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CPR Reds Earn Second Straight Shutout

Sep 22 2014 Published by under Reds

CPR Reds continued their hot start this year with a big win vs. Ridgewood Romac 6-0 a despite it only being 1-0 at the half. CPR really controlled the game but it wasn’t until the 2nd goal in the 2nd half where the Reds kept the on-pour of goals coming. Goals came from Johnny Williamson (2), Declan Heffernan, Richie Kavernagh, Eric Pierot, and Mack Woodruff. Second straight shutout credited to the keeper Andrew Snell in his 2nd career start with the Reds. Goal of the match goes to Richie K. with a slashing volley from 20 yards out followed by his signature maholo man hang loose celebration.

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Reds Knock off the Defending Champs on the Road 2-0

Sep 17 2014 Published by under Reds

The Central Park Rangers Reds took on the defending league champs, Lansdowne Boys, on Sunday with an early morning matchup only a rooster would be awake for at 9am on a Sunday up in Yonkers. Luckily, the boys brought their cocks for the early morning battle. The Reds controlled the play from the get-go and had several opportunities with Timur Mone causing some ruckus up front for the Lansdowne defense to try and manage. Several opportunities ended with several disappointing off-frame finishes leaving CPR hungry for a goal. That break through finally came 30 minutes in when with his first career touch on the ball for the Reds, Hunter Norte attacked the defense and took a hard and low shot towards the far post that was saved and rebounded only to be cleaned up by the wise, well placed veteran Phil Z to make things 1-0; it would stay that way to end the half.

The Reds began the 2nd half with a nice squibbed hospital pass on the kick off from Deco Heff that led to an early Lansdowne saved shot and corner kick that the defense was able to fend off. It sadly took about 10 minutes for the Reds to turn on mentally in the 2nd half leaving Lansdowne with several chances off of restarts to capitalize but luckily, the rookie keeper Andrew Snell brought his sticky fingers to the game and was able to hold down the net with several fast reaction saves without giving up a rebound. The rest of the defense was faced with 3-4 guys up top for most of the 2nd half yet were able to hold strong as a unit combining with the midfield working hard defensively, and the Reds put together a nice team earned clean sheet.  The Reds continued their offensive pressure later in the half and lefty silent French assassin Paul Pivetau whipped in corner kick after corner kick that was begging for an easy finish but kept coming up short. Big chances came for Hendo DeRuiter who was somehow robbed on a nice thru-ball point blank opportunity and Phil had his chance for a second goal but his header bounced over the cross bar. Finally, Richie Kavanagh, the flying blonde Irsihman, was overdue for a goal in the 2nd half and was able to crank one home to seal the victory for the team off a nice combination in the attacking midfield and forwards. Asked after the game if he felt like he betrayed his fellow Irish citizens from Lansdowne when he scored that goal, Kavanagh responded confidently “f*** no”.

Next game for CPR Reds is at home Sunday, Sept 21st vs. Ridgewood Romac SC.

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Old Boys Tie Manhattan Kickers 0-0 Then Explore Percy’s Wheat Beer-Cola Mix

Sep 16 2014 Published by under OldBoys

The Old Boys kicked off at 10am this week against a strong looking Manhattan Kickers side. Starting in the newly favored 4-4-2 formation, both teams moved the ball around quickly and with good retention. The Metro 1st division seems to play a higher tempo, less physical game, with the focus being upon accurate passing and better movement – a cast iron reflection of the game to come.

Throughout the first half Manhattan saw more of the ball whilst the best chances fell to the Old Boys. The Kickers goalkeeper was quick off his line to deny a one-on-one for Hureau, and then Levy put Jurgen von Goalhammer through who from a tight angle, saw his shot come off the outside of the goalkeepers near post.

Manhattans best chance was a through ball, that Becker came out and dealt with by kicking the ball clear of danger. The defensive communication between Becker and Edmunds (a rouse for so much despair over seasons past) was, such a leap from previous methods of communication it made the release of the smartwatch a peripheral event in modern day communication news. No longer the Ike and Tina of the Old Boys backline, it was Simon and Garfunkel through soccer incarnation.

The second half was much to the Old Boys advantage. A whisper of a fitter team has been doing the rounds, and with Stower lasting to the 60th minute until eventually being substituted (a lighter shade of purple than usual), this claim carries some weight. Sawyer picked up a yellow card for questioning a contentious refereeing decision before seeing the best chance of the second half cleared off the line by an outstretched keepers leg. Questions of whether a squared ball could have produced a better result were called from the sidelines, but being the 85th minute, the CPR no.9 had already (and reluctantly) used up both of his passes for the mornings game.

