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Forfeit by RTG produces anticlimactic end of season for Legends

May 20 2013 Published by under Legends

With two of the last 3 games for the Legends resulting in forfeits by the opposition, it was a spring that ended up petering out.  However a solid foundation has been put in place, with the 26 points in the inaugural season comparing favourably with 20 points in the Old Boyz first season.  Maintaining the defence while adding some scoring punch will be paramount for next season.

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Results from May 19th

May 19 2013 Published by under Club

CPR Womens Red beat Manhattan Kickers 4-2 and ended up in 3rd place for the season

CPR Womens White fell 0-1 to Vendeval

CPR Mens White  shutout the CPR Mens White Reserves 5-0 (league cup semi)

CPR Mens Red and Black were off

CPR Grays drew 2-2 with Hoboken to close out their title winning season

CPR Old Boys drew 2-2 with  Brooklyn Gunners, thus ending up in 3rd place in the division

CPR Legends got 3 free points as RTG texted in a forfeit overnight


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Schedule for May 19th

May 17 2013 Published by under Club

CPR Womens Red @ Manhattan Kickers 11am East 6th

CPR Womens White @ Vendeval 1pm Randall #73

CPR Mens White  vs. CPR Mens White Reserves 1pm Randall #75 (league cup semi)

CPR Mens Red are off/done

CPR Mens Black are off/done

CPR Grays @ Hoboken 1pm Randall #74

CPR Old Boys vs. Brooklyn Gunners 8am Randall #74

CPR Legends vs RTG 8am Randall #70

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May 17 2013 Published by under Club, Whites

On Sunday 5.12.13, CPR set out on the journey to St John’s University where they faced an enthusiastic and experienced Pancyprians reserve team.  Although the facilities were world class, the blustery conditions and shortage of playing personal saw Rangers begin the game with a number of players playing out of position and with severe concern for the well-being of captain marvelous Brownie, who was lost somewhere between Indianapolis and Queens.  Nevertheless, the team moved the ball nicely and had a number of chances, unfortunately none of which were capitalized upon.  Alex was proving industrious in a more offensive position but after he introduction of Baha after 20 minutes, Alex really began to show himself, tearing apart the Pancyps left full back time and again.  Carlos, continuing is scintillating dribbling form, created numerous chanced byt unfortunately the old onion bag remained un-bothered and after some quick interchange play, Pancyprians caught CPR’s makeshift defense napping and scored on a counter-attack (despite Coach Eli’s remonstration with the referee for what was a clear off-side).

The arrival of Brownie at half-time gave the Whites Reserves the comfort level they needed (knowing he wasn’t dead) and slowly but surely the team began scrapping and scraping its way back into the game.  Some creative play from Andy Ma and Ben out wide saw a by-line cross turned away for a corner and what resulted from that corner, is one for the record books.

In sum, Alex delivered, Pancyprian’s cleared poorly and the ball fell to the ageless, albeit no longer agile, Andres, who turned the hands of time backwards as he controlled on his chest and as calmly as a cucumber, volleyed the ball (by his own admission, as fiercely as his grandmother), into the top corner.  With the score now level at 1-1, both teams threw players forward, searching for the breakthrough…
Cometh The hour, cometh the man.  With 15 minutes left of the game (and in fact, of the league season), the ball fell to CPR Reserves’ game changer…the insurmountable Jon Locitzer in goal.  Jon showed poise and industry to read the wind like an America’s Cup sailor, before sending a drop-kick two-thirds of the length of the field, sending Baha on his way.  Baha showed composure and grit to wrestle the ball past the oncoming Pancyprian’s GK and to slide the ball into the back of the net. 2-1 Rangers.
The game went on for a few more nervous minutes, but the final score would remain as it was.  The CPR Reserves, despite the multitude of late concessions throughout the season, held firm and showed that it will take an awesome effort by the CPR Whites Firsts to defeat them in next weeks league cup semi-final clash of the titans.
Team:  Jon, Joakim, Greg, Pat W, Andy M, Eli, Carlos, Archie, Ben, Alex (Subs: Baha, Brownie)

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May 17 2013 Published by under Club, Whites

The CPR Whites made up for their three previous dismal league performances, and with a BANG ended the 2012-2013 1st Division season by beating the NY Pancyprian Freedoms by a score of 5-2 in front of a roaring crowd of fans at Belson Stadium on the evening Mothers’ Day.

In addition to a stellar Pancyprian attack, the Whites had to battle a strong wind and sun during the 45 minutes; they played it well. The half ended at 1-1 with the Pancyprians going up 1-0 in the 27th minute followed by an equalizer by Lasse Kokko in the 32nd minute.

Manager Yuval Lion sent the Whites back onto the pitch in the second half with their heads held high. However, a miscommunication on a cross resulted in an early and easy open net goal in the 51st minute by the Pancyprians. Despite that, Eli Vovsha equalized 3 minutes later on a clinical finish on the ground and far post. The game remained 2-2 until Lasse Kokko gave CPR the go-ahead goal. Two more goals were added by Andy West and again Lasse Kokko for his hat-trick!

