Reds face rude awakening in Game 2 of Season Promotion

Sep 22 2015 Published by under Reds

It was a slow start to the second game of the season for the Reds. After which found them down two goals after only 10 minutes of play. Due to some defensive absences there were some key roles filled by those playing outside of their usual position. Captains Blake Berg and Ian Nolan were a scratch and the Reds D suffered initially with finding its mojo. CB Eddie Walter predicts the Reds D will never let that happen again. A small consolation might be found in the offensive pressure applied through the next 70 minutes with the Reds continuously looking dangerous but unable to find the back of the potato sack. Man of the match honors goes to the lone goal scorer Quentin who continually found himself in threatening positions creating headaches for the opposition. Look out for Quentin to be a lean, mean goal scoring machine in future matches along side Timur, Richie and Deco. The Reds will look to come out of the gate faster in future matches. Future opponents beware, this weekends score is not an indicator for things to come. This Reds team is ready to make a name for itself once again.

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