Happy Hour Match Report (3 for 1)

Oct 01 2014 Published by under Club, Grays

To recap the first three games for the Grays:


Grays 2 – Megas 1


The season started off brightly enough for the Grays with a hard fought win over Megas Alexandros. Dominating much of the possession from the start the Grays couldn’t seem to find the net. Finally, the Grays took the lead in the first half with a nice goal from Rich on an assist from Barry. Having finally broken through it would seem the walls would come crumbling down and goals would come in waves. Unfortunately, no one told the Megas goalie that goals should come and he proceeded to block everything coming his way. A counterattack by Megas before the end of the half resulted I a 1-1 halftime score line.

The second half started with more pressure by the Grays offense and limited looks on goal by the Megas players. Still a combination of wayward finishing and the Megas goalie playing Jorge Campos meant a tie seemed in the future. That is until UK Matt used his massive thighs to muscle the ball off a Megas defender before beating another Megas player to the end line and firing a waist high pass across the Megas 6 yard line. Unfortunately, no offensive Gray’s player was anywhere near the 6 yard line. Fortunately, a defender was and outside back Marko Guzijan was able to volley in the game winning goal in the dying minutes of the game.  Grays took the 3 points and headed back to the bar.

An 8am kickoff meant morning drinking for the Grays but due to liquor laws (that Charlie couldn’t get excused) the Grays were forced to drink in an alleyway from the kitchen staff’s kegerator.  Good times had by all.


Gotta love a bar with a kegerator in the kitchen!


Grays 2 – Megas 1


The second game of the season saw the Grays take on last year’s regular season champion Manhattan Celtic. The large pitch at Brooklyn Bridge Park meant that fitness would come into play if the game was close. Luckily, that wasn’t going to happen with the Grays jumping to a halftime lead of 2-0 off of a first half brace from Kareem (assisted by Bahaa and Danny). At 1-0 the game could have been tied after a harsh PK call but the soccer gods saw to it that the PK was denied (Dan Meijas had a little part to play in that with an outstretched save to his left). At halftime the Grays knew that Manhattan Celtic were going to come out strong and press; they proceeded to throw everything they had at the Grays in hopes of cutting into the score line. A few saves from Dan Meijas and a couple of saves from the goal post made sure Celtic stayed off the score sheet. After 15 minutes of playing with their backs against the wall a defender (sprightly Jack Hartman) decided to put the icing on the cake and become the second defender in a week to score a goal; he met a well taken corner by Jan with his head to put the score at 3-0 and seemingly out of reach.  Celtic not content to leave the field down 3-0 continued to play on though and kept pressing the Gray defense. Keeper/Captain Dan Meijas annoyed with his field players inability to hold onto the ball decided to take matters it his own hands and sent a 70 yard punt down field to the waiting feet of new forward Bahaa. Bahaa opened his Gray scoring account after calmly trapping the ball beating one defender and chipping it over the Celtic goalie. Quite pleased with himself Dan decided to do it again 10 minutes later and got himself his second assist of the day on another 70 yard punt this time to the other new Gray forward Adil. The game seemingly out of reach the ref blew the whistle 8 minutes early allowing the team to explore the soccer friendly bars of BK.

Grays 5 – Manhattan Celtic 0



As a defender you are taught at a fairly young age to watch the forward’s hips when dribbling to determine which way the player will cut or to watch a midfielder’s eyes to anticipate a pass. This works well until you are up against a player completely unskilled who views the fundamentals as a hindrance with the basic foot eye coordination of a new born deer on ice. This guy isn’t any good. He’ll never be any good. But sure enough that guy is going to score on you. Last Sunday the Gray’s played the cosmopolitan league team version of that guy.

Now, in truth FC Dinamo had plenty of talent on the field. They had fast skillful players who could tackle, trap, and pass a ball with ease. The issue was they played a formation and style of a bunch of hung-over college kids in a Saturday morning pickup game (also known as the last 30 minutes of a CPR Monday night training session); i.e. 6 forwards – 4 defenders – don’t worry about the midfield.

The sooner this game is forgotten the better. Dinamo went up by 3. Adil scored a consolation goal at the end of the second half (off an assist from Danny). Grays missed chances. Dinamo scored on 4 v 2s and 6 v 4s. They showed up 15 minutes late with a sub who was at least 62 years old. All in all… a tough day out.

Grays 1 – Dinamo 3

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