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Schedule for Weekend of Oct 18th and 19th (State Cup Games)

Oct 16 2014 Published by under Club

Saturday night 10/18:

Men’s Red vs. Mola SC (CSL) 6pm Randalls #74 (Strumpf Cup)

Sunday 10/19:

Women’s Red @ Baby Magic FSC, 9am Randalls #82 (Women’s State Cup)

Women’s White vs. NYC United B, 9am East 6th St. (Women’s State Cup)

Men’s White @ Istria (LISFL) TBD/TBD (ManningCup)

Men’s White Reserves @ NYPD Reserve (CSL) 8am Flushing Meadows Field #8 (D’Arpino Cup)

The Old Boys @ AC Glen Cove (LISFL) 9am, Glen Cove LI (Marth Cup)

The Grays @ Integral (LISFL) 12noon, Liberty Park – Queens (Marth Cup)

The Legends vs. NY Hota (LISFL) 4pm Randalls #75 (Marth Cup)

…and then we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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Reds Back to Their Winning Ways

Oct 14 2014 Published by under Reds

After an unlucky draw last week, the CPR Reds looked to turn things around and get back on the winning track, and so they did. They headed East to Flushing to take on Brishna Sunday afternoon. Brishna was a qualified opponent that kept the ball well and made the Reds work hard defensively. CPR had the chances early with a seeking run from the flying Irishman Ian Nolan down the left wing that put him with an open shot on frame that the Brishna GK had little trouble with. Despite several corner kick and set piece opportunities early for the Reds, 15minutes in, Brishna took the lead 1-0 on a failed offsides trap by the Reds defense. Luckily, shortly before the half, a sweeping free kick service from Richie K was finished by Johnny Williamson into the back of the net to equalize 1-1. The game started to turn chippy and Brishna was looking to talk smack and get in the heads of the CPR squad which was the beginning of their demise.

CPR came out strong in the second half holding possession with a purpose and attacking the wings and finished their opportunities to score 4 second half goals. Johnny Williamson ended up with a hat track, including one more header despite being one of the shorter players on the field. The man works hard and deserves it! Other goal scorers were Eric P and Felipe. Game ended in a 5-1 victory.

The Reds open up state cup play this coming weekend with a Saturday evening match up at 6pm on Randall’s.

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Results from Oct 12th

Oct 13 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red beat NY Smoking Aces 4-1

Women’s White  beat NYC United 4-1

Men’s White fell 1-3 to Clarkstown SC Eagles

Men’s White Reserves beat Clarkstown SC Eagles 6-2

Men’s Red beat Brishna, 5-1

The Old Boys beat Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys 2-0

The Grays drew 1-1 with Manhattan Kickers Over-30

The Legends drew 1-1 @ a fortefied Hoboken FC 1912 Veterans…Teesdale scored the late equalizer!!!

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Legends Battle Back to Draw Hoboken

Oct 13 2014 Published by under Legends

The Cosmo league scheduling gods bestowed upon the New Jersey contingent of the Legends squad the most precious of all gifts, a match located in NJ at the glorious Sinatra Park Soccer Field. With many modes of travel (bus, boat or PATH train) at their disposal, a defender heavy Legends squad arrived on time and primed for a solid match. Stealing a few glances at the opposing team, several players noted that the opposition had overhauled the roster significantly from the prior week, so much so that kick off was delayed by several minutes as Coach Resnik was on the verge of demanding to see ID’s for a few that didnt look old enough to vote. Although not fully convinced after receiving assurances from Hoboken that they would never bend the age limits, Coach Resnik and the Legends were ready to just get on with it.

