybody foolish enough to linger with the ball at their feet.  The ball ended up staying in CPR’s final third for a few minutes, and the sense of foreboding was soon confirmed when the referee called a similar dubious accidental handball penalty to the previous week, a blunder that was of the Legends own making.

The obligatory complaining somehow did not make history and change a referee’s mind for the first time ever.  As preparations started goalkeeper Lerner became a hive of activity, triggering memories of some of the long ago Vulture for the Metroboyz.  Seemingly leaving a whole side of the goal open, then closing it down, then open again, the RTG striker must have had his head spinning.  Sure enough, a weakly struck penalty to the left saw Lerner make the safe and then just as importantly gather it up before the onrushing striker could make amends.

Open your eyes, Ref!
The Legends certainly don’t have a reputation as divers, but based on the Referee’s inexplicable decisions you would think they had











The Legends celebrated in relief, but their work was not finished.  Matters were not helped when two of the more blatant penalties that you will ever see were turned down by the referee.  The first one was a full two handed shove in the back to Pritchard that had everyone standing and looking at the referee, who mildly indicated play on to the consternation of the Legends.  The second was even more ludicrous as Pritchard, almost in slow motion, moved into the penalty area with a large defender just repeatedly kicking is legs and trying to trip him.  On turning to question the referee he was told that he was given ‘advantage’.  On requesting why the referee didn’t award the penalty after the goal wasn’t scored, the referee just shrugged and turned away with a vacant smile.  Instead of a vociferous response the Legends were more embarrassed for him at this point, much as if your new puppy had done his business in the middle of a brand new white rug with everyone watching while happily wagging its tail.

Meanwhile O’Connell’s offsides exploits from the previous week were repeated, although apparently not in the volume as when he played striker.  Perhaps the only person happy about the constant offsides calls was Casanova who no longer has to worry about being the only one unable to grasp the concept that when you are 10 yards beyond the nearest defender and calling for the ball, the whistle will be blown.  The flipside were the dangerous runs and crosses that had already resulted in one goal and were a constant thorn in the side of RTG.

In addition to the penalty shouts the Legends started to resemble Liverpool in their affinity for the woodwork.  Pritchard actually hit the woodwork twice with the same shot, a rare feat, while Venkataraman’s header was pushed onto the bar by the keeper.  Fortunately the final time hitting the woodwork proved to be the fairest of them all, Ochoa’s shot bouncing off the post to be met resoundingly by Muro following up like a good central midfielder should.

On the one hand it was no doubt a frustrating game.  Playing 10 men with 5 substitutes should have resulted in a resounding victory regardless of the bravery of the visitors or the numerous close shaves.  On the other hand, this was a game that in less resilient hands could have resulted in a draw.  The animated shouts stayed just the right side of being positive, and on a better pitch the tendency to try and play football will prove to be a huge plus.

It’s hard to argue with the results.

Competition: RTG, League opposition

Location: Randalls Island #54, Randalls Island

Conditions: Nice warm morning with intermittent breeze

Fans: None.

Result: 2-0 (1-0 at H/T)

Goals: 1:0 OG assist O’Connell
2:0 Muro assist Ochoa

Yellow Cards: None, although there was some vociferous complaining after the harsh penalty award.

Red Card: None.

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None.  Now that Hodges has played a game, Mike D is the only member of the full time roster not to have made an appearance.  The Legend continues.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None with the 5 substitutes providing adequate rest for everyone.

Old Man of the Match: A spotty performance by almost everyone concerned, with just as much good as bad.  However the clear cut turning point of the match was Lerner’s penalty save, as 1-1 would have been demoralizing.  It barely was worth writing the votes on the napkin as everyone was in solid agreement.  Too bad he abused the sacred trust of the OMoM chalice by barely refilling it once.

Old Man of the Bar: An old time session like the old days saw Ochoa & Venkataraman make it for a solid 10 hours.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 5 out of 16 (31%)

Team Bar Night:  4.25 out of 5: Not a lot of breadth but a lot of depth for those who came.

Come on, Rook!
The Legends made their mark on the field and at the bar.  Some rookies are still trying to adjust to the veterans stamina and increased demands.  It’s been likened to the jump from college to the Pros

Team (No new profiles this week): Jonathan Lerner (GK), Luciano Belizano (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), JP Etchegarry (DF), Kurt Steffens (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Dan Ochoa, Willian D’Andrea, Steve Pritchard, Steve O’Connell, John Hodges, Tony Vamvouris, Chris Muro, Manohar Venkataraman, Will Rhem

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Day of the Danimal!