Team: Ben, Paul Racines, Mike Ne, Nick, Pat O, Andy W, Karl, Eli, Lasse, Charlie, Josh. Subs: Carlos, Pat W, Baha’a

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Legends let golden opportunity slip through their fingers against League leaders JC Eagles

May 14 2013 Published by under Legends

As has been typical this spring, the game start time was once again 8am, the only difference was that the field was in Yonkers.  With it being Mother’s day it was a scramble to get enough of a squad together, let alone once capable of giving the mighty JC Eagles a run for their money (Wins 14, Draws 1, Goal Difference + 78).  On arriving at the field the news was that the referee had found 8am too early and had cancelled, and that the opposition had a mere 9 players.  The teams amicably decided to play the game on gentleman’s rules, and for the most part this seemed to work except for a few predictable borderline offsides calls.  Although the two man advantage helped the Legends keep possession they were unable to do much with it, continuing to resort to aimless crosses from the wings instead of utilizing the extra space to find shooting opportunities down the middle.  The Eagles exhibited touch and composure on the ball as befitted a team with their raw numbers, but the lack of referee inhibited CPR from increasing the intensity and physicality of the game against a team with nothing to play for.

With the Eagles at ten men at the half it was a stalemate, but CPR was both justifiably disappointed with not making more of the space while also optimistic at their chances in the second half.  Once again it was emphasized that they needed to make simple passes while using the width to move up the field but then should divert the ball centrally.  Unfortunately although there was an improvement all too often decisions were either made incorrectly or too late, with far too few balls falling to a player at the top of the box to take their chances.  Meanwhile JC Eagles were also gaining their stride, and their physical abilities started to show.  A cross from the outside found their striker all alone for a simple header and the lead, and soon after a move in the box created a clear penalty and just like that it was a two goal hole for the Rangers.  A slick through ball and sheer speed outran the defence for a third, and although a Venkataraman volley brought one back the rout was on.  With CPR continuing to toil up the field space was opening at the back for the Eagles and it was too much to ask of some of the elderly defenders to keep up with the electric pace.  On the one hand the final score of 6-1 felt unfair and not indicative of the proceedings, on the other hand the season scores for JC Eagles says it was par for the course.  The Legends should be disappointed because they know they didn’t play well, and if they had played up to capacity they surely would have created more chances, more goals and kept the game tight.  Who knows what would have happened at that point?

Competition: JC Eagles, League Opposition

Location: Tibbet Brook Park Field #3, Yonkers

Conditions: Decent spring morning

Fans: None

Result: 1-6 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: 1-3 Venkataraman Assist Pritchard

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None.

Old Man of the Match: After giving up 6 goals in a second half its hard to find too many candidates for OMoM.

Old Man of the Bar: None.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Mr. “Bed, Bath & Beyond” (Season award for least appearances as a full time squad member):

Dean skyrockets out of wooden spoon contention leaving the title to Mike D with only one game left.  Realistically this was always going to be a competition for second place as Vegas started paying out on Mike D before the season even started.  Next week should be a thrilling finale as Casanova has threatened to show up.


Season Appearances (Games = 16)

Michael ‘Mike D’ Douglas


Mark ‘Tactics’ Dean


Manuel ‘Essentially’ Casanova


Team Bar Showing: 4 out of 13 (31%)

Team Bar Night:  2 out of 5: 4 managed to make it to the bar which was an accomplishment in itself given the starting time and location of the game.

Team (No new profiles this week): Mark Becker (GK), Panu Purhonen (DF), Dan Bernoske (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Dan Ochoa, John Hodges, Mark Dean, Tony Vamvouris, Manohar Venkataraman, Willan D’Andrea, Steve Pritchard

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Mothers Day Game Results

May 12 2013 Published by under Club

CPR Womens Red beat NY Smoking Aces 2-0

CPR Womens White had the weekend off

CPR Mens White  beat Pancyprian Freedoms, 5-2

CPR Mens White Reserve beat Pancyprian Freedoms, 2-1

CPR Mens Red forfeited to Korabi SC

CPR Mens Black  lost to Grenadier Zenith 1-3, in a game that started way late and was way short due to oppo/ref

CPR Grays lost to Guyana Veterans B, 1-4

CPR Old Boys beat BWG Cosmos badly

CPR Legends lost to JC Eagles, 1-6

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Schedule for Mothers Day – May 12th

May 09 2013 Published by under Club

CPR Womens Red vs. NY Smoking Aces, 9am East 6th St.

