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Valiant comeback falls narrowly short in yet another cup loss for Legends

Oct 22 2013 Published by under Legends

The Legends approached their first Cup game of the year with trepidation, not least because the game was in deepest Staten Island (is there any other kind of Staten Island?).  Although they had been notified that this was a kinder, gentler Partizani there were too many bad memories of Neanderthal behavior to feel fully comfortable.  Despite the misgivings the mid October day dawned with the glorious warmth we’ve now come to expect thanks to the wonders of fossil fuels.  The curiosity of those who had never been to Staten Island was quickly sated at the first long traffic jam, but the Legends still managed to have a full 11 to play with while Partizani were still scrambling for numbers.

The young referee brought that most unusual of Over 30’s referee traits to the game, that of competence.  He came over, discussed his expectations of the game and starting on time in a very non confrontational way and had both teams ready to play with only a few minutes delay.  The field appeared of a similar length to the favoured Randall’s Island #74 but slightly wider, so the Legends were hoping to take advantage.  However this appeared to be a solid (and thankfully sporting) Partizani team.  Although they left the wings free for the Legends to advance, they congested the middle and all too often herded CPR into a cul-de-sac.  Neat dribblers and one touch artists though they may be, Jee & D’Andrea still had trouble penetrating the mass of bodies.  At the other end the #22 striker was living up to every inch of his billing as a thoroughly dangerous player.  The hope for the Legends was that he would keep trying to dribble around every single player in front of him and continue to enrage his teammates by screaming incessantly at them (better them than us).  A fairly even first half was edged by the opposition when they took advantage of some substitution confusion to cut in from deep on the right hand side and score via a well hit ball into the roof of the net.

A Cup game meant the usual league strategy didn’t apply, since there was no difference between losing 1-0 or 3-0.  Unfortunately the Legends took this to heart, as a high bounce from the crossbar was bullied in and then an inability to clear the ball despite several chances allowed a third and seemingly final nail in the coffin.  Despite 3-0 down, the Legends continued to toil and start taking advantage of the increasing space, although clearcut chances were still hard to come by.  The first ray of sunshine was caused by the continuing pressure, a poorly sliced defensive clearance bouncing off the post to allow D’Andrea the simplest of tap ins.  The pressure was ratcheted up, and soon after a hard shot from Street glanced off a defender’s hand for a penalty.  A superbly taken penalty, 3-2.  CPR had their tails up and Partizani could feel the heat both literally and figuratively. The congestion was suffocating, but a tiny space allowed Street through one on one with the goalkeeper who charged out and made a tremendous save.  With only moments left another high cross was met moments before the keeper by Hodges, but although directed towards the empty net the ball took an eternity to get there, long enough for a desperately lunging defender to clear it off the line.  Soon after, the whistle blew and that was all she wrote.

One is tempted to mention the old adage about Mrs. Lincoln & the Play, since apart from the loss it was an enjoyable game.  Having an assured referee who can control the ebb and flow of a physical game was an unusual joy, and Partizani acquitted themselves well and fairly, with even the usual Over 30’s moaning for calls done with a wink and a smile.  The Legends would be more than happy to play them again, and hopefully this time gain some revenge.

Competition: FC Partizani, Over 30’s Division A

Location: Greenbelt Recreational Field, Staten Island

Conditions: Very warm Fall afternoon

Fans: None

Result: 3-2 (0-1 at H/T)

Goals:  1:3 D’Andrea

2:3 D’Andrea (pen)

Yellow Cards: Resnik & Stephan.  Although both cards in themselves were borderline, they were given to keep the overall game in line and so made sense.

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Poor Milan Gupta might still be waiting at the subway for Tony, who unilaterally decided to change the pickup point without actually notifying all the people he was supposed to pick up.  This might be one of the only times in recorded history that a Vamvouris hasn’t communicated enough.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Vamvouris added injury to the pickup fiasco by pulling his calf muscle.