From the opening whistle, the Legends did well, knocking the ball around the pitch with crisp passing and useful triangles. In the early going CPR worked well down the left side of the field with nifty combinations amongst Faherty, Solinas and Pattinson putting Hoboken on the back heal. The trio created several chances on goal only to be thwarted by a just out of reach pass, or a surprisingly competent, although diminutive Hoboken keeper. While a dearth of striking options required Resnik and Hodges up top to start, the duo acquitted themselves well with Hodges producing useful hold up play with his back to goal and Resnik characteristically getting stuck in on tackles deep in the oppositions third. As the first half unfolded it became evident that a thrashing like the week prior was not in the cards. As the action intensified chippy tackles and late challenges began to creep into the game, although the ref performed admirably to keep a level of civility. One such tackle produced the best chance for the Legends in the first half, as a foul was given deep in the Hoboken third. On the ensuing free kick, Willian stepped to the ball and delivered a sublime strike from 25 yards that beat the keeper easily but clanked off the cross bar. Hoboken responded with a curling, dipping free kick of their own which was expertly saved by the diving Telly Vamvouris and cleared by the professional work of Lars Murray saving a sure Hoboken goal.

0-0 at halftime was a decidedly fair scoreline, and was indicative of the tightly contested match. The halftime team talk may have been the most uncontentious discussion this author has ever witnessed. It was observed that the Legends had played an excellent half and every single participant quite honestly agreed, that in fact an excellent half had been played! This being the case the discussion of tactical changes was not required, and so the team returned the to field of play to indicate they were ready to roll.

But as is oft the case in Legends matches, as time marched on weary legs began to creep into the side, opening more space for Hoboken to counter attack. A well struck ball rattled the CPR post and another sure goal had to be cleared by a reflexive header from Resnik. Unfortunately Hoboken broke through in the 80th with a clean strip of a CPR defender and a knuckling toe poke laser strike that thumped the inside of the near post. An unfair turn of events considering how well the Legends had built from the back all game. Regardless, the indomitable spirit of CPR soccer was on display with Tony V. marauding down the flank repeatedly, whipping in vicious crosses into the mixer, and producing booming headers from Randall K and Hodges that just shaved the wrong side of the post. As the clock wound down, Coach Resnik put the team in the Desperation formation sending of all people, Teesdale to top to operate as a striker, perhaps knowing his penchant for scoring against Hoboken. Not long after, the move bore fruit, as another Tony V. cross was delivered to Solinas who drew 3 Hoboken defenders, each of which delivered some sort of physical assault to the fearless warrior, but not before Solinas produced the deftest of touches over to the  waiting Teesdale. With the eyes the size of saucers, Teesdale produced a thundering strike, driving the ball to the upper right corner, nearly tearing the net. At least in his mind that is how it happened. And with neither side able to produce again in the few remaining minutes, the 1-1 scoreline would hold.

Regardless of the result, the specatular sky line view made the trip to NJ worth the effort.

Regardless of the scoreline, the Legends played stylish football and worked hard for 90 minutes. In the coming weeks more difficult tests will be faced. However if the Legends continue to gel as they have so far, then results will be gotten. And if not, they will always have this one night in New Jersey.

Competition: Hoboken FC 1912, League Opposition

Location: Sinatra Park Field, Hoboken NJ

Conditions: A crisp fall evening at 53 degrees

Fans: 0, altough there were several for Hoboken, the youngest of which were hurling abuse at a bemused Pattinson for slicing a strike at goal that went out over the sideline.

Result: 1-1 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: 1-1: Teesdale Assist Solinas, Vamvouris

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Oddly enough the run of good health continues with no new injuries, asuming D’Andrea still has a full set of teeth.

Old Man of the Match: Many strong shifts were put in throughout the team with Ollie and Paul locking down the defense and Willian dazzling the opposition with his footwork. However, in an shameless effort to secure the OMOTM vote, goal scorer Teesdale was buying rounds at the bar afterwards. The committee was easily bought with a few cold drafts, and so it was, Teesdale was awarded his first in 15 years.

Old Man of the Bar: Morse at one point considered taking a power nap in his car so he could continue to enjoy the bountiful beer menu. Fantastic effort.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistics of the week:Willian D’Andrea & Mark Resnik now draw level with Dan Ochoa for all time Legends caps at 32.

