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End of Season Awards 2018-19

Jun 17 2019 Published by under Club

Thanks to all who were able to make it to the end of season party, and thanks to all the players and coaches for all your efforts this season.  Below are the awards for this season:

CPR Women’s White:

MVP: Jessica Tsao

Golden Boot: Sarah LaClair

Heart of the Team: Ryan Hawke

CPR Men’s White

MVP: N/A this season

Golden Boot: James Greco (6 goals + 6 assists)

Heart of the Team: Ricky Bowry and Leon Aboudi

CPR Men’s White Reserves:

MVP: N/A this season

Golden Boot: Faissal Sanfo (9 goals + 3 assists)

Heart of the Team: Tim Michiels and Fabricio Lima (tie)

CPR Men’s Red

Golden Boot: Mike Lindley and Facundo Zalazar  (tie)

Heart of the Team: Matteo Cattania

Defender Of the Year: Alex O’Neil

CPR Men’s Red Reserves

Golden Boot: Trip Burke

Heart of the Team: Deniz Guven

Defender of the Year: Robin Neri

CPR Grays:

MVP:  Tokumbo Shobowale

Golden Boot:  Steve McNally

Heart of the Team: Charlie Linehan

CPR Old Boys:

MVP: Steve Duffy

Golden Boot: Steve Morse

Heart of the Team: Joe Allen

Defender of the Year: Paul Clarke

Mr. Glass: Adtwen Bruce

Special Awards:

  • The “I only came to this soccer match because I wanted someplace to ride my bike” award goes to – Dan Roth
  • The “Anti Mr Glass Award” goes to this player for going thru torn ACL surgery and refusing to do any Physical Therapy or looking after himself in any way except for the 90 minutes we play on Sunday. – Willie Boyle
  • The “Coach – I Swear I didn’t mean to drill that ball straight into your face as hard as I could” award award goes to – Matt Striker (Costelloe)

CPR Orange:

MVP = Michael Ross

Golden Boot = Darran Cronshaw

Most Improved (tie) = Claudio Schneider & Gaith Humaimidi

Heart of the Team = Grant Koerner

CPR Legends:

MVP:  David Sawyer and Willian D’Andrea (tie)

Golden Boot: David Sawyer

Heart of the Team:  Manohar Venkataraman

Mr. Glass: Luciano Belzan


A few photos from the party at Blooms:

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June 2nd Cup/Playoff Results

Jun 03 2019 Published by under Club

Results from Sunday June 2nd:

CPR Women’s White lost 2-4 to Shamrock Green (NYMWSL Division Cup)

CPR Old Boys beat Shamrocks Legends 5-1 (CSL Over 30′s Cup)  Goals: Joe Allen, Seb Palacios, Brandon Levy, Anderson Cornwall and Adtwen Bruce

CPR Red Reserves lost to FC Ulqini Reserve 0-4 (CSL D2 Reserve Playoffs)

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