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Schedule for Saturday Oct 4th (yes, Saturday) & Sunday Oct 5th

Sep 30 2014 Published by under Club

The weekend slate opens on Saturday night:

Men’s White @ Lansdowne Bhoys   8pm Tibbets Brook Park

Men’s White Reserves @ Lansdowne Bhoys   6pm Tibbets Brook Park

And then on Sunday:


CPR Women’s Derby: White vs. Red 3pm East 6th St

Men’s Red vs. Gotham Argo, 12noon Randalls #75

The Old Boys vs. Barnstonworth Rovers Premier, 2pm Randalls #75

The Grays @ Shamrock SC Over-30, 8am Randalls #75

The Legends vs. Hoboken FC 1912 Veterans, 12noon Randalls #74

…and then hopefully we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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Results from Sept 28th

Sep 29 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red fell 0-1 to Rovers1

Women’s White beat NY Magic Reserves 2-1

Men’s White beat Manhattan Celtic 2-1

Men’s White Reserves fell 0-1 @ Manhattan Celtic

Men’s Red beat Gotham City FC 6-0 (match report)

The Old Boys fell 0-1 to NY Greek Americans Over-30

The Grays beat Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 4-2

The Legends beat Banatul 2-0 (match report)

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CPR Reds off to a Red Hot Start, Win vs. Gotham City 6-0

Sep 29 2014 Published by under Reds

For the second straight week, the CPR Reds won 6-0 in another lopsided victory. CPR played the role of the Joker vs. Gotham City FC who decided to show up with only 9 players, leaving them with with no shot at taking down the Red hot CPR team. Playing against a short sided team, the Reds actually struggled a bit to develop some rhythm but their lead striker Timur Mone broke the 0-0 score with a goal off a rebounded shot to ignite the CPR squad. The Reds really controlled the play and barely let Gotham City into their half the entire game and despite only having 9 men, Gotham City really did put up a solid defensive battle and played hard for the full 90 minutes in the heat of late Sunday morning. The goal scorers for CPR included Timur Mone (3), Lance Brune, Ian Nolan, and Richie Kavanagh. The Reds are on a streak of three consecutive shutouts ever since Andrew Snell (GK) joined the team. There were two players that didn’t score but deserve a mention; Hunter Norte put in big work and hustle in the midfield and kept the CPR energy high and Eddie Walter was an absolute manimal at center back.

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Legends continue improvement to gain their first win of the Season

Sep 29 2014 Published by under Legends

8am games are always a mixed bag.  In theory the positives are that it allows plenty of time at the pub on the Sunday, but the reality is that it throws a looming grim shadow over the weekend, affecting Saturday plans and testing the recovery of old men after the game.  There might be only one other worse feeling than the alarm going off at 6:45am on a Sunday morning, and that would be arriving at the field and immediately realizing that the rosters that were your responsibility had not been printed out.  Fighting through the first few seconds of panic resulted in a madcap dash back to the UWS from Randalls Island, a quick print out and similar rush back, only to find one of the usual suspect referees in clearly no hurry to get much of anything done.  There was still time for a warmup, chat and eventually getting the game going.  A pivotal coin toss allowed the Rangers to attack the goal facing the low sun, but it didn’t affect play too much since the Over 35s league isn’t known for its aerial prowess.

What could have been a complete disaster was averted by Willian D’Andrea’s superbly aggressive driving and a lackadaisical referee as a record speed round trip journey from Randall’s Island to the UWS to print the rosters was completed without any permanent damage













Banatul appeared to have a full roster with 4 subs, but a number of players resembled the squad who had been thrashed two years ago by 9-0.  However the Legends were vastly different from that squad, the high intensity fast runners having decamped for the greener pastures of Division 1 Football with the Over 30’s.  In exchange CPR tried to play more of a possession game and have slightly more energy than their opponents, something that paid early dividends as Williams scored a well taken goal from an acute angle past the goalie.  A few more scrambles in the box did not result in much, however a corner from Solinas found a wide open D’Andrea who executed the simplest of headers for a 2-0 lead.

