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Schedule for Sunday Dec 4th

Nov 30 2016 Published by under Club

Sunday 12/4 (State Cup and Make Up games):

CPR Women’s White vs NY Smoking Aces, 11am East 6th St.

CPR Women’s Red have wrapped up their fall schedule

CPR Mens White @ El Salvadore (EDSL) Flamhaft Cup – 10am, Pelton Oval, Yonkers

CPR Men’s White Reserves are off

CPR Men’s Red @ Germania (EDSL) Flamhaft Cup – 11am, 37 Old Degarmo Rd Poughkeepsie NY

CPR Men’s Red Reserves are off

CPR Old Boys are off

CPR Grays are off

CPR Orange are off

CPR Legends @ Cozmos 2pm, Bush Terminal Park.

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Legends calmly dispatch Doxa with professional 2-0 win

Nov 22 2016 Published by under Legends

The Legends were able to cobble together 14 players for the evening kickoff, a veritable luxurious banquet compared to the paucity of the previous games.  Although a few of those members were walking wounded the multiple weeks off to follow was an enticement, and the Legends would also benefit by finally having their top central defending pair of O. Roberts & Belizan available.  The Legends had plenty of time to warm up because although Herbert Lehman school appeared to be deep in the wilderness of the Bronx it took most people far less time than anticipated to arrive thanks to the desultory Sunday evening traffic.

Now in their second year, Doxa’s results had shown an uptick.  Although they only had one win they had four draws and showed the capacity to score goals.  However it was apparently almost immediately that in some areas the Legends would have an athletic advantage as Teesdale motored past his outside defender and sent an inviting ball across the goal, but Tony Vamvouris’s shot was smothered brilliantly by the keeper.  The moment appeared pivotal as the Legends were unable to get clear cut chances after this, the field acting like the equivalent of high altitude with its marginal but significant increase in speed.  Shots were mistimed, passes were either over or under hit as CPR tried to come to terms with the surface.  Doxa looked to have taken the lead when a corner was headed in, but the referee waived the goal off due to an infraction on Telly Vamvouris.  Had the opposition been more subtle about impeding the goalie they may have gotten away with it, but yelling to block the goalie in clear earshot of the referee was not the way to go about it.

The Legends appeared remarkably sanguine at half time despite the game being scoreless.  There was an acknowledgement as a veteran team that although they were better they would still need to work hard, but that a goal would come.  In the meantime the need to be careful at the back was reiterated given the unfamiliar playing surface.  The second half almost immediately opened up which benefited the Legends.  Unlike the first half they were able to start actually getting shots at goal, albeit most of them tame and straight at the keeper.  The Doxa back line showed some confusion and in at least a couple of cases an unfamiliarity with the offside rule, and although the Legends were unable to take advantage these were encouraging signs.  Finally the deadlock was broken as D’Andrea glided past a couple of players to drive the ball across the goal for a simple tap in at the far post.  With Doxa increasingly disjointed and starting to turn on each other the Legends increased the pressure and were able to get a deserved second goal, one of the best team goals of the season seeing multiple players have significant touches before Tony Vamvouris finally made a quick pass for Swinkels to bury.  Doxa still possessed an element of danger at the front but Belizan and Ollie Roberts were equal to everything, speed and brawn in a perfect team combination.

Back in playoff position if the Legends can manage one more win against Hoboken it will complete a remarkable Fall which showed them at their resolute best, grinding out important wins despite averaging their lowest attendance ever.

Competition: Doxa FC Legends, League Opposition

Location: Herbert Lehman HS, Bronx

Conditions: Very chilly and windy evening

Fans: 0

Result: 2-0

Goals: 1-0: Casanova Assist D’Andrea

2-0: Swinkels Assist Tony Vamvouris

Yellow Cards: None

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Edmunds needed stitches for the Old Boys game so decided to go drinking at the Rangers game rather than play

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Ronnie Swinkels was a welcome debutant from the Orange after their unfortunate forfeit

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Most people felt rather sore after the game due to the deceptively hard ground, but no significant injuries.

Old Man of the Match:  The ability to play 90 minutes box to box is a singular rarity for the Legends, and having done this a couple of times now Accordino gets his first ever OMoM and his first CPR MoM since the salad days of the Metroboyz.  It’s a shame he couldn’t put the icing on the cake when put straight through, but at this rate the goals should come.  D’Andrea was an honorary mention, a superb run for the key first assist of the game.

Old Man of the Bar: None.

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistic of the week:  Only the second shutout this season for the Legends, with D’Andrea increasing his all time assist lead to now have 14 assists.

Team Bar Showing: 6 out of 14 (43%)

Team Bar Night: 3.5 out of 5. A decent crew given it was 9pm at night before we got to the bar. 

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Pete Hahn (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF), Steve Teesdale, Ollie Roberts (DF), John Hodges, Tony Vamvouris, Tom Accordino, Manohar Venkataraman, Drew Faherty (DF), Ronnie Swinkels, Manuel Casanova, Willian D’Andrea

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Results from Nov 20th

Nov 21 2016 Published by under Club

Sunday 11/20:

CPR Women’s White tried with 9, but lost 0-4 to Shamrocks

CPR Women’s Red unfortunately forfeited to Rovers.