Old Man of the Match: D’Andrea added two more goals in what is looking like a stellar season and was voted OMoM.  Stephan finished runner up in order to drink out of the chalice at the pub.

Old Man of the Bar: Nobody this week, unless there was late breaking news that I’m unaware of.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 8 out of 13 (62%)

Team Bar Night:  2 out of 5: The hot sun and a lot of running took a lot out of people.

Team (No new profiles this week): Drew Faherty (DF), Paul Stephan (DF), Randall Klitz (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Sean Street, Tony Vamvouris (DF), Chris Jee, Manohar Venkataraman, Willan D’Andrea, Dylan Fitzgerald, John Hodges

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Old Boys Defeated 9-8 in Epic State Cup Pen Shoot Out

Oct 22 2013 Published by under OldBoys

The Old Boys faced a first round State Cup tie against NY Polet this weekend, having finally turned the tide the previous week with a comfortable 3-0 win.
Having gone out in the first round of both cups last year on penalties, Déjà vu and superstition are clearly considered puerile nonsense by the Old Boys hard core, who were there in good numbers for a 10am KO – admittedly 50% of whom were under the supervision of their nanny (I’ll take a blonde next time if you have the option Brindley. Chaps? I digress….)

CPR lined up with a new look midfield of Jens and Dan Ault in the center, with Hollins and Stower running the wings. The game started at a good tempo with both teams displaying good passing ability. Although the opposition pressed heavily into the CPR half, it was the Old Boys who had the best chances as the counter attack and quick passing up the field provided the best opportunities in front of goal. Jens went close one-on-one, Sawyer saw a header glance wide, and Hakan had a volley that missed the top corner by inches. In contrast, the opposition worked the wings well, often pulling back to the fullback to deliver a cross or play around the edge of the box to try and find a shooting opportunity. The CPR midfield held deeply though and soaked up the pressure as a unit. The best shot of the opening half saw a pile-driver from Stower smash past the right hand post from outside the box and disappear somewhere into Manhattan. The author reserves the right not to publish the profanities that followed.

The second half saw the Old Boys grow in confidence and produce some of their best football this season. Credit here must go to the democratic approach of the Morse halftime team talk, and the introduction of Edmunds bite sized bananas – which actually do provide stunning additional stamina! Where are these mini yellow dianabolic bananaroids grown?!? If you believe in guilt by association, it’s probably best not to ask.
Back to the match. Chris Williams had two volleys palmed away by the Goalkeeper, and the build up play down both flanks was impressive. It was totally against the run of play when a corner fell down into the CPR penalty area, and was scrambled over the line on the 70thminute.

Morse acted decisively and rang the substitutions. Swapping over the wingers to favor the inswinging cross, it was through one of these that Stower found the back of the net as a curling cross (even by his own admission) sailed over defense and keeper and into the far top corner. As it was the game ended, and without extra time it went directly to pens.

In 200 B.C., Sun Tzu wrote the definitive work on military strategy and tactics of its time, The Art of War. In 2013 A.D., Mark Becker devised the definitive over 30’s strategy for scoring Penalties, The Art of Score.
Unlike its predecessor, The Art of Score is a somewhat racist hypothesis evolving round the notion that only players who do not originate from the dominions, colonies, protectorates, mandates and other territories ruled or administered by the United Kingdom may take penalties. Failing to comprehend that England never signed the declaration of Independence and therefore technically America is still classified as a colony, the Art of Score was nonetheless a well-received strategy.
Becker in his 30 minute cameo as manager (which is 30 minutes better than last week, depending on how you view these things…) had wisely chosen the 5 man penalty dispatch team prior to KO.

Jens ‘Von Goalhammer’ Faulhaber cooly dispatched pen no.1 with the stone cold finish that is only bred in the Black Forest of southern Germany. The opposition tucked their response away before, Engler put the Old Boys 2-1 up. Penrod then saved low to his left before cool finishes from Morse and Hakan saw the Old Boys lead, with the opposition responding well.