A rout was hoped for, but the Legends turned out to be their own worst enemies in the second half. The early hour and the increasingly searing heat had something to do with it, but in a round robin fashion each member of the team started making simple mistakes.  None of them proved to be deadly, but all of them were frustrating.  The Banatul goalie played his part too making two excellent saves on one on ones, but the Legends should really have done more to trouble him.  Meanwhile the CPR Legends appeared under no real threat, the only chance of giving up a goal would have to be either via a set piece or a calamitous error like last week.  Fortunately neither happened and the Legends were able to weakly shepherd the game towards a winning conclusion.

After 3 weeks the Legends have improved significantly, experience helping them adapt to new teammates and trying to ensure an identity of patience & possession.  A few tweaks to improve productivity in set pieces and more players in attacking positions should help them increase their goal tally, something that should see them grow in to their potential.

Competition: Banatul SC, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island #74, Randall’s Island

Conditions: The beginnings of a scorcher, certainly felt in the second half

Fans: None

Result: 2-0 (2-0 at H/T)

Goals:  1:0 Williams

2:0 D’Andrea Assist Solinas

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Mike Cassidy, whose flight the night before was apparently cancelled but didn’t feel the need to notify anyone until hours after the win.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, the substitutes tending to work quite well in resting most players

Old Man of the Match: Despite disintegrating somewhat in the second half there were some excellent performances but none that quite jumped over the bar required.  The closest were probably Ollie Roberts & Willian D’Andrea who also deserves a special mention for his lifesaving driving to pick up the rosters.

Old Man of the Bar: None, weren’t there long enough

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Statistic of the week: Resnik continues to extend his Defensive Shutout lead to 15 and overall Defensive points.  Resnik/Venkataraman/D’Andrea are now on 30 lifetime caps, 2 behind overall leader Ochoa at 32.

Team Bar Showing: 4 out of 15 (27%)

Team Bar Night: 2 out of 5: With the Percys fiasco of not being open until noon, we immediately lost 2-3 players on the hunt for an open pub.  We eventually walked all the way to Nevada Smiths for the West Brom vs Burnley game, but there was no incentive to stay unlike there would have been at Percys with the Old Boyz & Women’s Whites finishing at noon

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Oliver Roberts (DF), Paul Vale (DF), Mark Dean, Tony Vamvouris, Manohar Venkataraman, Randall Klitz (DF), Steve Morse, Tom Pattinson, Ugo Solinas, Willian D’Andrea, Chris Williams, Manuel Casanova

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Another win vs MKS F.C. – Sept 21

Sep 26 2014 Published by under Womens Reds

It looked to be a tough match up against the combined Manhattan Kickers and Scala team, now called MKS.  But, with each goal scored, the team quickly realized theit expectations were set to high.  Interim goalie Annie kept MKS scoreless in the first half, while Meridyth (who took her turn in net) allowed the opponents to score only one goal, absolutely due to goalie error.  She hangs her head down in shame.

Final score 7-1

Post-game bar attendance:  8

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First game (and win) of the new season – Sept 14

Sep 26 2014 Published by under Womens Reds

Missing our core center midfielders, CPR Women’s Red were able to pull off a 3-1 win over Fuel, who were promoted after their Division B championship.  Albeit a bit shaky, the Women’s Reds were able get the 3 pts with some key recruits and a strong defense led by Steph Loehr.

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Schedule for Sunday Sept 28th

Sep 25 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red @ Rovers1, 3pm East 6th St

Women’s White @ NY Magic Reserves 11am East 6th St

Men’s White @ Manhattan Celtic 6pm Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

Men’s White Reserves @ Manhattan Celtic 4pm Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 5

Men’s Red vs. Gotham City FC, 10am Randalls #75

The Old Boys @NY Greek Americans Over-30, 10am Van Buren HS

The Grays @ Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 11am Red Hook #1

The Legends vs. Banatul 8am Randalls #74

…and then we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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Old Boys Beat Reigning Champs 3-1, Thank G.O.T. and Ms. Hollins