Team Bar Showing: 6 out of 14 (43%)

Team Bar Night: 3.5 out of 5: An 8 o’clock start on the wrong side of the Hudson conspired to keep the numbers low, but it was a quality crew. And the Eagles destroyed the Giants, so that was awesome.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Oliver Roberts (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Paul Vale (DF), Lars Murray (DF), Tony Vamvouris, Randall Klitz, Steve Morse, Tom Pattinson, Ugo Solinas, Willian D’Andrea, John Hodges

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Schedule for Sunday October 12th

Oct 07 2014 Published by under Club

Women’s Red vs. NY Smoking Aces, 3pm East 6th St

Women’s White @ NYC United, 8pm Leif Ericson (65th street and 8th Avenue, Brooklyn)

Men’s White vs. Clarkstown SC Eagles, 6pm Randalls #75

Men’s White Reserves vs. Clarkstown SC Eagles, 4pm Randalls #75

Men’s Red @ Brishna, 12noon Flushing Meadows Field #9

The Old Boys vs. Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 2pm McCarren Park

The Grays vs.Manhattan Kickers Over-30, 8am Randalls #75

The Legends @ Hoboken FC 1912 Veterans , 8pm Sinatra Park, Hoboken

…and then we’ll see you back at Percy’s

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Legends bulldoze Hoboken to continue winning streak

Oct 06 2014 Published by under Legends

The Legends knew better than to trust Hoboken’s record as indicative of a walkover to come.  Historically Hoboken has been tough & stubborn, playing until the last whistle regardless of what the score was.  Indeed unlike previous years the opponents showed up with a full complement of substitutes as well.  This was the first week that the Legends were (relatively) struggling for players, satisfying themselves with 14 but mostly a top heavy side.  Tony Vamvouris was the latest to be shunted in as a partner for Ollie Roberts in central defence while Pattinson & D’Andrea were also to be moved around in a game of chess designed to optimize existing players to positions.

Despite all the tactical squad maneuvering it was Hoboken who came out of the gate quickly.  Although they showed minimal threat up top they were giving the Rangers a hard time in midfield and up front, closing down space faster than any of CPR’s other opponents so far this season.  It took a few minutes for CPR to grow into the game, and their growing familiarity with each other’s talents started to get the passing game flowing.  Indeed it was a lovely move involving several players with quick touches that culminated in D’Andrea calmly slotting the ball to Pattinson in space in the box where he finished with aplomb.  Soon a flurry of corners resulted in goals 2 and 3, the second an open header for D’Andrea from Pattinson’s corner and then a lovely outside of the right foot volley from Williams’ corner.

3-0 at half time seemed awfully flattering considering how physically even the battle had been in midfield.  The difference had been the Legends slick passing game and uncharacteristically fine finishing.  The team talk at half time was insistent on not taking the game for granted, and to put safety first no matter what.  Some lip service was paid to this although the midfielders still tended to attack far too often.  Fortunately Hoboken was unable to take advantage, and by pushing players further up opened yawning gaps at the back for counterattacks.  More clinical passing resulted in Williams scoring, and then D’Andrea had another calm and controlled finish, faking out the keeper from the end line before scoring.  There was time for the post & crossbar to be rattled before a final counterattack saw Hodges following up on Pattinson’s saved shot to score with the last kick of the game.

Most of the Legends know an anomaly when they see one, and for this to be anything other than that another couple of free scoring games will need to happen.  What is clear is that the Legends are starting to be more comfortable in their passing/possession identity while the defence has strengthened.  The away game at Hoboken next week should be an interesting test to see if the Legends can keep up their momentum.