Oct 15 2012 Published by under Womens Whites

CPR played the Kickers today with an old school roster…or rather, old roster. We started strong with some beautiful passing and solid teamwork. Midway through the half, Dufton showed up straight out of bed and netted a beauty in the back of the net. Note: Duf forgot that Central Bar is post-game, not pre.

Anyway, the Kickers came fighting back in the 2nd half and scored two goals. But CPR was still hungry. (Lisa had only had a soy whey creatine shake beforehand). Thanks to the brilliant performance of Danielle and a heroic save in goal (that I apparently missed), Danielle was the team MVP. Oh, and CPR found a way to tie it up at the end 2-2. Until next week…

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CPR Blacks’ lose to Ridgewood Romac 2-0

Oct 15 2012 Published by under Blacks

Ridgewood Romac scored two early goals in first half, and maintained their lead for entire match to defeat CPR Blacks 2-0 on Sunday.

CPR Blacks were down early when Ridgewood Romac’s slotted a pass behind the defense and capitalized their breakaway by putting a goal past CPR Blacks’ goalkeeper Ben Zwicker. Soon after Ridgewood Romac’s first goal, a cross into the box found a striker wide open and lead extended to 2-0.

Even match in terms of attacking opportunities and possession left CPR Blacks unable to maintain undefeated record up to this match. 

CPR Blacks (4-1-1) in league action have a bye-week and will compete againstNIFASCin Round 1 NY State Cup action on Saturday 20-October at 6pm onRandallsIsland.

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Results from 10/13-14

Oct 15 2012 Published by under Club

on Saturday Night:

Mens White shutout Pancyprian Freedoms 3-0

Mens White Reserves lost 2-3 to. Pancyprian Freedoms

then on Sunday:

CPR D2A 030s Derby: Old Boys and Grays drew 1-1

Womens Red beat Scala 3-1

Womens White drew  2-2 with Manhattan Kickers

Mens Red won by forfeit from Clarkstown FC

Mens Black lost 0-2 to Ridgewood Romac

Mens Legends beat RTG 2-0

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Whites Shutout Pancyprians

Oct 14 2012 Published by under Whites

The Whites managed to shutout the Pancyprians on a their way to a decisive 3-0 victory Saturday night on Randall’s Island.  The conditions were a bit chilly with a gusting wind that largely impacted the play throughout.  CPR showed good poise early as they managed to keep possession with their back-line and midfield.  The Pancyprians tried to stretch the CPR backs by playing high and very wide wingers along with two strikers, but some tireless tracking back from Xavi and Riso on the outsides kept the dangerous Pancyprian wingers at bay.  The visitors best chance of the half came on a free kick from just a few strides outside the penalty area.  Ben showed great explosiveness to get across and parry the ball over the frame.  The Whites were looking dangerous on the counter attack as they went at the unbelievably flat Pancyprian back four with speed and precision.  Kwesi was in behind the line, but the keeper luckily managed to strip him with the brisk wind really just nudging the ball out of Kwesi’s controlled reach.  Overall, a very even first half with neither team finding an opening large enough to go ahead.

The second half began with more of the same midfield battle.  CPR was first on the score sheet 10 minutes in as a whipped in free kick from Mike Ni gave the Pancyprian keeper fits.  The ball just continued bending away from him and a half punch saw the ball pop out to the top of the box where Westy, waiting anxiously, met it with a ferocious half volley that snuck cleanly through a crowded area to find the back of the net.  From here CPR displayed impressive discipline and defensive shape as the Pancyprians began to throw more and more numbers forward.  The Whites midfield were sprightly and energetic in disrupting the Pancyprian possession, while the backs consistently made it nearly impossible for Pancyprian forwards to receive the ball.  Despite stout CPR defending the visitors did create a handful of dangerous chances, which Ben dealt with alertly.  Their best chance coming on a knocked down set piece resulting in a snap shot and a brilliant reaction save from Ben to knock the ball over the cross bar.  After absorbing some pressure the Whites found their rhythm again and began to control possession.  The Pancyprian frustrations at being continuously turned away were evident in some late fouls, small scuffles, and crying to the referee.  At this point CPR began to find more space going forward.  None more so than Conor who, after a nifty move around a defender, tiptoed down the touch line eventually finding Kwesi for a composed finish and the 2-0 lead.  CPR finally sealed the Pancyprians inevitable fate when some extra effort from Browny put Xavi through for the third and final goal, his first with the club.  A great overall team effort with a proud and historic shutout for CPR Whites.  Final score 3-0.