Sep 25 2014 Published by under OldBoys

The problem currently faced by the HBO network is that the next season of their flagship show ‘A Game of Thrones’ needs to be filmed before the next book is finished by author, George.R.R.Martin. A similar problem has arisen with the recent match analysis publishing’s from managerial author, Mark.R.R.Becker. Gone are the days of shirting away from work on Friday afternoon to casually flick through a third hand interpretation of Sundays opposition. Division One, in its Emperors Clothing of steeped skill and ability, has demanded a weekly biblical epic from our ethereal leader. The impact is such that even Edmunds, a man with the time of the world at his fingertips, had only made it to Chapter 3 by the time the referee called the captains to the center circle.

Now… Before proceeding to the game of the season (that which none of us must ever speak of again!) a shout out must go to Mrs Hollins. With Mr Hollins bed bound by an illness that WAS DEFINITELY NOT A HANGOVER, our favorite fan made an hour long round trip to drop off the kits with not so much as $3 Heineken to thank her for her efforts! A lady of steeled commitment, effort, and ability. She has our eternal gratitude. But then they do say that opposites attract.

The game was very much a battle of the midfield for the first 20 minutes. CPR lined up with Ochoa, Street, Creighton, and Jens in midfield, facing a strong Manhattan Kickers with a few bone crunching midfielders of their own. CPR certainly had the better of things when a freak back pass fell to the Kickers big center forward and he smashed a low left foot volley under Becker from close range.

CPR continued to have the better possession and it wasn’t long before a Levy free kick was palmed around the post by the outstretched keeper, and Sawyer had a left foot volley come back off the crossbar. CPR finished the half 1-0 down, but definitely with the momentum.

The Mark.R.R.Becker half time team talk is usually presented with more caution than a white mouse in a tampon factory. But not today. We all know that Becker had turned down the opportunity of throwing away his monthly hard earned at a poker table this weekend to step into Penrods ever-elusive shoes, and gambling was clearly still forefront in his mind. The team therefore lined up to attack, and press the advantage they had ended the half with.

CPR laid siege like Stannis Baratheon on Kings Landing and after only 5 minutes of play a towering header from Andy Jones whistled into the back of the net. A carbon copy of the Drogba equalizer in the Champions League final it was not… but the impetus was now firmly with the Rangers.

10 minutes later CPR were 2-1 up as Sawyer picked up a ball from Engler, shrugged off the opposing center-half, and shot low across the stagnant keeper into the far corner. Both he and the goalhammer then found their way into the referee’s notebook for tackles best not elaborated upon.

The goalhammer playing in an advanced role then smashed a ball against the post, before Stower was put through one-on-one with the goalkeeper only to see his shot sail well, well, well…. well, wide of the post. Could he have squared it to Jens? Apparently “the bobble’ in the turf made the outcome the only viable option. A more believable story would have been the last minute distraction by the hot Asian girl sat alone in the stands (come on, we all saw her!) but the bobble was claimed, and it was the bobble he stuck with. (thanks for the lift by the way Stower).  And then Sean smashed in a third goal.

Sean Street – goal scorer.

The CPR backline held firm to ward off the opposition threat and big credit must go to One-Eye, Paul, Dudley, Luciano, and Andy ‘Red Anger’ Jones for the best defensive performance of the season so far. Becker must also take credit for a second commanding game between the sticks.

At the referees whistle the euphoria was there for all to see. Its been a while since winning a game felt so good. A mood shared by seeing all 14 players return to Percy’s Tavern for a plate of wings and a cold Colaweizen. Man that shit is good.

-by David Sawyer

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Improved Legends can’t make their numerical superiority count

Sep 23 2014 Published by under Legends

After last week’s dispiriting beatdown it was hard to toe the line between remembering the old guys came out to play versus wanting a good result.  Some review of last week’s debacle was done as well as looking forward to what the team could do better.  The improvement was immediate as the Legends started keeping the ball for long spells, turnovers occurring for understandable old man physical mistakes as opposed to mental errors of trying to make the Hollywood ball.  As per the previous week though, distinct chances were in short supply.  However Gjoa were having their own problems generating any significant offence, with the game mostly taking part centrally.  The deadlock was finally broken with a ball slid out to Casanova on the right.  He put in an Ozil like pinpoint cross that ran across the defenders & Solinas only for Venkataraman to slide in at the far post and slide the ball back in towards the back of the net.  This time the Legends were able to successfully navigate the few remaining minutes to half time.

