Theft Among Friends is “Borrowing”

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After the disappointment of being knocked out of the state cup the Grays sought to get back to their winning ways by taking the field against Branstonworth Rovers Premier. The game started off brightly enough with plenty of chances and a fairly even back and forth match. Grays had the better of the goal chances but the Barnstonworth goalie proved a class act and was able to get his hands on both shots and corners with Gray’s Keeper/Captain Dan Mejias only forced to make one save right before the break.

After getting more of the chances in the first half, and the prospect of playing with the wind in the second, the future looked bright for the Grays. So it was as new signing Stephen McNally hit a stinger off the crossbar. Adil and Bahaa were able to challenge the keeper on numerous occasion but he always found himself up to the task. With pressure mounting the Gray’s defense began pushing forward into the Barnstonworth half with outside back Chuck getting called for a hard foul on a Rovers midfielder. While Chuck was being reprimanded by the referee Barnstonworth sent a long pass to their forward line who were able to beat the Gray’s defense who were playing down a man. Astonishingly, the ref let the goal stand after much protestation by the CPR players (Captain Dan got a little heated but always referred to the referee as “Sir” so no offense was taken, DA Charlie vehemently objected and threatened to file a brief). The goal was to stand and the Grays found themselves down 1-0 with 15 minutes to go.

Continuing their dominance from throughout the second half the Grays piled on the pressure and truly put the Rovers against the wall.  With ten minutes remaining James Dolan (that’s non-Knick owning James Dolan) sent in a pass to Bahaa who was able to beat the Rover’s keeper with a clever chip. The goal put the score level but the Grays weren’t done yet. Five minutes from time Bahaa again found himself at the top of the box and beat his defender on the dribble; with the goalie coming out Bahaa curled a low shot to the net… which Marko Guzijan decided to tap in for good measure. Would it have gone on anyway? Absolutely. Did Marko have a goal stolen from him the same way last week? Definitely. Does that make it all even? Not until Bahaa steals a goal form Danny Azzo this coming Sunday. Stay tuned for the story of karma.

Some good times back at the pub where celebratory beers were had and plans of NYC bar domination planned (to be discussed later).

Final Score

CPR 2 – Rovers 1

Goals: Bahaa, Marko (sort of)

Assists: James, Bahaa (and whoever sent in the ball to Bahaa in the first place but I don’t remember their name)

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