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Threadbare Legends fight valiantly but can’t resist the Shamrock tide

Mar 27 2019 Published by under Legends

Once again injuries and work commitments hit the Legends hard as they were barely able to scrape up a team for a lovely early afternoon game.  There were some quality players available, but it was a hard ask to hope that everyone could put in a consistent shift for an entire game against the usually physical and numerous Shamrocks.  One pleasant surprise was Casanova arriving to give the Legends 2 whole subs, although given the other substitute was the volatile Tim Frazier that was still barely injury coverage.


CPR started against the wind which the opposition took full advantage of with their traditional long ball approach.  Fortunately Belizan was mostly equal to the task, and Carducci had no issue playing sweeper keeper as the situation demanded.  There were some expected issues with players playing out of position, but for the most part the Legends held up well, and should have gone into the lead early on when Mckeown had a glorious chance off a free kick only to boot it over the bar on the turn from 4 yards out.  Soon after, Rosenbloom went down easily in the box much to the incandescent fury of the Shamrocks midfielder, but only a corner was given.  It was one of those fouls that probably would have been given anywhere else on the pitch but was a bit too mild for a penalty, but the absurd reaction was unnecessary as even Shamrock acknowledged.  The corner came to nothing, and then it was Shamrock’s turn to attack.  Belizan was fooled by the wind and could easily have received a harsher sanction but instead the dangerously positioned free kick was lofted harmlessly high.  Soon after, Shamrock opened their account on another counterattack with a cross from the left lobbed nicely over Carducci from the strong and always dangerous striker.


At this point the Legends frail framework cracked as Belizan limped off.  With one of their best players and defenders out of commission, CPR had to scramble to fit players into unfamiliar roles.  Shamrock soon capitalized to produce another and a seemingly insurmountable lead.  At half time the Legends tried to focus on maintaining their shape and playing smart football, at least as much as they could.  With a slow unfamiliar backline it was going to be a challenge against the hungry strikers and midfielders waiting for the ball launched over the top or diagonally.  The one thing the Legends had going for them as that Shamrock possessed a similar Football IQ, so rather than patiently probing the weaknesses and using their freshness to attack tired CPR they all too frequently made the low percentage play. Their internal strife was not helped by a superbly taken goal from Sawyer, and all at once the undermanned Legends had the upper hand.  With space opening up the Legends were able to push all the way into the final third, but the ball could never quite bounce their way, and their decision making was as erratic as usual.


Try as they might the Legends started succumbing to the fresher Shamrocks, and eventually by the rule of chance the squabbling Shamrocks made it count by finally converting a counterattack.  CPR had a few more close shaves and chances of their own, but did not have enough in the tank, especially those that had played close to 90 minutes the previous week when similarly undermanned.  One hopes that somehow the Legends will scrape up enough players to give a proper accounting of themselves in the coming weeks.



Competition: Shamrock SC Legends, League Opposition


Location: Randall’s Island #90, Randall’s Island


Conditions: Gorgeous early afternoon spring day


Fans: 1 (Ms Tomassoli)


Result: 1:3 HT: 0-2


Goals: 1-2: Sawyer


Yellow Cards: I know this is going to be shocking to regular readers, but yes Tim Frazier received another booking for once again vastly overreacting to some physical play.  At this point unless we have 11 or less, his position will have to be in goal where theatrical antics are more tolerated and forgiven by referees

Red Cards: None, fortunately


Mike D’s aka No Shows: Mike Dean was a last minute scratch with domestic issues, unfortunate as his versatility would have been a big help to the bare bones Legends


Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Manuel Casanova, who turned from a non response/No to showing up and eventually getting on the field after his extensive warmup regimen.


”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Sadly with such a small squad available, the several time MVP Belizan was forced off early which required extensive rearrangement from the team, not to mention losing all speed at the back when dealing with counterattacks.


Old Man of the Match: Another hard-fought performance by many players, especially given the number of substitutes the opposition had to wear CPR down.  Sawyer receives the honor this week, not just due to his superbly taken goal but also fighting a lonely battle against several defenders and often holding his own.


Old Man of the Bar: A seemingly mild afternoon drink session turned into an old school marathon with the help of the Oranges and the NCAA tournament.  Tier 1, Venkataraman and Resnik.


