Reds Win Metro 1 Championship!

Jun 04 2015 Published by under Reds

The Central Park Rangers Reds capped off their historic season with a victory in penalty kicks vs. NY Ittihad in the Metro Championship.

The Reds went up 1-0 midway thru the 1st half thanks to leading goal scorer Richie Kavanagh with a helluva one time finish off a thru ball down the right side of the 18 yard box. The Reds unfortunately conceded right before the 1st half ended on some sloppy defending and the hard fought game continued but ended 1-1 and 8 yellow cards total as players fought for every possible advantage.

In penalties, the Reds took the first penalty from Richie K and went up 1-0. Ittihad returned fire 1-1. ┬áHendo Deruiter went second and finished calmly past the keeps for a 2-1 lead. Ittihad responded right back, 2-2. Timur Mone went third and was saved, 2-2. Ittihad scored again, 2-3. Felipe Lima kept the Reds alive on the 4th kick to tie things at 3-3. Ittihad’s next player shankapotomaus’ed wide, still 3-3. Chris valentine, steps up for the anchor shot, but snubbed it, saved, bringing Valentine to his knees in disbelief. Luckily, the Reds had GK Andrew Snell on their side.

Andrew Snell confidently stepped to his GK position, eyeing Ittihad’s lefty captain, likely the most talented player on their side, and saved the season with a stone wall impression on the Ittihad captain. With that same confidence, Snell raised his hand and pounded his chest calling for the 6th penalty that could make or break the Reds season yet again. And Snell with ease and power slashed his penalty into the top left corner. The Reds went crazyy!!! And to cap off the superman like performance, Snell steps back into goal and makes the save to win the championship on the 6th and final penalty for Ittihad. The Reds stormed Snell in complete and utter celebration as rain magically started to fall from the sky. A picturesque end to the season.

Below are pictures from the game courtesy of Drew Faherty:




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  • Mark Resnik says:

    Wow. Seriously clutch by Snell! Fantastic conclusion to the season. Congrats Reds. See you guys at the end of season dinner/awards to celebrate..