Difficult pitch yields poor results for the Legends

Mar 21 2016 Published by under Legends

Dyker Beach park has always been a tough pitch for the Legends.  Not only is it distance wise one of the furthest pitches the Legends visit each year, but the condition of the pitch is a slap in the face to the game of football.  If the freezing temperatures hadn’t hastened departures a picture would certainly have been worth a thousand words.  In parts the entire carpet of the pitch was folded over and one wonders what any insurance agent viewing this atrocity would think.  Although the field has always been bad, this week it seemed particularly egregious.  Fortunately unlike last week CPR had 3 substitutes who would definitely get their playing time in this week.  The opposition uncharacteristically appeared to only have a couple of substitutes themselves.

Not only the worst field the Legends will play all year, but a lawsuit waiting to happen. A real regret that we didn’t take pictures of that disgrace











The game started with Gjoa on the wind assisted front foot, a good toss to win.  The Legends were pinned back and yielded the first goal, a gentle chip over the wall finding the back of the net.  CPR seemed unable to maintain any momentum, passing moves generated always resulting in long balls causing no concern to Gjoa.  The ball occasionally made it to the last third but with no shots on target to trouble the suspect keeper.  Gjoa eventually extended the lead with a speculative shot making it through Telly.  The Legends had certainly played below their capabilities but the two goal lead seemed a bit harsh, and CPR were able to claw one back when the opposition keeper blatantly took Faherty down in what should have been a sending off.  The amiable referee decided to exercise discretion and only award a penalty which was duly dispatched by Carlson (Resnik & Venkataraman having been on the sidelines at the time).  After urging referees to remember that the games played are of the Over 36 variety it would be somewhat churlish to chastise the referee for following that tenet, but nevertheless the Legends felt somewhat aggrieved especially when the half time whistle was blown several minutes early.

With the wind at their backs management nevertheless urged the CPR midfield to stop with the long/through balls and focus on building the attack slowly.  Players were also encouraged to take some wind aided shots at the keeper and challenge him.  Soon CPR started closing the vise and keeping extended possession in the Gjoa half.  Meanwhile Gjoa certainly looked dangerous on the counterattack and missed several of their own chances.  No matter how the Legends tried to a decent shot in the box, the ball would not fall kindly.  Numerous bounces in between or around players would not allow a clean shot, and the shots from distance were high, wide and fancy free.  In the exact same position as Gjoa scored the first goal the Legends conspired to blast the ball over instead of just chipping the wall.  In the end, despite the referee agreeably adding on the proper time, the Legends huffed and puffed but could not get the tying goal.

Thoughtful as ever, El Presidente started the indoctrination early with some babywear for Baby Vale. Papa Vale promptly disgraced the occasion by drinking white wine all day.











In the end a draw was probably a fair result, but close only counts with horse shoes and hand grenades.  An unfortunate loss was not a good way to cement second place after the distant Cozmos.

Competition: SC Gjoa, League Opposition


Location: Dyker Beach, Brooklyn


Conditions: Freezing cold morning, appalling pitch


Fans: None


Result: 1-2


Goals: 1-2: Carlson (Pen), Assist Faherty


Yellow Cards: None


Red Cards: None


Mike D’s aka No Shows: Hodges with the late Mr. Mom duties


Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None


”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Fortunately nothing major, no thanks to the lawsuit in waiting of a field


Old Man of the Match:  With enough of a quorum at the bar this was a missed opportunity.  After next game Tier One needs to make sure after ordering beers the next step should be to organize voting.  A potential missed opportunity for Faherty.


Old Man of the Bar: None.


El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None


Statistic of the week: The Legends stretched their scoring streak to 18 goals and now over a year.  Faherty is now the only player this season to register scoring a goal, assisting a goal, participating in a defensive shutout and a defensive assist.  This is an achievement only accomplished by two other legends over the years, Paul Stephan & Randall Klitz.  Bar statistics not included. #Allrounder  


Team Bar Showing: 7 out of 14 (50%)


Team Bar Night: 3.5 out of 5. Decent depth with half the squad making it back after a dispiriting loss, good longevity with everyone making it through the entire Manchester derby (without throwing up).


Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Mark Resnik (DF), Ollie Roberts (DF), Drew Faherty (DF), Jan Carlson (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Pete Hahn, Paul Vale, Tom Pattinson, Ugo Solinas, Manohar Venkataraman, Tony Vamvouris, Manuel Casanova


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