CPR Womens White have the weekend off

CPR Mens White  @ Pancyprian Freedoms, 6pm St. John’s University – Belson Field

CPR Mens White Reserve @ Pancyprian Freedoms, 4pm St. John’s University – Belson Field

CPR Mens Red vs. Korabi SC, 1pm Greenbelt Recreation Center

CPR Mens Black  @ Grenadier Zenith, 8pm Kaiser Park

CPR Grays vs. Guyana Veterans B, 10am McCarran Park

CPR Old Boys @ BWG Cosmos, 2pm Randalls #74

CPR Legends @ JC Eagles, 8am Tibbets Brook Park

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May 09 2013 Published by under Club, Whites

On one of the first nice Sunday’s of the spring, the CPR Whites took on the lads from Lansdowne on Randall’s Island. Another must-win game for the squad in front of them, the Whites warmed up and prepared with zeal for the encounter. However, the enthusiasm exhibited in warm-ups and the team talk did not translate to the field as the Whites found themselves under pressure from the start. Lansdowne controlled the tempo from the whistle and it showed – deep balls into the channel resulted in the Whites midfield and defense on the backfoot. Sensing CPR chasing shadows, the opposition quickly took advantage with another testing long ball into Ben Lucki’s box. Lucki rushed out and made a nice tackle that appeared to be clean from everyone’s perspective except the referee, who pointed to the spot. The Irish converted to the White’s chagrin.

Despite the scoreline and the inequality in possession, CPR’s composure was maintained while their opposition continued to prod the Whites back line with testing deep balls. CPR did themselves few favors by giving the ball away cheaply when they did possess the rock, which allowed Lansdown to not only maintain the upper hand but continue testing the mental strength of the entire team. A cheap giveaway from midfield in CPR’s defensive third resulted in a quick counter, cross, and deflected finish that saw CPR down 0-2 in the first 25 minutes. A third Lansdowne goal quickly followed. CPR rebounded from the initial onslaught to close out the half down 0-3.
The team spirit that was exhibited in warm-ups but lost in the first half was quickly found during the half-time chat. This was evident throughout the second half as CPR dominated the game both physically and in possession. CPR’s spirit was evident as Lansdowne’s back line began to panic. The panic quickly turned into capitulation as the Whites turned their dominance into goals, bagging a quick tally via a well-worked play down the wing. Starting in the back, the ball found its way to Shane, who played it to Riso and then Eli. Eli whipped the ball across to the big fella George who followed his own advice for once – he can usually be heard yelling “get in the box” to those who are positioned well behind him – and got on to the end of the cross, where he finished well.
A second goal followed shortly after when Eli was played through for a one-on-one with the opposition’s GK. A quick shake and a calm strike saw CPR down 2-3 with 20 minutes to go. Lansdowne was very much under pressure now and had no answers for the Whites’ efforts. With their back line yelling “We’re being overrun,” CPR turned up the pressure even more and quickly found what they believed was the equalizer. A deep ball into the box saw Mike “Indiana Jones” Nelson get on his proverbial horse, race to the end line, and head the ball into the goalmouth where Kwesi slotted home. The ref and his trusty linesman found a way to negate the goal by calling for two different fouls – one an offside call and the other a handball.
CPR pushed on in search of the tying and winning goals but with no luck. Lansdowne saw out the scoreline despite CPR’s second-half domination. The White’s look to stem the tide when they take on the Pancyprian squad this Sunday.
Team: Ben Lucki, Shane Lennon, Nick Rudd, Mike Nieraeth, Mike Nelson, Andy West, Lasse Kokko, Charlie Fuentes, George Fenwick, Dan Riso, Kwesi Millsodoi; Subs: Eli Vovsha, Pat Ouckama, Paul Racines

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May 09 2013 Published by under Club, Whites

The White Reserves disappointedly walked away Sunday afternoon with another draw and officially saw their playoff chase come to an end. A promising start followed by great play in the first half by the Whites was followed by a less than stellar second half effort allowing Lansdowne to walk away with a well deserved point.

The game started with the Whites jumping out to a dominant position knocking the ball about to what was arguably the best first half performance of the spring. Midway through the half Ben H found the ball deep down the left wing and his right footed shot was saved, but Tom was there to collect the rebound and put the ball in the back of the net leaving the Lansdowne defense and keeper helpless. As solid play continued and the Lansdowne team frustrated, Devin received the ball in the center of the pitch, took a few dribbles, and unleashed a dipper into the lower right hand corner of the goal giving the Lansdowne keeper no chance. As the halftime whistle blew, the Whites were in full control of the game with no real threats coming from the opposition leading 2-0.
The second half turned out to be a different story. The Whites started strong continuing their dominance in play but lack of fitness was exposed midway through the second half as Lansdowne continued to push and attack looking for their first goal. They found it on a 20 yard strike from their burly midfielder as the shot clanged down off the crossbar leaving Jon with no chance as their striker followed the rebound for the tap in. As the momentum shifted, Lansdowne attack was fierce but Jon was able to turn away several shots with brilliant saves to keep the Whites ahead. With 10 minutes left in the game, a Lansdowne cross from the left side of the wing found a lone striker in the 18 but Andy Ma’s tackle in the air was whistled for a foul giving Lansdowne a penalty. They converted and the game ended in a 2-2 draw. A tale of two halves…..
Starters: Jon (GK); Greg (RB); The Chris Brown (CB); Mike C (CB); Andy M (LB); Alex (MF); Russell Archibald IV (MF); Tom (MF); Andres (MF), Devin (MF), Chris N (F)
Subs: Mike D (MF); Ben H (MF)

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