The Stupid State Cup

Oct 27 2014 Published by under Club, Grays

Sate Cup Match Report


In recent years the grays have found some league success but not a single state cup game has ever gone their way. That record would not be broken in sunny Jamaica Queens against a skillful Integral team. Integral seemed happy to keep possession in their half with the Grays keeping drawing a highline and watching the outside backs one touch passes amongst themselves. Finally, pressure by Mike Sevchek lead to a turnover and break away for Adil which the Integral goalie was able to save with a dive to his right. The Integral defense decided that perhaps getting across the half line would be a good idea; it was not. As Integral opened up play the Grays were able to win the ball and counterattack often. Mike Sevchek came closest with a header that went over the bar before Adil continued his run of good form and was able to finish on a breakaway off a nice setup from Sevchek. The goal seemed to set off the team with the Grays controlling the play and tempo consistently attacking the Integral defense. Before halftime Jan sent in a trademark corner which Marko found at the far corner of the six yard box. Marko hit the ball towards the corner of the goal only for Danny Azzo to steal chest it across the line. Against the run of play Integral were able to grab a goal right before the halftime whistle.

Going into half 2-1 up with the majority of play and very few Integral chances the Gray’s might have been a bit over confident. The second half started with some sloppy play and Integral were able to get the tying goal before the 50th minute mark. With the tying goal scored the Grays found themselves up against a wall. Not being able to hold onto the ball as they did in the first half and the Integral midfielders gaining in confidence it wasn’t a total shock when Integral hit a third goal to take a 3-2 lead. So it seemed the state cup games go for the Grays and valiant efforts were either saved by the Integral keeper or sent agonizingly wide. In the last minute of the match the Gray’s had a final chance off another corner. With Jan again sending in a trademark cross; Marko decided to bypass Danny Azzo and just hit it in the goal himself. Cheers and jubilation as the game was tied 3-3. Immediately after kickoff the whistle blew and off to PKs we went.

Grays lost in penalties.  Nothing more to be said. Now move along.


Goals: Adil, Danny Azzo, Marko

Assists: Sevchek, Marko/Jan, Jan


Stay tuned for next week where Marko steals a goal for himself.

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