El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None


Statistic of the week:  Resnik moved on to 99 Legends caps.  It’s a shame his 100th is a 6pm Bronx game against Doxa that will limit post game festivities.


Team Bar Showing: 4 out of 13 (31%)

Team Bar Night: 4 out of 5. A seemingly high grade given there were only 2 Legends after an hour at the pub, but adjustments need to be made over time. 7+ hours is certainly a throwback session.


Team (No new profiles this week): Mike Carducci (GK), Steve Roberts (DF), Luciano Belizan (DF), Manohar Venkataraman, Tim Frazier, Mark Resnik (DF), Danny Azzo (DF), Neil Stower, Manuel Casanova, David Sawyer, Enrico Tomassoli, Bevan Rosenbloom, Simon Mckeown

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Schedule for 3/30+3/31

Mar 26 2019 Published by under Club

Saturday 3/30/19

CPR Men’s Red @ FC Spring Valley, 8pm Randalls #74

CPR Men’s Red Reserves @ FC Spring Valley, 6pm Randalls #74

Sunday 3/31/19

CPR Women’s White vs. NYC United 11am East 6th St.

CPR Men’s White vs NYAC, 8pm Randalls #75

CPR Men’s White Reserves vs NYAC, 6pm Randalls #75

DERBY TIME: CPR Grays vs. CPR Old Boys, 4pm Randalls #74

CPR Orange vs. Between Rivers FC, 4pm Randalls #83

CPR Legends vs. Doxa FC Legends, 6pm Herbert Lehman HS

Then back to Blooms for a pint or 2 and some food after the games!

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Results from 3/23-3/24

Mar 25 2019 Published by under Club

Saturday 3/23/19

CPR Men’s Red lost 0-1 to Brishna

CPR Men’s Red Reserves beat Brishna 4-1.  Goals: Trip Burke (3) and Jose Cantoni, with 3 assists from Sam Wilkinson

Sunday 3/24/19

CPR Women’s White beat Fuel FC 8-0!  Goals: Jess Wall, Mallory Sullivan (2), Cat Verri, Leia Rispoli, Kalie Bartholomew (2), and Chloe McKenzie

CPR Men’s White fell 2-4 @ NY Greek American.  Goals: Lance Dotzman & Ruben Areiza

CPR Men’s White Reserves @ NY Greek American (rescheduled for Tuesday night)

CPR Grays fell 0-2 @ Manhattan Celtic Legends

CPR Old Boys were edged 1-2 by Manhattan Celtic Bhoys.  Goal: Lulu.

CPR Orange lost 2-10 to Manhattan Kickers Premier.  Goals: Ghaith Humaimidi and Joji Tokida

CPR Legends lost 1-3 to Shamrocks Legends.  Goal: David Sawyer

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Schedule for 3/23/19 & 3/24/19

Mar 20 2019 Published by under Club

Saturday 3/23/19

CPR Men’s Red vs. Brishna, 8pm Randalls #70

CPR Men’s Red Reserves vs. Brishna, 6pm Randalls #70

Sunday 3/24/19

CPR Women’s White vs. Fuel FC 1pm East 6th St.

CPR Men’s White @ NY Greek American, 8pm Met Oval

CPR Men’s White Reserves @ NY Greek American, 6pm Met Oval

CPR Grays @ Manhattan Celtic Legends, 8:30pm Pier 40 Courtyard West

CPR Old Boys vs. Manhattan Celtic Bhoys, 12noon Flushing Memorial HS

CPR Orange vs. Manhattan Kickers Premier, 3pm Randalls #90

CPR Legends vs. Shamrocks Legends, 1pm Randalls #90

Then back to Blooms for a pint or 2 and some food after the games!

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Legends hang on for draw on tough field against tough opponent in NY Greek Americans

Mar 19 2019 Published by under Legends

The last time the Legends played the NY Greek Americans the bare 11 went down in ignominious double digits defeat.  Although that was the league leading Over 30’s team, the wounds were still bare.  Unfortunately revenge was going to be tricky as the first game in 4 months would once again see a side cobbled together.  Something old (Tier 1), something relatively new (David Sawyer), something borrowed (Mike Carducci), something blue (sad evertonian Steve Roberts).  Given the number of players who privately discussed ailments and playing time with management before the game, the 3 substitutes were going to be sorely needed.  Although 3 turned to 2 as Pete Hahn misread the time and only arrived at half time.  The conditions were suboptimal, chilly weather and a grass/mud field that felt inordinately large.


