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On Sunday 5.12.13, CPR set out on the journey to St John’s University where they faced an enthusiastic and experienced Pancyprians reserve team.  Although the facilities were world class, the blustery conditions and shortage of playing personal saw Rangers begin the game with a number of players playing out of position and with severe concern for the well-being of captain marvelous Brownie, who was lost somewhere between Indianapolis and Queens.  Nevertheless, the team moved the ball nicely and had a number of chances, unfortunately none of which were capitalized upon.  Alex was proving industrious in a more offensive position but after he introduction of Baha after 20 minutes, Alex really began to show himself, tearing apart the Pancyps left full back time and again.  Carlos, continuing is scintillating dribbling form, created numerous chanced byt unfortunately the old onion bag remained un-bothered and after some quick interchange play, Pancyprians caught CPR’s makeshift defense napping and scored on a counter-attack (despite Coach Eli’s remonstration with the referee for what was a clear off-side).

The arrival of Brownie at half-time gave the Whites Reserves the comfort level they needed (knowing he wasn’t dead) and slowly but surely the team began scrapping and scraping its way back into the game.  Some creative play from Andy Ma and Ben out wide saw a by-line cross turned away for a corner and what resulted from that corner, is one for the record books.

In sum, Alex delivered, Pancyprian’s cleared poorly and the ball fell to the ageless, albeit no longer agile, Andres, who turned the hands of time backwards as he controlled on his chest and as calmly as a cucumber, volleyed the ball (by his own admission, as fiercely as his grandmother), into the top corner.  With the score now level at 1-1, both teams threw players forward, searching for the breakthrough…
Cometh The hour, cometh the man.  With 15 minutes left of the game (and in fact, of the league season), the ball fell to CPR Reserves’ game changer…the insurmountable Jon Locitzer in goal.  Jon showed poise and industry to read the wind like an America’s Cup sailor, before sending a drop-kick two-thirds of the length of the field, sending Baha on his way.  Baha showed composure and grit to wrestle the ball past the oncoming Pancyprian’s GK and to slide the ball into the back of the net. 2-1 Rangers.
The game went on for a few more nervous minutes, but the final score would remain as it was.  The CPR Reserves, despite the multitude of late concessions throughout the season, held firm and showed that it will take an awesome effort by the CPR Whites Firsts to defeat them in next weeks league cup semi-final clash of the titans.
Team:  Jon, Joakim, Greg, Pat W, Andy M, Eli, Carlos, Archie, Ben, Alex (Subs: Baha, Brownie)

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