#CPR20 Weekend Schedule – Fun and Games

Mar 05 2019 Published by under Club

CPR 20th Anniversary Festivities

Eventbrite Link for Registration: http://CPR20.eventbrite.com


  • Afternoon arrivals
  • 4pm pre-dinner drinks @ GMT
  • 6pm reunion dinners
  • 9pm Pub time @ Sweetwater Social
  • ? Late Night visit to friends @GMT



  • Hangover recovery breakfast while watching football
  • 1-3pm games and drinks @ Socceroof
  • 6-9pm Apps and Buffet Dinner @ Blooms (includes UNC v Duke game watch)
  • 9pm+ Pub time, awards, etc.  @ Blooms

 Uh-oh: It’s Daylight Savings Time and clocks ‘Spring’ forward an hour  = 1 less hour at the bar, 1 less hour of sleep

Sunday – CSL Cup Games

CPR Men’s White at Williamsburg Int’l FC, 2pm Randall’s #83 (CSL-John Kilby Cup)

CPR Men’s Red Reserve @ Manhattan Celtic Reserve, 2pm Randall’s #75 (CSL-Harry J. Saunders Cup)

CPR Grays vs. Hoboken, 8am (OUCH) Randall’s #83

CPR Old Boys vs. Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 10am Randall’s #82

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