CPR Mens White and CPR Men’s White Reserves were off

CPR Men’s Red beat Manhattan Kickers 2-1.  Goals: Mack Woodruff and Brad Janes

CPR Men’s Red Reserves lost 1-2 with Manhattan Kickerss. Goal: ?

CPR Old Boys beat NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over 30 3-1.. Goals: Brandon Levy (2), Matt Hureau; Stiches: Edmunds (12ish)

CPR Grays drew 2-2 with NY Finess.  Goals: Matt Hatcher, Marko Guzijan

CPR Orange had to forfeit to BW Gottschee Over 30

CPR Legends beat Doxa FC Legends 2-0.  Goals: Manuel Casanova and Ronnie Swinkle

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Schedule for Nov 20th

Nov 14 2016 Published by under Club

Sunday 11/20:

CPR Women’s White @ Shamrocks, 1pm St Michael’s Playground

CPR Women’s Red vs. Rovers, 1pm East 6th Street

CPR Mens White and CPR Men’s White Reserves are off

CPR Men’s Red @ Manhattan Kickers, 11am  East River Park Field 2 Grand Street

CPR Men’s Red Reserves @ Manhattan Kickers, 9am  East River Park Field 2 Grand Street

CPR Old Boys vs. NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over 30, 12noon Randalls #74

CPR Grays vs. NY Finess, 8am Randals #75

CPR Orange vs. BW Gottschee Over 30, 10am Randalls #74

CPR Legends @ Doxa FC Legends, 6:30pm  Herbert Lehman High School

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Results from 11/12+11/13

Nov 14 2016 Published by under Club

Saturday 11/12:

CPR Men’s White Reserves lost 3-4 to Panatha USA Reserve (D’Arpino Cup).  Goals: Jonathan Ageykum, Carlo Zanetti, & Ivan Cotelea

Sunday 11/13:

CPR Women’s White beat Skulls 7-0.  Goals:  Mallory Sullivan (2), Krista Minto (2), Kaitlin Dufton, Beth Kentworthy and Ryan Hawke

CPR Men’s Red Reserves lost 3-2 to Inter NY SA Reserve (D’Arpino Cup) Goals: Marty Kelly and Tom Hagenaars

CPR Orange fell 6-2 to Glen Cove Avellino (Marth Cup) Goals:  Ronnie Swinkels and Darran Cronshaw.


Everyone else had the weekend off.

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Schedule for Nov 11th and 12th

Nov 08 2016 Published by under Club

Saturday 11/5:

CPR Men’s White are still alive in the Flamhaft cup, but are off this weekend awaiting the winner of another Round of 32 game

CPR Men’s White Reserves vs Panatha USA Reserve (CSL) 6pm Randalls #75 (D’Arpino Cup)

Sunday 11/6:

CPR Women’s White @ Skulls, 10am Randalls

CPR Women’s Red are off

CPR Men’s Red are still alive in the Flamhaft cup, but are off this weekend awaiting the winner of another Round of 32 game

CPR Men’s Red Reserves @ Inter NY SA Reserve (CSL) 6pm Randalls #74 (D’Arpino Cup)

CPR Old Boys are off

CPR Grays are off

CPR Orange vs Glen Cove Avellino (LISFL) 2pm Randalls #74 (Marth Cup)

CPR Legends are off

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Shorthanded Legends grit their teeth and hold on for creditable draw

Nov 08 2016 Published by under Legends

For a variety of reasons game day attendance continues to be a huge problem for the Legends.  Once again scrambling, this time they were fortunate that the Old Boys were playing at 8pm. With logistics an issue Steve Morse was gracious enough to not only ferry Subah’s pass from deepest Red Hook but to present himself as an alternative to Belizan’s late scratch.  Regardless it would still be a scant 11 ready for game time, with Tony Vamvouris scheduled to appear at half time.  With dismay the Legends then digested the fact that Field 70 was actually larger than the vast Field 75 from the previous week, certainly not optimal given the team makeup and the opposition.  Manhattan Kickers Legends had won every game they had not forfeited and were currently top of their division, and they certainly looked it when warming up.  However the Legends quickly settled in and set up a quick opportunity for Subah before the second one was converted well for a quick and unexpected lead.

Given the size of the field and the fact Subah was handling himself well against multiple defenders the Legends dropped into a 4-5-1 to try to clog up the midfield more.  The strategy almost paid immediate dividends as Venkataraman intercepted a lax cross-field pass to send Subah charging down the field, but this time the finish was not as clinical as the first. Meanwhile the Kickers were settling in and stroking the ball around, scoring soon after to tie and then turning defence into attack on another CPR counterattack to take the lead.  Despite the opponents superiority the Legends managed to keep the attacks at bay for the rest of the half.  With Tony Vamvouris now joining, the Legends would have the opportunity for some quick relief.  Indeed, their second half started far more equitably with more chances created including a glorious one for Rosenbloom via Subah that was blasted over the top.  The Kickers dominated the possession game but had difficulty turning that into good chances, while the Legends played rope a dope looking for Subah on the breakaway.  The fussy referee’s inconsistency was a known quantity and CPR did well to hold their tongues at some “interesting” decisions, but also benefited when El Presidente’s cynical takedowns were taken as accidental as the protagonist presented a picture of innocence.  One of the Kickers key midfielders had to be carried off after Venkataraman’s attempt at a long range strike ended up with ball against foot.

