Legends manage to win first game of season against SC Eintracht

Sep 25 2017 Published by under Legends

After a draw and a loss in a highly competitive division CPR would be playing bottom team SC Eintracht.  Traditionally a strong team, the Legends had engaged them in a memorable 5-4 shootout the previous season.  As with any game in the Over 38 division, the Legends were wary of reading too much into Eintracht’s previous results given their historical pedigree and the fact that a couple of missing key players or substitutes can make a big difference.  On a scorching afternoon, the Legends were happy to have 4 substitutes to help out, and started the game at a good tempo.  The opposition appeared to be suffering more from the heat, and the Legends were permanently encamped in the opposition’s final third.  However they were unable to convert deep possession into goals with notable misses from Mckeown and Casanova along with the woodwork being rattled twice conspiring to keep the game goalless.  Eventually a corner broke the deadlock, with Pattinson’s inswinger and Oli Roberts’s hard run resulting in an own goal.

With a drinks break during each half the Legends had the chance to get some tactical reinforcement, although it didn’t appear much was sinking in.  The request to make the simple pass in an increasingly open game was often ignored for low percentage Hollywood balls with predictable results. Playing according to the score line also didn’t seem to sink in as all the midfielders flooded forward but couldn’t make it back.  But for yeoman work by the Legends back line the lead would have been forfeited.  Indeed, one such counterattack produced a moment of controversy when a header off the post “may” have crossed the goal line but with the referee unsighted by goalie Carducci he had to waive off the claims, much to the fury of Eintracht who had an excellent view from their sideline.  The goal would have been pivotal in regaining momentum from the Legends after D’Andrea’s superb free kick had stretched the lead.

In the end, the Legends won despite themselves with a 7 on 4 counterattack and hard shot by Carlsen providing the final margin.  Not scoring more despite so many counterattacks with numerical advantage was certainly a point of exasperation for management, as was abdication of defensive responsibilities by many.  If the Legends are going to do better this season than last, they will have to learn to understand basic positioning, strategy and how to handle game situations.

Competition: SC Eintracht, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island #71, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Sweltering noon kickoff

Fans: 10+ (Harper Conboy, the Casanovas, Accordinos, Jones)

Result: 3-0 HT: 1-0


1-0: OG Assist Pattinson

2-0: D’Andrea Assist Conboy

3-0: Carlsen Assist Pattinson

Yellow Cards: N/A

Red Cards: N/A

Mike D’s aka No Shows: N/A

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: N/A

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: A few minor injuries in the game but nothing major.

Old Man of the Match: The group of 6 got too distracted watching some absorbing NFL games to discuss OMoM.  Will try to remedy next week.

Old Man of the Bar: For a fairly old school showing by the new metrics (5 hours instead of 10), Faherty and Venkataraman.

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistic of the week:  Venkataraman takes temporary sole possession of all time games at 79.  Finally some defensive shutout points to add.

Team Bar Showing: 6 out of 15 (40%)

Team Bar Night: 4 out of 5. A decent sized group by modern standards and good longevity.

Team (No new profiles this week): Mike Carducci (GK), Luciano Belizan (DF), Mark Edmunds (DF), Oli Roberts (DF),  Jan Carlsen (DF), Bevan Rosenbloom (DF), Hermilo “Santiago” Morales, Charles Bradley, Mike Conboy, Willian D’Andrea, Tom Pattinson, Manohar Venkataraman, Simon Mckeown, Manuel Casanova, Drew Faherty

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