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Reds Reserve Get Inaugural 3 pts

Oct 15 2015 Published by under Reds

The CPR Rangers Reds Reserve squad collected their first 3 points of the season on Sunday against a tough Doxa FC Reserves team. The Rangers fell behind 1-0 early on in the 1st half and a couple of big injuries to Hunter Norte and Parris did not help their cause.

The Rangers came out for the 2nd half looking like a whole different team. Goalkeeper John Pacilio led the back line with some big time saves and great defensive play from James Barbour sprung the Rangers counter attack. Ian ‘Hendo’ de Ruiter found his first goal of the season to tie the game. A lovely slotted ball from CDM Samir Benour found Hendo on the run who calmly placed the ball into the bottom right corner. The Rangers held on with a 1-1 draw until, with only 10 minutes to go, CDM Martin ‘Party Marty’ Kelly scored his first goal of the campaign to give the Rangers a 2-1 lead. A little scuffle in the box led to the ball landing at Hendo’s feet who looked up and found a wide open Marty. There was a chance for three when Samir Benour pounced a loose ball in the box and slotted it into the top corner. The goal was unfortunately called back by the referee for a handball on CM Jordan Reid.

The Reds Reserves have a break from league play and enter the first round of the State Cup where they will face Westbury from the Long Island league. The Reserves look to maintain their good form in cup play.

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Results from our O30s derby and the rest of Oct 11th

Oct 13 2015 Published by under Club

Sunday October 11th:

Women’s Red needed to forfeit to NY Smoking Aces

Women’s White beat NY Magic Reserves 1-0.  Goal: Ali M.

Men’s White Reserves lost 4-0 t0 Lansdowne Bhoys.

Men’s White lost 3-1 to Lansdowne Bhoys 3-1.  Goal: Kwesi.

Men’s Red Reserves beat Doxa FC 2-1;  Goals: Marty, Ian D.

Men’s Red drew 2-2 with Doxa FC.  Goals: Quentin, Lance

Over 30′s Derby: The Old Boys beat The Grays 4-1;  Goals: Jens (2), Lalo and Brandon for the Old Boys, and Steve Mc for the Grays.

The Legends beat Shamrock SC Legends 1-0.  Goal: Ugo.

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O30s Derby time and more for Sunday Oct 11th

Oct 06 2015 Published by under Club

Sunday October 11th:

Women’s Red @ NY Smoking Aces, 8pm Leif Ericson Park

Women’s White @ NY Magic Reserves, 3pm East 6th

Men’s White Reserves vs. Lansdowne Bhoys, 6pm Randalls #75

Men’s White vs. Lansdowne Bhoys, 8pm Randalls #75

Men’s Red Reserves vs. Doxa FC, 10am Randalls #74

Men’s Red vs. Doxa FC, 12noon Randalls #74

Over 30′s Derby: The Old Boys vs. The Grays, 2pm Randalls #74

The Legends vs. Shamrock SC Legends, 10am Randall’s #10 (Icahn)

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Reds to to Infinity and Beat Beyond FC 2-1

Oct 06 2015 Published by under Reds

The Reds capped off the day for the Cosmopolitan Soccer League schedule on Sunday with a late night 8pm match vs. Beyond FC. Premiering their brand new Adidas neon green lightweight kits, the Reds came out firing on all cylinders with Lance Brune attempting a half field shot from the kickoff that tailed out for a throw in. Tempted by an overly aggressive Beyond FC GK who spent the majority of the match out past his own penalty stripe, the Reds continued to fire from long range with captain Blake Berg attempting 2 free kicks that fell short, Deco Heff looking to hit from range, and a few others that were either off target or saved easily by the 6ft-4in opposing GK.