Despite merely 2 substitutes to start, the Legends started on the front foot and took advantage of the width offered to make some darting runs down the side.  The deceptive grass pitch made keeping possession treacherous, but CPR for the most part were able to do so.  The Greeks belied their lower position in the table by holding their own and showing good technical ability.  However their lead was courtesy of the referee who swallowed his whistle on a clear offside call.  Unusually the Legends complaints were done professionally and without characteristic histrionics, having a long word with the referee to explain that a man coming back from behind the last man was still offside.  CPR kept their composure and the introduction of Dr. Jekyll Frazier on the wing gave them a dimension they were missing, a player who not only had speed but was fearless in taking on opponents.  Cutting in from the right Frazier laid the ball on a platter for team leading scorer Sawyer who did not disappoint for the equalizer.  CPR looked to have taken the lead with a cross parried by the keeper to Sawyer in front of goal only for the referee to belatedly decide to call offside.  This call was more debatable than the Greek’s goal, but was a very tight one to make given the volume of defenders around.


At half time the emphasis was still on keeping the width in attack while narrowing the field in defence.  The welcome arrival of Hahn provided both defensive and attacking impetus along with a bit more rest to some of the flagging team members.  With fatigue setting in after several months of donut eating, CPR found themselves often caught disjointedly whether to attack or defend.  The gulf between the fit and the old widened as vast spaces started to appear all over the pitch.  The Legends still had enough talent to pose threats, and on one such foray they were awarded a dangerous kick at the top of the box.  At this point Mr. Hyde Frazier reared his ugly head.  After blasting the ball straight at the wall, in frustration he took a wild kick at the defender bringing the ball out, causing an uproar and several minute stoppage as those with a penchant for hot bloodedness had the perfectly valid excuse to roar at each other.  Frazier received a booking and a substitute’s cooling off period, but with the team’s needs dictating it was soon back out on the wing.  Already skating on the thinnest of ice, his response to the inevitable foul in normal circumstances would have been brushed off.  These were not normal circumstances.  The Legends were now reduced to 10 men and their chances of winning sailed off in the distance.  It was now all about hunkering down for survival as the Greeks smelled blood and sent waves after waves forward.  There were a couple of misses from inside the 6 yard box, and a couple of top class saves from Carducci, and when the whistle blew the Legends could count themselves fortunate to eke out a point.

Competition: NY Greek Americans, League Opposition

Location: Con Edison Field, Queens

Conditions: Chilly morning

Fans: 0

Result: 1:1 HT: 1-1

Goals: 1-1: Sawyer Assist Frazier

Yellow Cards: The ignominious record continues.  Out of frustration on a free kick hit straight into the wall, Frazier responded to the defender winning the rebound with an almighty kick that caused cringes and fury everywhere.  Not one for apologizing, Frazier’s demeanor sparked a long stoppage and laid the foundation for the soft second booking to come in the second half, albeit due to needless antagonizing.  All this from someone who once again turned in a very good performance outside of the tiresome antics.

Red Cards: Frazier

Mike D’s aka No Shows: Hahn had confused the game time although it was a week after Daylight savings time.  A full second half was sorely needed from him though, especially once the Legends were down to 10 men.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None, although there was a lot of post game soreness with players having played a lot more than anticipated, especially for the first game of the season after a long layoff.

Old Man of the Match: Several players put in good performances, especially given a number who did not expect to play 90 minutes.  Sawyer ploughed a lonely furrow up front, with the size of the field limiting his support especially in the second half.  Edmunds marshalled the defence well, eliminating mistakes in driving the ball from the back.  However, a couple of quality saves to give the Legends a hard-fought point meant Carducci gained the honors this week.

Old Man of the Bar: N/A

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): Hodges was a late scratch to the game, but came by the bar for a pint.

Statistic of the week:  Frazier not only stretches his bookings tally (15 in 21) but is now in sole place of sendings off as well (2 in 21, both double yellows).  Imagine the player he could be if he just reigned in the red mist a little.

Team Bar Showing: 3 out of 14 (21%)

Team Bar Night: 2 out of 5. With only Tier 1 up for going back to Blooms, it was a St Patrick’s visit to St. James Gate which subsequently enticed Teesdale out as well for a couple.