Williams stepped up to put the game to bed looking like a man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. For all the Good Will, the Hunting was foiled as the keeper guessed correctly. Sawyer and Hollins both scored, before Andy Jones saw a Julian Dicks-esque thunder bolt parry back off the keeper and away from the goal line. The opposition responded by shooting wide. Brindley, who had opted to take penalty no.6, then presented with the ball opted for no.7, no.8, and then finally number 9, took the final CPR penalty. I will save any further embarrassment (Stower gleefully leading the post game ribbing) by saying that the Art of Score, by M Becker, will be available at all good Central Bars as of next week.

The banter at Central Bar afterwards was high. Joe ‘stepover’ P claiming mid-cheeseburger (and in front of a skeptical looking girlfriend) that he will be taking all future CPR penalties, whilst some cheeky fact hunter claimed Sawyer recorded a personal best of SEVEN passes throughout the game! A refutable number, confirmed by OptaStat to have actually been no more than four.

-By David Sawyer

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State Cup Results from Oct 20th

Oct 21 2013 Published by under Club

Womens Red beat  Astoria FC 5-0

Womens White beat  NYC United 3-0

Mens White beat LI Juventus (LISFL) 2-1   (MANNING CUP)

Mens White Reserves beat College Point 6-0 (D’ARPINO CUP)

Mens Red beat Sporting Astoria 4-3 (STRUMPF CUP)

Mens Black beat Nisyros  5-0 (STRUMPF CUP)

The Grays lost 1-2 to Istria (LISFL)  (MARTH CUP)

The Old Boys lost to NYC Polet on a lot of PKs  (MARTH CUP)

The Legends fell 2-3 to FC Partizani (MARTH CUP)

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CPR Blacks advance in State Cup with 5-0 win

Oct 21 2013 Published by under Blacks, Club

CPR Blacks being winless in Metro 1 thus far were very determined to make an impact on State Cup tournament. The match against Nysiros was at Con Edison field, recently renovated pitch that used be the worst condition imaginable.

CPR Blacks were in control the entire match, goals provided by Aaron Smith, Brandon Levy, Adil El-Mouji, Lance Brune, and Caleb Seeley.

CPR will play the winner of NY Ittihad vs Mr Dennehys match in 2nd round.

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Oct 16 2013 Published by under Whites

On a beautiful fall Sunday evening, the CPR whites huddled together for Yuval’s pre-game speech in preparation for battle against a tough United FC squad. Yuval’s team talk coupled with a dominant CPR white reserve win emboldened the firsts, who sought to amend the loss the previous weekend by remaining focused on the things that have proven successful this season – constant work, a positive attitude, quick ball movement, and decisive runs.

Play in the first 20 minutes of the match proved that the game would be a highly contested one. Both teams moved the ball with equal determination to break down the other through combination play and quick switching of the point of attack. Despite continued efforts to breach the opposition’s defenses, neither team was able to do so. This resulted in somewhat mixed play by both squads, with lots of physicality, little in the way of clear chances, and some tough fouls in the first half.

With the sun setting, the temperatures dropped along with the ability to see clearly in the weak lighting. Both sides were equally impacted by the environment and it showed. The game stretched towards the end of the first half, with neither team having much to show for it. After a positive team talk at the half, the whites started the way they ended and came out with the determination to win the battle against a resilient opponent. United FC changed their game plan by throwing on a defender more reminiscent of an American footballer, and some forwards who were quick and physical.

Despite the personnel moves by United, the play remained much the same as the first. A stretched game with few clear chances from either side. The whites maintained possession well and continued to attack through Kwesi, George, Edgar, and up the wings. The efforts were working as the fouls on our forward lines became more numerous and heated. However, the game continued to stretch with nothing to show for the whites’ efforts. This ultimately came to haunt our squad as a quick counter and long ball down the whites flank was quickly made to pay as a ball played deep and wide into our defense was well taken by the hard-working yet frustrated United forward line. Their forward took a snap-shot from a wide yet tight angle that found the side netting. 0-1 to United with 20 minutes to go.