What a lovely day for a nice win and to relax and watch the Old Boyz

Competition: Hoboken FC 1912, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island #74, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Gorgeous Autumn day with a lovely breeze

Fans: 4: The Walbys, and a few assorted Old Boyz

Result: 6-0 (3-0 at H/T)

Goals:  1:0 Pattinson Assist D’Andrea

2:0 D’Andrea Assist Pattinson

3:0 D’Andrea Assist Williams

4:0 Williams Assist D’Andrea

5:0 D’Andrea Assist Williams

6:0 Hodges Assist Pattinson

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None, thankfully

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, the substitutions continuing to work well even with only 3 this week

Old Man of the Match: This was pretty straightforward, despite the defence pitching a shutout against an admittedly toothless Hoboken attack.  Willian D’Andrea with only the second hattrick in Legends history plus two assists pulled the strings like a maestro from attacking midfield/striker.  Honorary mentions apart from the defence go to Tom Pattinson & Steve Morse.

Old Man of the Bar: None, although it was a nice long session

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): Technically it would be Walby since he’s still on the On Call list.

Statistics of the week: D’Andrea set an all time points record for a game with 8, beating the previous record of 7 from Venkataraman in the Banatul game in 2012-2013.  This also enabled him to vault past Venkataraman and tie Pritchard on the all time Legends goal scoring list.  The Legends also have the best defensive record in the division.

Team Bar Showing: 13 out of 14 (93%)

Team Bar Night: 4.5 out of 5: With the Old Boyz playing at 2, a natural transition to watch them play was made even more attractive by the lovely weather.  This combined with the natural glow of a 6-0 victory ensured everyone except Willian hung out for a considerable amount of time, including some for the whole game.  It would have been nice if the Old Boyz had obliged with a win but you can’t have everything.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Andrew Faherty (DF), Oliver Roberts (DF), Tony Vamvouris (DF), Manohar Venkataraman, Randall Klitz (DF), Steve Morse, Tom Pattinson, Ugo Solinas, Willian D’Andrea, Chris Williams, John Hodges, Mike Cassidy

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Reds Equalize in Stoppage Time for 1-1 Draw vs. Gotham Argo

Oct 06 2014 Published by under Reds

The CPR Reds faced local rival Gotham Argo at field 75 Sunday. The Reds were able to hold possession in the midfield but struggled to turn it into offensive opportunities in the attacking third. Argo scored off of a deflection on a cross from the corner inside the 18 yard box, an unlucky bounce for the Reds. The second half saw the Reds start in a high pressure defense creating several good opportunities from takeaways but the Argo goalkeeper was a rock and kept CPR off the board. The Reds were finally able to break through to force a tie after Richie was able to draw a penalty. Timur Mone converted the penalty home  for the tie, 1-1.

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Results from Oct 5th

Oct 05 2014 Published by under Club

CPR Women’s Derby: White beat Red 1-0

Men’s White lost 0-4 to Lansdowne Bhoys

Men’s White Reserves drew 1-1 with Lansdowne Bhoys

Men’s Red  drew 1-1 with Gotham Argo

The Old Boys drew 2-2 with Barnstonworth Rovers Premier

The Grays fell 0-1 to Shamrock SC Over-30

The Legends beat Hoboken FC 1912 Veterans 6-0

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3 players short… Valiant effort against Rovers 1 – Sept 29th

Oct 05 2014 Published by under Club

With a few last minute players dropping out, the Women’s Reds faced off against Rovers 1 with only 8 players… 7.5 technically with the a lone, gimp of a striker.  But despite that, other than an early Rovers goal, CPR kept them to that one goal, maintained possession and almost had an opportunity to equalize (if not for a stupid off-sides call).  Had CPR showed up with a full 11, it would’ve been an easy 3 pts.

Great effort ladies!

Post-game bar attendance:  5 (not bad for having 8 players)

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Happy Hour Match Report (3 for 1)

Oct 01 2014 Published by under Club, Grays

To recap the first three games for the Grays:


Grays 2 – Megas 1


The season started off brightly enough for the Grays with a hard fought win over Megas Alexandros. Dominating much of the possession from the start the Grays couldn’t seem to find the net. Finally, the Grays took the lead in the first half with a nice goal from Rich on an assist from Barry. Having finally broken through it would seem the walls would come crumbling down and goals would come in waves. Unfortunately, no one told the Megas goalie that goals should come and he proceeded to block everything coming his way. A counterattack by Megas before the end of the half resulted I a 1-1 halftime score line.