At the other end Luciano and Paul kept the towering Kickers striker under close watch. For those of us fortunate enough to receive the managers pre game opposition analysis (I’m still waiting on mine and not holding my breath) it seems the ‘Andy Carrol long ball game’ was exactly what the tired legs were aiming for. The final throw of the dice saw Levy denied a STONE WALL PENALTY by a somewhat senile, arthritic, and short sighted referee. The final result was that both teams ended with exactly the same amount of goals, as the days Edmunds has to work this week… Zero.

Topics from the post-match review @ Percy’s Tavern:

What is this strange wheat beer and Coca-Cola drink that fuels von Goalhammer?

How many lieutenants did Bill have to go check on post-match at the St Gennaro festival?

How many more of these jokes can the author get away with before he has ‘an accident’?

Does Andy bringing a child to the Miami soccer trip, enable the rest of us to get a free pass for this trip under a ‘family event’ citation?

Who taught Becker 4-4-2?

By David Sawyer

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Legends make sobering debut in Over 35 division

Sep 16 2014 Published by under Legends

A new season in the Over 35s dawned along with a radically new squad.  Gone were the core of the runners up squad of last season, moving to the greener pastures of Division 1 Over 30’s football with the Old Boyz.  Although the numbers were replaced, the key positions up the middle had a combination of gaping holes and unfamiliarity.  Against an Eintracht team that had powered past Gjoa 4-2 in the previous week this looked like it would be a baptism by fire, and so it proved.  Any new Legends frowning at being in the Over 35 division received a rude awakening as Eintracht narrowly missed a chance to take the lead within the first couple of minutes.  After some nervous exchanges the Legends started to settle down, although some still had an aversion to playing the simple ball in favour of degree of difficulty distant passes with low chances of success.  CPR did make some forays down the lines but couldn’t quite get the ball in the box with a decent chance to shoot, let alone score.  Meanwhile the opposition continued to take advantage of the yawning gap in midfield by sending numbers up top, but the Legends managed to repel them.  Finally when it looked like CPR could get into the half unscathed disaster struck.  A needlessly easy corner was conceded in the 44th minute and somehow the resulting corner squirmed through knee high into the box and was nicely put away from an acute angle.  Instead of shutting things down and going in to the half with just a flesh wound, a midfielder waltzed through the middle from the half to put away a nice shot with the last kick of the half and a 2-0 deficit.

Some rearrangements were made at the half, but against a strong team it would take something exceptional to get back into it.  Any thoughts of getting something out of the game soon receded with a third goal from a free kick that managed its way into the goal via the near post.  The Legends continued to send numbers up as the game became an up and down affair as Eintracht players all looked to get on the scoresheet themselves.  Even when the Legends were able to conjure up a decent shot the opposition goalie proved equal to the task, producing a nice safe from a quality Williams strike.  Other balls were either missed in the box or decent scoring opportunities were whiffed.

Overall it was a fair result given the quantity of decent chances Eintracht had, with their goal total being constrained by inaccurate shooting and good saves by Vamvouris.  The Legends need to form a more solid platform in the midfield going forward as well as create better opportunities in the box.  With a significantly changed squad the Legends do have talent, so the expectation is that putting players in a better position to succeed as well as more discipline and less mistakes will let the players flourish going forward.

Competition: SC Eintracht, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island #74, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Pleasant fall afternoon, though with the sun behind the bridge an issue for one goal

Fans: 4: Mrs. Morse & kid, Mrs. Telly & kid

Result: 0-3 (0-2 at H/T)

Goals:  N/A

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, despite some long minutes for a few key players

Old Man of the Match: Congealing individual performances into a complete whole is going to be an ongoing process, but there were some good individual performances.  Despite letting in 3 goals, Telly made some solid saves that generated applause from the opposition.  Ollie cleared every ball in the air near him.

Old Man of the Bar: None, just a regular day at the pub after the game

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Team Bar Showing: 6 out of 15 (40%)

Team Bar Night: 2 out of 5: A 4pm kickoff didn’t help, but at least almost half the team dropped by later.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Paul Vale (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Oliver Roberts (DF), Mike Cassidy, Tony Vamvouris, Manohar Venkataraman, Randall Klitz, Steve Morse, John Hodges, Willian D’Andrea, Chris Williams

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Schedule for Sunday Sept 21st

Sep 15 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red vs. Manhattan Kickers/Scala(MKS), 11am East 6th St

Women’s White @ Rovers 2, 3pm East 6th St

Men’s White vs. Stal Mielec, 6pm Randalls #75

Men’s White Reserves vs. Stal Mielec, 4pm Randalls #75

Men’s Red vs. Ridgewood Romac SC, 4pm Randalls #74

The Old Boys @Manhattan Kickers Premier, 11am East River Park Field 1

The Grays vs. NY Dinamo, 2pm Randalls #75

The Legends vs. SC Gjoa 12pm Randalls #74

…and then we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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Results from Sept 14th