The whites fought on, sticking to our game plan and executing well until the final third, where we ran into a tough backline that sat deep and defended well. The more the whites probed for an equalizer down the channels and into the box, the tougher the United squad defended our efforts. With the game stretched, the whites remained vulnerable to the quick opposition on the counter. United took advantage and a long ball played into no-man’s land between our defense and goalkeeper that resulted in the United forward nipping in for the ball, rounding Ben, and slotting home for the decisive 2nd goal.

Despite the scoreline, the lack of light, and little time, the whites pushed on. Despite continuing to work hard for one another and a quick goal, the whites were unable to find the net before time expired. A tough loss after a well-played and highly contested fight.

Team: Ben, Lasse, Nick, Matt, Mike N, Eli, Justin, Riso, Josh, Edgar, Paul Ra, Kwesi, George, Devin, Ilkka


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Schedule for October 20th -State Cup

Oct 15 2013 Published by under Club

Womens Red vs. Astoria FC, 9am East 6th Street

Womens White vs. NYC United, 3pm East 6th Street

Mens White @ LI Juventus (LISFL) 6:30pm at Massapequa LI  (MANNING CUP)

Mens White Reserves vs. College Point, 2pm McCarran Park (D’ARPINO CUP)

Mens Red vs. Sporting Astoria, 8pm Randalls #75 (STRUMPF CUP)

Mens Black @ Nisyros  1pm at Con Edison Field (STRUMPF CUP)

The Grays @ Istria (LISFL) 9am Astoria  (MARTH CUP)

The Old Boys vs NYC Polet, 10am Randalls #74 (MARTH CUP)

The Legends @ FC Partizani, 12noon Greenbelt Recreation Center, Staten Island (MARTH CUP)

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Sluggish Legends still manage to win on an off day

Oct 15 2013 Published by under Legends

The first 8am kickoff in a while, this one at Randalls Island but at the less favoured more expansive Field #75 rather than the short favourite #74, which is where coincidentally the Old Boyz would be playing at the same time.  The squad managed to get to the field in a timely fashion and it looked there would be enough of the opposition to play as well, despite the referee appearing to be confused by the rules and trying to volunteer a phantom 30 minute grace period (apparently the concept of “permits” seemed to be foreign to him).

Although the Legends had a fair amount of substitutes they were somewhat lopsided to midfield, however playing against a team with a poor record there was some room to experiment.  Initially though the poor record didn’t seem to make much of a difference as the NYPD made the most of their size advantage in winning close balls, while the Legends appeared lethargic.  On a sortie down the left hand side NYPD managed to win themselves an early penalty on a cross that needlessly hit a raised arm.  With Mejias in goal CPR always stood a chance, but the penalty was struck smoothly into the side netting and despite diving to the same side Mejias had no chance.

Two minutes into the game wasn’t a time to panic, especially since it looked like the opposition were going to be stuck at 11 players on a large field for the duration while the Legends had 5 people raring to go on their sideline.  The NYPD played a high line defensively which was odd considering how slow they were on such a large pitch.  The CPR midfield perceptively started lobbing balls to the side for the wings to run on to, and after an open goal was missed with one simple cross a carbon copy was finished this time for a debut goal by Chris Jee.  The Legends started turning the screws and a second goal soon followed, Street this time setting up Ochoa at the top of the box for a speculative shot that could only force the keeper to parry the ball up and into the side netting.

Half time involved making sure all of the CPR players understood the situation, i.e. that the Legends were up 2-1 to a rapidly tiring opposition with no subs and who were already showing welcome signs of self immolation.  With a placid referee it would be incumbent on the Legends not to take any hard tackle bait, and also to remember when attacking that the name of the game was holding on to the lead.  A number of the NYPD appeared to be long range gunners with dubious aim (insert joke here), but the dangerous #16 also appeared to own the speed and skill to create chances.

