Reds Win in First Round of State Cup Handily

Oct 18 2014 Published by under Reds

The CPR Reds return to the state cup venue after falling short of the cup last year in penalties in the semifinals. The Reds came out hungry and absolutely relentless defensively. It was a Saturday night game under the lights and while Mola barely had enough to field a squad, the Reds came out strong with a record 20 players ready to suit up. ¬†After keeping possession most of the first half, the Reds scored several goals early and never looked back going up 4-0 before halftime. After half, the Reds did an entire line change and everyone got some good kick around. Mola was quoted at one point asking: “where the hell are these guys all coming from”.

Goal scorers were Timur Mone (2), Antonio Bishmade Rejman, Declan Heffernan, and Richie Kavanagh. Shutout credited to keeper Andrew Snell and the defensive unit.


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