The second half started with more pressure by the Grays offense and limited looks on goal by the Megas players. Still a combination of wayward finishing and the Megas goalie playing Jorge Campos meant a tie seemed in the future. That is until UK Matt used his massive thighs to muscle the ball off a Megas defender before beating another Megas player to the end line and firing a waist high pass across the Megas 6 yard line. Unfortunately, no offensive Gray’s player was anywhere near the 6 yard line. Fortunately, a defender was and outside back Marko Guzijan was able to volley in the game winning goal in the dying minutes of the game.  Grays took the 3 points and headed back to the bar.

An 8am kickoff meant morning drinking for the Grays but due to liquor laws (that Charlie couldn’t get excused) the Grays were forced to drink in an alleyway from the kitchen staff’s kegerator.  Good times had by all.


Gotta love a bar with a kegerator in the kitchen!


Grays 2 – Megas 1


The second game of the season saw the Grays take on last year’s regular season champion Manhattan Celtic. The large pitch at Brooklyn Bridge Park meant that fitness would come into play if the game was close. Luckily, that wasn’t going to happen with the Grays jumping to a halftime lead of 2-0 off of a first half brace from Kareem (assisted by Bahaa and Danny). At 1-0 the game could have been tied after a harsh PK call but the soccer gods saw to it that the PK was denied (Dan Meijas had a little part to play in that with an outstretched save to his left). At halftime the Grays knew that Manhattan Celtic were going to come out strong and press; they proceeded to throw everything they had at the Grays in hopes of cutting into the score line. A few saves from Dan Meijas and a couple of saves from the goal post made sure Celtic stayed off the score sheet. After 15 minutes of playing with their backs against the wall a defender (sprightly Jack Hartman) decided to put the icing on the cake and become the second defender in a week to score a goal; he met a well taken corner by Jan with his head to put the score at 3-0 and seemingly out of reach.  Celtic not content to leave the field down 3-0 continued to play on though and kept pressing the Gray defense. Keeper/Captain Dan Meijas annoyed with his field players inability to hold onto the ball decided to take matters it his own hands and sent a 70 yard punt down field to the waiting feet of new forward Bahaa. Bahaa opened his Gray scoring account after calmly trapping the ball beating one defender and chipping it over the Celtic goalie. Quite pleased with himself Dan decided to do it again 10 minutes later and got himself his second assist of the day on another 70 yard punt this time to the other new Gray forward Adil. The game seemingly out of reach the ref blew the whistle 8 minutes early allowing the team to explore the soccer friendly bars of BK.

Grays 5 – Manhattan Celtic 0



As a defender you are taught at a fairly young age to watch the forward’s hips when dribbling to determine which way the player will cut or to watch a midfielder’s eyes to anticipate a pass. This works well until you are up against a player completely unskilled who views the fundamentals as a hindrance with the basic foot eye coordination of a new born deer on ice. This guy isn’t any good. He’ll never be any good. But sure enough that guy is going to score on you. Last Sunday the Gray’s played the cosmopolitan league team version of that guy.

Now, in truth FC Dinamo had plenty of talent on the field. They had fast skillful players who could tackle, trap, and pass a ball with ease. The issue was they played a formation and style of a bunch of hung-over college kids in a Saturday morning pickup game (also known as the last 30 minutes of a CPR Monday night training session); i.e. 6 forwards – 4 defenders – don’t worry about the midfield.

The sooner this game is forgotten the better. Dinamo went up by 3. Adil scored a consolation goal at the end of the second half (off an assist from Danny). Grays missed chances. Dinamo scored on 4 v 2s and 6 v 4s. They showed up 15 minutes late with a sub who was at least 62 years old. All in all… a tough day out.

Grays 1 – Dinamo 3

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