Defensively, the Reds held back Beyond FC and their attacks which came almost exclusively thru the air. The Reds defense held down by Berg, Eddie Walter, Ian Nolan, and Tim Lonergan won just about every aerial challenge as they have been week in and week out. Alberto Riego came in as a sub for the Reds defense and did much of the same. In the central midfield, Lance Brune came out with more energy than a fresh born mutton at a rodeo with a 2 year old on it’s back and was dominant early on 50/50s and was distributing well; unfortunately he ran out of gas after about 40minutes of playing time after a long weekend with the inlaws and his puppies. Duane Pelz got the starting nod for the 2nd week in a row filling in at central midfield and was at the 6 position in front of the Reds defense. Out on the flanks, Mark Haroussea, Mack Woodruff, and Andrew Fisher were threatening coupled by the Irish duo Richie Kav and Deco Heff. But at half the game was tied 0-0. Perhaps it was the absence of Timur Mone and Quentin Albrecht that was limiting the Reds offensively.

Luckily, late in the 2nd half newcomer Mark Haroussea went absolutely haywire and lit up the Beyond FC goal keeper with a 30 yard knucklepuck that nearly went thru the back of the net. His girlfriend on the sideline was obviously the motivation behind his wonder strike. Shortly later, Mark and his childhood backyard best friend Mack Woodruff rehearsed a free kick routine they’ve been planning since U-13′s that worked beautifully with a give and go back to Woodruff who toe tapped the second goal into the back of the net surely securing the win for the Reds putting them up 2-0. Things ended interestingly with Beyond FC capitalizing on a throw in to score and make it 2-1 with 5 minutes remaining. The Reds held out defensively shifting into a 4-5-1 and were able to end the game victorious 2-1.

The Reds will face Doxa FC next week who have yet to lose; they also have yet to play the CPR Reds. Should be a great match.

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Reds Reserves Upended by Beyond FC 2-0

Oct 06 2015 Published by under Reds

CPR Reds Reserves came out to the 4th game still seeking that first win but unfortunately will have to wait one more week. Surprisingly, the squad had the best turnout of the year despite the Sunday evening showdown at 6pm versus the newly named club Beyond FC who came in having drawn their first 3 matches. The Reds struggled to get going offensively and lacked the energy needed despite strong individual efforts from Luke Flannagan up top and some tight defensive aerial play from the Reds’ center backs. Also shoutout to Marty who brought the party in the center midfield with strong distribution to the flanks for numerous attacks that fell short. The Reds truly felt the absence of center forward Hendo DeRuiter and will look for a more positive result next week vs. the strong Doxa side.

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Shambolic Legends struggle past new boys Doxa 5-1

Oct 05 2015 Published by under Legends

The Legends had a back to the wall performance the previous week to edge the defending champions SC Gjoa 1-0.  This week they would be playing the league’s whipping boys Doxa Legends, who had conceded 27 goals while scoring 1.  Unfortunately the Legends have a long history of playing down to their opponent’s level, and in this case they took that history to heart.  Despite talking about making simple passes & playing aggressively, virtually every Legend appeared to be playing for the first time.  Misplaced passes, ill-advised long balls, poor ball control, the full portfolio of bad play was in evidence.  Virtually nobody was spared this affliction.  Indeed it took until midway through the first half before CPR finally broke the deadlock, good work on the right leading to Nizam passing the ball to Venkataraman whose weak but accurate shot resulted in the first goal. Soon after, the unthinkable happened.  A Doxa player launched a most speculative of shots, with the wind doing the rest to beat Telly Vamvouris and give the home team a shock equalizer.  Just when it looked like the Legends would slink in to half time tied, the usual yeowman’s work by fullback Hahn produced a good cross that was superbly dispatched with a header by Mckeown.

The entire squad was well aware of the putrid first half display, and all were in agreement as to how to remedy the situation.  Being more vocal, making simple passes, getting the ball first, these are the genomes from which all good teams are built.  Naturally the moment the team stepped on the field all these thoughts disappeared and CPR picked up where they left off in the first half.  It was starting to look like a monumental upset might be on the cards before Solinas launched a chip into the top corner.  Not content with stretching the lead, he proceeded to taunt #17 who had been that most odious of Over 36 players, the physical hothead crybaby.  Naturally the opposition responded to Solinas’s uncharacteristic gibe as if he had cursed out their whole family.  The thin skinned handbags resulted in dual bookings for Solinas and one of the opposition (ironically not #17 whose shenanigans were causing all the problems).