Squad:  Ben (GK), Mike Ne (D), Mike Ni (D), Nick (D), Matt (D), Riso (M), Westy (M), Conor (M), George (M), Xavi (M), Kwesi (F)

Subs:  Eli (M), Browny (F)


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CPR vs. Battle Row – 10/7/2012

Oct 11 2012 Published by under Womens Whites

Started off the rainy Sunday will only 9 players, but after an injury in the first five minutes we were down to eight — a preview to the long game ahead. We played well, under the circumstances, only allowing two goals in the first half and finding a few chances ourselves. But being three players down for 45+ minutes proved too much, and they put three more away in the second half to end the game 5-0. Despite being clearly outnumbered, we fought hard and managed to get a few chances on goal against a good team (and a full squad!)

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CPR Old Boys beat Guyana Veterans 5-0

Oct 10 2012 Published by under OldBoys

CPR Old Boys defeated Guyana Veterans 5-0 and put on their best display of the season so far.

The win takes the Old Boys to 3-0-1 and second in the table ahead of the CPR derby against Grays next week.

MOTM: Heitkamp.
Half time: 2-0.
Full time: 5-0.

1. Bill Marsillo – assist Steve Heitkamp;
2. Heitkamp – assist Neil Stower;
3. Heitkamp – assist Dave Sawyer;
4. Heitkamp – assist Bill;
5. Chris Williams – unassisted.

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Old Man Derby & More – Schedule for Oct 13th and 14th

Oct 10 2012 Published by under Club

some rare Saturday Night specials this week:

Mens White vs. Pancyprian Freedoms, 8pm Randalls #70

Mens White Reserves vs. Pancyprian Freedoms, 6pm Randalls #70

then on Sunday:

CPR D2A 030s Derby: Old Boys @ Grays, 10am Randalls #74

…and in other games…

Womens Red vs. Scala, 1pm East 6th Street

Womens White vs. Manhattan Kickers, 11am East 6th

Mens Red vs. Clarkstown FC, 12noon Randalls #75

Mens Black @ Ridgewood Romac, 2pm Bushwick Inlet (Williamsburg)

Mens Legends vs. RTG, 10am Randalls #54

for those 7 teams playing on Sunday at least, this nice concentration of game times tees up nicely a good session at Central Bar, so please make the effort to stop by after your games


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Oct 09 2012 Published by under Club, Whites

As steady cold rain began to fall at kickoff, the reserves were faced with unfavorable conditions as they took on Manhattan Celtic in week 5. Sloppy play ensued throughout the entire game where the Whites struggled to play the way they desire. With plenty of regular faces missing, the reserves were grateful to have Baha’a from CPR Blacks and Matt from the Reds, and also excited to see a surprise appearance as Josh Kwilecki stepped in and played a solid game at center back. The first half was a lot of back and forth with neither team finding the back of the net. The Celtic’s long ball prayers seemed to be working in the wet conditions more-so than the Whites silky style of play. Luckily, Carlos was not affected by the conditions as he continued to show his magical Brazilian swag beating several Celtic players but reserves were unable to finish opportunities.

The second half started on a positive note as the Whites came out strong and had had several close encounters. Newly engaged, Mike D, had the best opportunity at that point taking a brilliant 30 yard strike only to see it go just wide. Carlos collected a rebound off a corner and fired a point black shot that was saved by the goalie’s face. The Celtic continued to fight back and after a great one on one tackle by Russell Archibald, the rebound fell to an open Celtic midfielder who curled the ball just out of the reach of goalie, Jon. Several minutes later, Celtic put in another goal off a set piece. Down 2-0, the Whites were not giving up, a Celtic defender had some unpleasant words for the referee and the man in stripes rewarded him with a straight red card. Playing against 10 men, the Whites began to push forward but the defense was caught and left a Celtic forward on a breakaway as the striker finished for his second goal of the game. Trailing 3-0, Devin was able find the back of the net after producing several dangerous chances earlier in the game. But that would be all she wrote as the Whites suffered a disappointing loss 3-1.
Highlight of the evening: Mike D, Andres, Archie, and Andy M decided to head back to Central Bar hoping to salvage the night and take advantage of not having work the following day thanks to Columbus. Salvage the night they did as they were able to enjoy a full platter for the 4 of them and entertainment that has changed the perception of Central Bar on a Sunday forever.
Starters: Jon(GK), Joakim(D), Josh(D), Matt(D), Andy(D), Archie(M), Andres(M), Mike D(M), Carlos(M), Devin(M), Tony(F)
Subs: Brian, Baha’a

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