Small squad Legends hold Barnstonworth 2-2

May 12 2015 Published by under Legends

Competition: Barnstonworth O35, League Opposition

Location: Randalls Island #74

Conditions: Sunny and a warm low 70′s

Fans: 0

Result: 2-2 (2-1 at H/T).   Legends played very well, but it was a tall task with only 12 players.  Second half just didn’t have the same energy to defend in numbers and to make attacking runs.  Both teams easily could have scored a third, so a draw seemed a fair result.

Goals: Hodges assist Enticott,  Williams assist D’Andrea

Yellow Cards: None

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Baron was a no show

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None
”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None.

Old Man of the Match:  Teesdale.  Played out of position in the middle and shut down everything that came his way.  Honorable mention to Luciano who as usual had solid game in the middle.  Honorable mention to Williams/Enticott who ran tirelessly and kept the Barnstonwoth defense on their heels and help create lots of chances.  Williams arguable scored Legends third on a very questionable offsides call.

Old Man of the Bar: None

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None.

Statistic of the week:  None

Team Bar Showing: 0 out of 12 (0%)

Team Bar Night: 0 out of 5.  Asked at the field, but no one had it in them to make the trip to Percy’s which may or may not have been open at 1020am.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Randall Klitz (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF),  Tony Vamvouris, John Hodges, Tom Pattison, Ugo Solinas, Willian D’Andrea, Chris Williams, Rich Enticott

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