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Schedule for Nov 18th

Nov 13 2018 Published by under Club

Sunday November 18th:

CPR Women’s White @ Fuel FC, 11am East 6th St.

CPR Men’s White vs. Zum Schneider FC 03, 6pm Randalls Island #75

CPR Men’s White Reserves vs.  Zum Schneider FC 03, 4pm Randalls Island #75

CPR Men’s Red vs. NYPD FC, 8pm Grand Street

CPR Men’s Red Reserves  vs. NYPD FC, 6pm Grand Street

DERBY: CPR Old Boys vs. CPR Grays,10am Randall’s #75

CPR Orange @ Between Rivers FC, 6pm Aviator Complex Main Field

CPR Legends @ SC Gjoa, 10:30am Dyker Beach Park

Hope to see you back at Blooms after the game!

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State Cup results from 11.11.18

Nov 12 2018 Published by under Club

CPR Red lost to PDB NYI Rovers (LISFL) in the Flamhaft Cup

CPR Old Boys lost 2-1 to NY Greek American in the Marth Cup.  Goal: Seb Sobczak

CPR Orange @ Glen Cove (LISFL) Marth Cup game needs to be rescheduled – NO REF

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State Cup Round 2: 11/11/18

Nov 07 2018 Published by under Club

CPR Red vs.  PDB NYI Rovers (LISFL), 12noon Randall’s #75 (Flamhaft Cup)

CPR Old Boys vs NY Greek American (CSL) 10am Randall’s #74 (Marth Cup)

CPR Orange @ Glen Cove (LISFL), 9:30am (Marth Cup)

Then hopefully some well earned beers back at Blooms Tavern

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Legends celebrate Halloween by digging themselves a grave they can’t clamber out of, lose 6-2

Nov 06 2018 Published by under Legends

With a surprisingly easy commute despite the marathon, most of the Legends were warmed up and ready to go with more than enough time to spare.  Celtic were ready to go too, the problem was a lack of a referee.  The teams huddled and had a reluctant Celtic volunteer, but resolved to ask the referee of the parallel game to see if he would be interested in refereeing.  It turned out that he was actually the assigned referee, so the game started about 20 minutes late but thankfully with an actual referee.  The Legends were clearly reminded that they needed to communicate more and be more physical with 50-50 challenges, and indeed they started decently.  However, in what was to be the theme of the day an errant pass at the back presented Celtic with a gilt-edged opportunity which they snapped up with glee.  Soon after another mistake at the back allowed a free header into an empty net.  The Legends attempted to get back into the game with Sawyer taking on multiple opponents before hammering the ball inside the side netting to pull one back.  Once again Celtic extended the lead, this time with a well-executed counter.  The Legends were able to quickly pull one back as Azzo slipped Sawyer in for a clinical finish.  Not content with only 2 first half critical defensive mistakes, the Legends added a third one with a juggle of a corner presenting the ball inside the 6-yard box for an easy slam home.


Sawyer celebrates his second goal next to a gleeful Casanova











It was a mutinous, disgruntled CPR at half time, angry at their self-immolation. Cauterization was needed on the wounds as Frazier replaced Martins in goal and the team was addressed in no uncertain terms to get their heads focused and their energy levels up.  Indeed, the Legends did come out fiery and pressing and were able to immediately get the ball into the final third.  Unfortunately either their final ball was sloppy or Celtic were able to get a block in to a crucial shot or pass.  A little bit of luck was also lacking as balls ran across the 6 yard box or deflected enough to not score.  Meanwhile as the game opened up, the Celtics dangerous counterattack was always a threat, especially when the Legends went to 3 at the back.  They were able to convert two more times with excellent counterattacking execution, indeed a lesson to the Legends who all too often made the wrong choice.

Clearly one of the more disappointing losses of the season, and one that will have consequences going forward.  With one more game left in the Fall and still heavily in the playoff hunt, the Legends will try to salvage some points going into the break.

Competition: Manhattan Celtic, League Opposition

Location: Randall’s Island Field #91, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Decently cool morning

Fans: 4 (Jones brood + young Stower)

Result: 2:6 HT: 2-4

Goals: 1-2: Sawyer

2-3: Sawyer Assist Azzo

Yellow Cards: Oli Roberts returned with a nice robust challenge that drew a booking

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Hahn was a late addition to the squad, always helpful with his running.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: With several available subs there was more than enough switching to keep people injury free.

Old Man of the Match: This result was far more discouraging than the previous week.  The game felt like it was there to be won, but multiple self-induced errors resulting in goals were too much to overcome.  Although there was a good group at the pub, there was no discussion of an old man of the match.

Old Man of the Bar: Tier 1 with an honorary mention, turning back the clock with a long multiple NFL game session.

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None (both Edmunds and Rigby dishonorable mentions for not following through).

Statistic of the week:  Venkataraman now has a century of Legends to add to a 116 Metroboys caps and 69 Old Boys caps.  The next round numbers up are 300 CPR caps for Venkataraman, with Resnik hovering close at 96 Legends caps and 290 overall CPR.  Meanwhile the Legends have lost 4 consecutive games while shipping 24 goals and scoring 5.  Steps need to be taken to shore up the porous defence, and will be taken.

Team Bar Showing: 8 out of 17 (47%)

Team Bar Night: 4.5 out of 5. About as close to a top pub appearance as can be expected nowadays.  Half the team turned up and most stayed for quite a while, despite no reinforcements from other teams.

Team (No new profiles this week): Rich Martins (GK), Steve Roberts (DF), Manohar Venkataraman, Gavin Moore (DF), Danny Azzo (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), Neil Stower (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Enrico Tomassoli, Mark Resnik (DF), David Sawyer, Manuel Casanova, Tom Pattinson, Tim Frazier (MF/GK), Andy Jones (DF), Oli Roberts (DF), Drew Faherty

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Results from Nov 3rd/4th

Nov 05 2018 Published by under Club

Saturday Nov 3rd:

CPR Men’s White lost 2-4 to Shamrocks.  Goals: James Greco and Kevin Kretschmer

CPR Men’s White Reserves lost 1-5 to Shamrocks.  Goal: Lanfia Diaby (PK)

Sunday Nov 4th:

CPR Women’s White drew 0-0 with Celtic Aces

CPR Men’s Red lost 1-5 to Kid Super Samba AC.  Goal: Emiliano de las Fuentes

CPR Men’s Red Reserves beat Kid Super Samba AC 3-1.  Goals: Trip Buke (2) and Rhys Davies

CPR Grays lost 0-6 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over-30

CPR Old Boys vs. Manhattan Celtic Legends – POSTPONED

CPR Orange lost 0-8 to Shamrock O30s

CPR Legends lost 2-6 to Manhattan Celtic Masters.  Goals: David Sawyer (2)

Sawyer scores his first of two vs Celtic but it was far from enough on the day

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