The high line and large field continued to provide the Legends plenty of chances, many of which were squandered by a lack of experience understanding how to play through balls against a high line, i.e. offside offside offside offside offside.  One chance did set Pritchard free against the goalie who fouled him as he went past him.  Since its almost impossible in this league to get through a whole game without a dumbfounding refereeing decision, this one occurred with the referee proffering a bemused Pritchard with a yellow.  Various theories started spreading along the substitutes bench as to the reasoning for the yellow, none of which fit the facts which indicated a clear penalty.  Soon it was Luciano’s turn to get booked for dissent, all while the NYPD were increasing the physicality of the contest.

Fortunately one of the man chances was finally converted, an excellent cross floated over by Vamvouris for D’Andrea to bury an open header at the far post.  Some possession deep in the final third for both sides didn’t produce any decent chances and the game finally petered out.

A fitting victory goal

About a third of the way through the season the League table is starting to sort itself out, with a top tier of BW Gottschee & Argo Silver joining the Legends in the title hunt.  Consistency over the season will be the name of the game, and any points dropped will probably be fatal to title chances.

Competition: NYPD FC, League Opposition

Location: Randalls Island #75, Randalls Island

Conditions: Nice fall morning

Fans: None

Result: 3-1 (2-1 at H/T)

Goals:  1:1 Jee, Assist Fitzpatrick

2:1 Ochoa Assist Street

3:1 D’Andrea Assist Vamvouris

Yellow Cards: Pritchard and Belizano, both bizarrely awarded apparently for dissent.  When nobody around you can figure out why someone was booked, that’s a pretty clear sign as a referee you don’t have it together

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None.

Old Man of the Match: Nobody really stood out, with an overall decent performance by most.  At the pub Chris Jee edged the others in the voting.

Old Man of the Bar: Sean Street managed to outlast everyone into hour 8, although his “flexible” schedule certainly didn’t hurt.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 7 out of 15 (47%)

Team Bar Night:  4 out of 5: Several people managed to make it back and combined with the Old Boyz it made it a good morning into afternoon (into early evening for some).

Team (No new profiles this week): Dan Mejias (GK), Drew Faherty (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF), Paul Stephan (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), Sean Street, Dan Ochoa, Tony Vamvouris (DF), Chris Jee, Manohar Venkataraman, Willan D’Andrea, Dylan Fitzgerald, Milan Gupta, Steve O’Connell, Steve Pritchard, John Hodges

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Oct 15 2013 Published by under Whites

With Eli’s team talk completed, the Reserves realized that the rascally Russians representing United FC would be their toughest game of the season to date. The team’s steely visages bore down on the opposition. Norelli’s new boots shone neon like Las Vegas hope. Swaggering to the center circle like a saddle sore John Wayne, Captain Andy Ma masterfully dominated the coin toss, setting the tone for the coming 90 minutes.

The reserves kicked off with a spell of prolonged possession, deftly moving the ball, and yet unable to complete the killer final move in the enemy’s third. Neither the fleet footed Ben Hirsch nor the credibly creative Carlos could quite craft a definitive chance and breach the defense. United were undaunted, countering quickly and maintaining intense pressure on the midfield. In time a couple of misplaced passes resulted in several dangerous chances for the Caucasus Cossacks. CPR found their feet and the pace of the game picked up with the dashing defender Brian’s metronomic passing setting up several more attacks when potential disaster struck. Stepping over the side of his cleats and rolling his ankle, Brian was forced to curtail a potential world-beating 1st half. Fortunately, the depth of the bench was in evidence as the mighty Mossy took to the pitch and went on a few of his own marauding, mazy runs, mystifying the Muscovites.

The game continued, hammer to anvil (sickle?) when finally Dan C, doing his best Gorbachov impression, tore down the United wall. Whilst blatantly offside, he received a through ball, squared, and set up the awaiting Alex who made no mistake with his side volley. With the ref none the wiser, the Reserves jubilantly took the lead. Soon the ref blew the whistle for détente, and the sides retreated to their sides to rally for the coming 45 minutes.