With the Legends in the ascendency the game was for the taking.  Gjoa had only brought the bare minimum 11 players and it was clear that a two goal lead would break their spirit.  Unfortunately, this was easier said than done.  Early in the second half there was an unfortunate confluence of a clumsy looking foul, a dramatic fall and a mediocrity of a referee which resulted in a penalty.  Not the most egregious ever awarded against the Legends, but poor in its early timing and in providing the lift that Gjoa were looking for.  It was not the best penalty ever taken either, but it did the job to tie the game up.  The Legends undertook attacking intent with renewed urgency, the appearance of Williams producing an additional cutting edge to attack a tiring defence.  It looked like he had made the difference when from an acute angle he thrashed a ball goalward that the goalie got a touch on, hit the post and then appeared to roll over the line.  The goalie shrewdly did a Manuel Neuer and pulled the ball back, but despite entreaties the referee just waved play on.  This time it was hard to fault the referee too much with deciding to do no harm on such a close call, especially given the numerous other opportunities to find fault with him.

My Kingdom for Goal Line Technology!










Gjoa had a few breakaways of their own but their whiny forward usually self-immolated when given any decent opportunities, most amusingly when lined up one on one against Resnik instead of blowing by him decided to just push through him, about the most obvious wasteful foul it’s possible to make.  This week unlike last, the Legends looked menacing enough to get a goal but a decent keeper and poor finishing combined to keep them out, most egregiously when Roberts conspired to miss from 3 yards out at the death.  There was time for one last ditch attempt by Gjoa that was thrashed wide, although a Legends loss would truly have been an unfair result.

Although clearly an improvement in performance, its hard to tell against a Gjoa side that were forced to have everyone play 90 minutes and struggle through various injuries.  Credit to them for grabbing a point, but the Legends will hope that continuous improvement will see them start winning soon.

Goal line technology: My Kingdom for goal line technology

Competition: SC Gjoa, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island #74, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Weather still nice at noon

Fans: 4: Mrs. Morse & kids

Result: 1-1 (1-0 at H/T)

Goals:  1:0 Venkataraman Assist Casanova

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: John Hodges with expected new baby drama.  Over/Under this season, 2.5.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None, although Chris Williams did manage to arrive at half time and was a welcome menace to the opposition

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, although both Teesdale & Morse played extended minutes again and will need to be watched going forward

Old Man of the Match: A vastly improved performance team wide included several good performances but none were voted on at the pub.  This will need to be remedied going forward.

Old Man of the Bar: None, just a regular day at the pub after the game, Tommy Accordino’s punishing Beer Hall extravaganza the night before not helping matters

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Statistic of the week: Drew Faherty breaks a tie with Pete Hahn for the Legends lifetime record of Defensive Assists with 4.

Team Bar Showing: 5 out of 15 (33%)

Team Bar Night: 2 out of 5: It was good to meet up with the Old Boyz after their huge victory last week, and we got our own table again without issue.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Oliver Roberts (DF), Mike Cassidy, Tony Vamvouris, Manohar Venkataraman, Randall Klitz, Steve Morse, Tom Pattinson, Ugo Solinas, Willian D’Andrea, Chris Williams, Manuel Casanova

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Results from Sept 21st

Sep 22 2014 Published by under Club

Wow, lots of goals from the ladies this weekend!!

Women’s Red beat Manhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS) 7-1

Women’s White beat Rovers 2 8-0

Men’s White lost 1-4 to NY Croatia

Men’s White Reserves beat NY Croatia, 3-0

Men’s Red beat Ridgewood Romac SC 6-0

The Old Boys beat Manhattan Kickers Premier, 3-1

The Grays fell 1-3 to NY Dinamo

The Legends drew 1-1 with SC Gjoa

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