Whites Reserves top the group with a wild win

May 18 2015 Published by under Club

Reserves needed a win against bottom-of-the-table Hoboken to secure first place in the group, but with the focus on the first team’s relegation battle, the game had a bit of hot Sunday “stroll in the park” feeling.
The feeling was confirmed when within 15 seconds, the Hoboken right back was lightly pressured by Brent and just passed the ball to Alberto who scored easily. This may have been the fastest goal in CPR history. That particular episode was rather misleading, and Jon had to make a good save to keep us in the lead after persistent Hoboken pressure in the first 5 minutes. We settled down eventually and started to dominate possession, Alberto took advantage of Hoboken’s high line to play Mike Boas through on goal, and Mike converted to double the lead. Feeling the heat and losing two players to injury, we then stopped playing completely and conceded two goals to leave us red-faced in more than one way at the half.
Despite having no subs for the rest of the game, we stepped up the level in the 2nd half and regained the lead, this time Mike returned the favor to Alberto. A 4th goal followed quickly, Saidou lobbed the keeper to score for the second week in a row. With the 1st team getting ready to play, I wasn’t paying too much attention from this point on, but I did notice that Brent hid the post, we conceded another goal, and then restored a 2-goal lead with Alberto getting his well-deserved hat-trick. Final score 5-3.

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