Sep 15 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red beat Fuel FC 3-1

Women’s White drew 0-0 with NY Smoking Aces

Men’s White fell to Pancyprian Freedoms, 1-2

Men’s White Reserves beat Pancyprian Freedoms, 2-1

Men’s Red beat Lansdowne Bhoys Metro 2-0

The Old Boys drew 0-0 with Manhattan Kickers

The Grays beat Manhattan Celtic Old Boys 5-0

The Legends were shutout 0-3 to SC Eintracht

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Schedule for Sunday 9/14

Sep 10 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red @ Fuel FC, 11am East 6th St

Women’s White vs NY Smoking Aces, 9am East 6th St

Men’s White vs. Pancyprian Freedoms, 6pm Icahn Stadium

Men’s White Reserves vs. Pancyprian Freedoms, 4pm Icahn Stadium

Men’s Red @ Lansdowne Bhoys Metro 9am Tibbets Brook #2

The Old Boys @Manhattan Kickers, 10am Randalls #75

The Grays @ Manhattan Celtic Old Boys, 4pm Pier 5 Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Legends vs. SC Eintracht, 4pm Randalls #74

…and then we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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CPR Reds blast off on Missle

Sep 10 2014 Published by under Club, Reds

CPR Men’s Red Blast Off on Missile

The Reds went thru the offseason and took advantage of the summer to recruit some new talent and build onto what was an improved season last year from the season prior. The result; a fortified squad that is younger, stronger, and more complete than the Reds of recent years.

The Reds kicked off the season at 12pm Sunday versus Missile; Missile knocked off the Reds in both matches last year so CPR was ready to come out strong. Starting in a 4-4-2 playing high pressure defense, the Reds controlled the play and came out firing on all cylinders scoring their first goal 10 minutes into the match. The first goal of the season was a beauty coming from a short corner that Ian Nolan whipped into the far post for converted Blacks player Chris Valentine to finish neatly into the back of the net. Richie Kavanagh also had a streaming strike from the right flank that splurged into the upper 90 far post, a highlight goal of his young career. Despite struggling to finish on several opportunities, the Reds went into half already up 4-0 which included a clean sheet half for field player Eric Pierot subbing in as goalkeeper.
The second half become an absolute blood bath as the Reds were relentless with their pressure, leading to several fast break opportunities and easy goals including 2 penalties, one converted beautifully by the captain, Blake Berg. The 2nd half started turning out of control and chippy as the Missile team came frustrated but the Reds sent in their enforcer Lance Brune to keep things clean until the conclusion of the game. Chris Valentine bravely stepped up in the 2nd half to man the net and conceded the only goal of the game but held strong for the half.
The scoring was led by Timur Mone with the hat trick, Paul Pivetau and Richie Kavanagh each put in 2 goals, and Blake Berg, Alberto Riego, Hendo DeRuiter, Chris Valentine, Felipe Lima, and Johnny Williamson.
The Reds will face defending champion Lansdowne Boys next week on the road with a brutally early 9am kickoff in Yonkers. Should be a great matchup.

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Old Boys Start Division 1 Life With 3-2 Win

Sep 10 2014 Published by under OldBoys

It was a great start to the season as the Old Boys began life in the top over 30′s Division for the first time in their history.

BW Gottshee were a much improved side from last season when many of the Old Boys had faced them playing as the Legends, and this was a hard fought game.  It was 1-1 at half with our goal coming from a nice cross from Sean Street on the left that Dan Ochoa knocked back into the center for a Matt Hureau header.  The Old Boys went down 2-1 early in the second half against the run of play but stuck with what was working earlier and found an equalizer in the 75th minute (another debut goal from Matt H.).  After the equalizer the Old Boys knew they were destined to take all the three points and Magic Dave Sawyer went on to score 2 just minutes later.

- Goals from Matt (2) and Sawyer
- Assists from Ochoa (2) and Creighton. (Not sure who assisted on Matt’s equalizer but maybe Ochoa?)

Next game is Sunday 10am against the Manhattan Kicker O-30.

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CPR Whites get flying start!

Sep 09 2014 Published by under Whites

CPR whites faced a much improved Stal Mielec team on the return to their old haunting ground, Icahn stadium. The new look team showed some promise in the first half, especially going forward, and it was from one of these attacks that they took a deserved lead with Shane getting down the right well before crossing for Kwesi to slot home. Unfortunately despite some opportunities, CPR failed to build on that and sat back and allowed Stal to get back in the game with a goal late in the first. CPR improved their intensity in the 2nd half and were soon back in front after new boy Damian made good progress on the right and crossed to Conor to slot into an empty net. The third was all Damian as he picked up the ball outside the box, muscled his way past 3 and slotted past the keeper. There was plenty of other drama as the match continued with Stal striking the post and the ref not awarding a penalty for a clear body check on Damian but the points were sealed with a goal very similar to the 2nd, this time Dan Z slotted home from Damian. A nice start to the season with Pancyprians likely to be a sterner test next week.

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