Compact and hardworking, the Legends took a beating while waiting for their chance











With a valiant 2-1 loss set to be the result the Legends finally had the match up they wanted, Mckeown sliding a through ball to Subah as the Kickers made the cardinal error of not playing to the whistle.  Subah ran half the length of the field and this time there was no mistake, rounding the keeper and equalizing with barely 2 minutes left.  CPR held on to a highly satisfying draw.  If they can get anything substantial from their two remaining games they will have salvaged an Autumn that at one point looked highly ominous.

Competition: Manhattan Kickers Legends, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island Field #70, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Yet another lovely Sunday morning

Fans: Kali + Dog

Result: 2-2, HT: 1-2

Goals: 1-0: Subah Assist Mckeown

2-0: Subah Assist Mckeown

Yellow Cards: None

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Late scratch by Belizan left us scrambling, but we managed

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Steve Morse with the assist for Ernest’s ID and playing the full 90.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Venkataraman limped off in the second after an almighty wack at the ball.  Fortunately the player on the other side of the ball was one of their strongest midfielders who had to be carried off.  Available for duty but the 11 on the field did not need it.

Old Man of the Match:  Great performances all over but Subah was a handful playing virtually alone against multiple defenders.  Several chances created but scored the two that mattered.  Accordino with another honorable mention for not only running around box to box but providing some sorely needed heft in the middle against the physical Kickers.

Old Man of the Bar: Pre and Post game drinks at the Element in Harrison for $3 Heinekens.  Shame the Red Bulls didn’t show the same fighting spirit as the Legends did

El Presidente (new award for Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistic of the week: First draw of the season, game day numbers dragged down the average attendance to record lows (13.63), but goals scored per game now tied with lowest ever in inaugural season 2012-2013 (1.88)

Team Bar Showing: 3 out of 12 (25%)

Team Bar Night: 3 out of 5. Cheating a little by only including those who went to the Red Bulls playoff game when there were other willing attendees in Resnik & Rosenbloom.  However after the game Taylor Twellman did offer us his nachos because he was late for his flight.

Team (No new profiles this week): Telly Vamvouris (GK), Drew Faherty (DF), Mark Resnik (DF), Steve Morse (DF), Steve Teesdale, Manohar Venkataraman, Tony Vamvouris, Bevan Rosenbloom, Tom Accordino, Willian D’Andrea, Ernest Subah, Simon Mckeown


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Results from Marathon Sunday Games 11/6/16

Nov 07 2016 Published by under Club

Saturday 11/5:

CPR Men’s White beat NYPD 1-0.  Goal: Jake Joseph

CPR Men’s White Reserves beat NYPD 3-1.  Goals:  Ilya Kamesh, Vitaliy Firsov and Shahin Solhkonan

Sunday 11/6:

Marathon Sunday –congrats to all our CPR players and alum who ran on Sunday – so far that means Eileen, Gump, Ciaran and Lalo – please let us know who we missed.

CPR Women’s White @ Shamrocks – postponed due to a field permit issue.

CPR Women’s Red beat MKS 4-1 (Division A Cup) Goals: Jill Mansfield, Rachel Pack, Christine Serdjenian, and Selena Boro

CPR Men’s Red had a BYE

CPR Men’s Red Reserves had a BYE

CPR Old Boys beat BW Gottschee Over 30 3-1.  Goals: Brandon Levy (PK), Matt Hureau and Ernest Subah

CPR Grays drew 1-1 with Lansdowne Bhoys Over 30.  Goal: Graham Bambrough

CPR Orange forfeited to NY Greek Americans Over 30

CPR Legends drew 2-2 with Manhattan Kickers Legends.  Goals: Ernest Subah (2)  - he had a busy day!

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Schedule for Nov 5th and 6th

Nov 01 2016 Published by under Club

Saturday 11/5:

CPR Men’s White vs NYPD, 8pm Randalls #70

CPR Men’s White Reserves vs NYPD, 6pm Randalls #70

Sunday 11/6:

Marathon Sunday – please allow for extra time and plan your game travel accordingly!!

CPR Women’s White @ Shamrocks, 1:30pm New Utrecht (Division A Cup)

CPR Women’s Red vs MKS,  9am East 6th Street (Division A Cup)

CPR Men’s Red have a BYE

CPR Men’s Red Reserves have a BYE

CPR Old Boys vs. BW Gottschee Over 30, 8pm Randalls #74

CPR Grays @ Lansdowne Bhoys Over 30, 11am Tibbet Brook Park Field 3

CPR Orange @ NY Greek Americans Over 30, 4pm Met Oval

CPR Legends vs. Manhattan Kickers Legends, 10am Randalls #70

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