Team (No new profiles this week): Mike Carducci (GK), Willian D’Andrea, Steve Roberts (DF), Manohar Venkataraman, Tim Frazier, Mark Resnik (DF), Pete Hahn (DF), Mark Edmunds (DF), Danny Azzo, Gavin Moore (DF), Steve Teesdale (DF), Neil Stower, Manuel Casanova, David Sawyer

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Results from Weekend of 3/16+3/17

Mar 18 2019 Published by under Club

Saturday 3/16/19:

CPR Men’s Red lost 1-6 to CD Iberia.  Goal: Axel Ebene

CPR Men’s Red Reserves drew 2-2 with CD Iberia.  Goals: Roko Radovani

Sunday 3/17/19

CPR Men’s White lost 0-2 to Cedar Stars Academy

CPR Men’s White Reserves lost 3-7 to Cedar Stars Academy.  Goals: Jordan Krawitz (2) and Frabicio Lima

CPR Grays fell 0-3 @ Hoboken (CSL Over 30s Cup)

CPR Old Boys beat Megas Alexandros 4-1.  Goals ????

CPR Legends drew 1-1 with NY Greek Americans Legends.  Goal: David Sawyer

CPR Women’s White and CPR Orange were off and resume their season next weekend

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St. Patrick’s Weekend Schedule: 3/16 + 3/17/19

Mar 12 2019 Published by under Club

CPR Women’s White are off and resume their season next weekend

Saturday 3/16/19:

CPR Men’s Red vs. CD Iberia, 3pm Randalls #83

CPR Men’s Red Reserves vs. CD Iberia, 1pm Randalls #83

Sunday 3/17/19

CPR Men’s White vs. Cedar Stars Academy, 3pm East 6th St.

CPR Men’s White Reserves vs. Cedar Stars Academy, 1pm East 6th St.

CPR Grays @ Hoboken (CSL Over 30s Cup) 10am

CPR Old Boys vs. Megas Alexandros, 4pm Randalls #73

CPR Orange are also off and resume play next weekend

CPR Legends @ NY Greek Americans Legends, 11am Con Ed Field

Then back to Blooms for a pint or 2 of Guinness and some food after the games!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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CSL League Cup Results 3/10/19

Mar 11 2019 Published by under Club

Sunday – CSL Cup Games

CPR Men’s White beat Williamsburg Int’l FC 5-3 on PKs after the game ended 3-3 in regulation.  Travis Cantrell with the hat trick (incl. 2 PKs) [CSL-John Kilby Cup]

CPR Men’s Red Reserve beat Manhattan Celtic Reserve 3-1.Goals by Junior Sanguina (1) and Dorjan Jashari (2)   [CSL-Harry J. Saunders Cup]

CPR Grays vs. Hoboken – the ref was a no show for the 8am game and this has been rescheduled [Over 30's Cup]

CPR Old Boys beat Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys 5-0.  Goals: ????? [Over 30's Cup]

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#CPR20 Weekend Schedule – Fun and Games

Mar 05 2019 Published by under Club

CPR 20th Anniversary Festivities

Eventbrite Link for Registration:


  • Afternoon arrivals
  • 4pm pre-dinner drinks @ GMT
  • 6pm reunion dinners
  • 9pm Pub time @ Sweetwater Social
  • ? Late Night visit to friends @GMT



  • Hangover recovery breakfast while watching football
  • 1-3pm games and drinks @ Socceroof
  • 6-9pm Apps and Buffet Dinner @ Blooms (includes UNC v Duke game watch)
  • 9pm+ Pub time, awards, etc.  @ Blooms

 Uh-oh: It’s Daylight Savings Time and clocks ‘Spring’ forward an hour  = 1 less hour at the bar, 1 less hour of sleep

Sunday – CSL Cup Games

CPR Men’s White at Williamsburg Int’l FC, 2pm Randall’s #83 (CSL-John Kilby Cup)

CPR Men’s Red Reserve @ Manhattan Celtic Reserve, 2pm Randall’s #75 (CSL-Harry J. Saunders Cup)

CPR Grays vs. Hoboken, 8am (OUCH) Randall’s #83

CPR Old Boys vs. Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 10am Randall’s #82

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