The second half continued where the first left off with both sides looking to capitalize on counter attacks. Guillermo made his presence known early with some commanding challenges and readily marshaled the backline. Off of one such challenge, CPR broke in numbers culminating in Ben’s cross into the box. The last man just got a toe on it, and the ball rolled tantalizingly in front of the resurgent Brian, who had shrugged off injury to bolster the midfield. Fortunately (?) for the United Keeper, he managed to go to ground in time to collect the ball, but not before being annihilated by the rugged right midfielder. Yellow cards began appearing and tempers flared. The back line held brilliantly and the tireless Reuben frustrated United’s best efforts even as an increasingly desperate United pushed forward in search of an equalizer.

The reserves ran out eventual winners of an incredibly tough game and continued their inexorable march towards the reserve title.

TEAM: Shane R, Brent, Greg, Carlos, Adam, Guillermo, Ben H, Archie, Ilkka, Dan C, Norelli, Alex, Devin, Brian, Ruben, Andy Ma

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Results from Oct 13th

Oct 14 2013 Published by under Club


Womens Red beat Manhattan Kickers 1-0

Womens White beat NY Smoking Aces 2-1 on a Dufton brace

Mens White lost 0-2 to United FC

Mens White Reserves beat United FC, 1-0

Mens Red drew 2-2 with Queens United FC

Mens Black fell 4-6 to FC Gwardia PLNY

The Grays lost 0-3 @ NY Dinamo

The Old Boys beat SC Eintracht 3-0 (match report)

The Legends beat NYPD FC 3-1


Willian Scores for Legends vs NYPD after Tony served a sweet cross

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Old Boys Back on Track – Beat SC Eintracht 3-0

Oct 13 2013 Published by under OldBoys

SC Eintracht entered this morning’s game undefeated with 2 wins and 2 draws sitting in second place. They arrived early and with substitutes ready for the early 8am kick-off, and appeared to have confidence enough for the task. The morning was decisive though, as CPR were equally ready and comfortably dispatched the opposition 3-0, with the outcome never really in doubt.

‎CPR played with a cool confidence, playing high up the pitch and happy to knock the ball around and maintain a collective, consistent pressure that SC Eintracht could never sort. On their back foot throughout, they were never able to move forward with clear vision, and often were unable to maintain much significant possession as CPR often quickly took the ball back in comfortable areas of the pitch. Dan Penrod made the plays that needed to be made and was never severely tested.

Outside backs Joe Phillips, Andy Jones and Willie Boyle were often involving themselves in the offense as evidenced by Boyle’s opening tally in the 15th minute, assisted by a Steve Morse flick on.

Wings Neil Stower, Bill Marsello and Eric Engler linked very well with forwards Dave Sawyer, Hakan Nizam and Chris Williams more often moving in small angles and cuts and maintaining possession well.

Halftime was positive, with CPR knowing the outcome was in our hands if the game plan was maintained.

Paul Clarke, Mark Edmunds, Creighton Mershon and Dan Ault won nearly every ball in the air and completely controlled the center of the park all day. CPR’s second goal came ‎in the 60th minute from a forward push from well-deserved goal scorer Dan Ault, after a neat layoff by Dave Sawyer.

After this, the outcome was determined, and the game was seen out with a professionalism reminiscent of many 2012-2013 matches. ‎Maintaining a high pressure, with SC Eintracht increasingly losing their will, Dave Sawyer added to his season tally in the 70th minute.

To a man, CPR played with an easy, happy confidence. Postgame was filled with smiles and pats on the back and a good showing at the pub (joined by the Legends). ‎One-third of the season down, with two-thirds of the league and cup games to go, this morning’s match was the reminder of what CPR is, and will be the springboard needed to begin the ascent to the top of the table.

-By Interim Player-Coach Steve Morse.

Some pics, courtesy of Drew:


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