Once the foolishness calmed down Doxa made it clear that their focus would be on attacking, leaving 2 defenders at the back for the rest of the game.  Almost despite themselves the Legends scored two more goals, Pattinson calmly slotting Enticott in for his customary smooth finish while Casanova’s ball squirmed through the legs of a lonely defender to allow Mckeown to stroke the ball home.  Amongst these goals was a comedic smorgasboard of offside, weak shots, good goalie saves and poor decision making a mockery of the Legends unbeaten record so far.  Mercifully the final whistle blew to put the game out of its misery.

It may seem churlish to treat a 5-1 victory in such a derogatory fashion, but the fact is the Legends are comprised of solid footballers.  Physical errors are inescapable but mental errors regarding schoolboy basics grate.  The Legends played to perhaps 25% of their potential, and will need to do a lot better next week to avoid losing their 100% record.

The Legends general play needed subtitles and piano music given how poor it was


Competition: Doxa FC Legends, League Opposition


Location: Van Buren High School, Deepest Queens (borderline Long Island)


Conditions: With Joaquin merely a whispered rumour it was a lovely brisk evening but a strong wind on the field


Fans: 0 (middle of nowhere didn’t help)


Result: 5-1


Goals: 1-0: Venkataraman Assist Nizam

2-1: Mckeown Assist Hahn

3-1: Solinas Assist D’Andrea

4-1: Enticott Assist Pattinson

5-1: Mckeown

Yellow Cards: After successfully winding up the opposition Solinas received a deserved booking (although there shouldn’t be a need to wind up a team that had scored 1 goal & conceded 27 before the game regardless of how bad the attitude of 1 or 2 of them were).


Red Cards: None


Mike D’s aka No Shows: None


Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Paul Vale & Simon Mckeown.  Make sure to respond to the evite in a timely fashion boys, it throws off game planning/minutes when people unexpectedly arrive


”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: With plenty of playing time to go around, no injuries to speak of


Old Man of the Match:  More appropriately for this week it was who sucked the least.  No discussion after, but Tony Vamvouris gets an honorary mention for staying in his lane and making simple passes


Old Man of the Bar: None.


El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None


Statistic of the week:  The prolific Mckeown now has a record of 3 consecutive games scoring to start a career, beating Steve Pritchard.  If he turns out as productive he will a key member of the Legends.  Speaking of ‘prolific’, Venkataraman ties D’Andrea with most career goals for the Legends at 14.


Team Bar Showing: 2 out of 17 (12%)


Team Bar Night: 1 out of 5. The combination of late start time & playing in the wilderness reduced the post game attendance to just two members of Tier 1


Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Ollie Roberts (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), Steve Roberts (DF), Paul Vale (DF), Simon Mckeown, Tony Vamvouris, Ante Simic, Ugo Solinas, Tom Pattinson, Manohar Venkataraman, Willian D’andrea, Manuel Casanova, Rich Enticott, Hakan Nizam

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Results from Sunday Oct. 4th

Oct 05 2015 Published by under Club

Women’s Red lost 0-1 to NY Magic Reserves

Women’s White beat Rovers 2-0.  Goals: Anne D. (2)

Men’s White and Reserves were off.

Men’s Red Reserves lost 0-2 t0 Beyond FC.

Men’s Red beat Beyond FC 2-1.  Goals: Mark H. and Mack W.

The Old Boy were off.

The Grays beat NY Greek Americans Over-30 5-1.  Goals: Charlie, Bahaa (2), and Adil.

The Legends beat Doxa FC Legends 5-1.  Goals: Manny, Ugo, Rich, and Simon (2).   Match Report Link

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