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The importance of being Ernest

Sep 30 2019 Published by under Legends

The Legends ambled to a 7-0 victory over Banatul SC on Sunday during a rare outing on the grass of Randall’s Island. Despite the cleats and unseasonably hot weather, the 15-strong squad hit three in the first half and four in the second without reply, earning the team their second victory of the fledgling campaign following defeat the previous weekend in Brooklyn.

Ernest Subah gave a standout performance with a second half hat-trick, taking advantage of weary Banatul legs run into submission by the first half industry of Chris Impey, Neil Stower and Jeremy Phillips.

Tom Pattinson offered midfield relief from the bench, while Luciano Belizan ably marshalled the backline in front of Pablo Arrocha, who was rarely troubled by the visitor’s attack.

Peter Hanh scored his first goal of the campaign, Stower struck from long range via a deflection and a brace from Paul Vale rounded out the scoring by the time of the referee’s whistle, which inexplicably came several minutes early.

The Legends go into the next game having scored 11 times in their three opening fixtures after heavy rotation of their sizable squad. Tougher fixtures lay ahead – and a return to artificial turf will be welcome by most. But Sunday’s thumping suggests that just occasionally, the grass can be a little greener.

Banatul SC

Randall’s Island


Resnik and Pablo’s missus

7-0; 3-0

Vale 2, Stower 1, Hahn 1, Ernest 3

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Legends throw away points after hard fought effort against America FC

Sep 30 2019 Published by under Legends

Once again there was a sizeable squad available on game day by dint of hard work behind the scenes by management.  The fairly distant New Jersey field produced some logistical difficulties for the New York based team members, but the Jerseyites were happy to finally have a simple ride in.  The quirky field looked like it would provide a fair home field advantage, between the combination of narrowness, American football field markings and speedy bouncy surface.  However home field didn’t prevent America from starting with only 10, both team’s goalkeepers arriving on the late side for a game that was delayed 15 minutes.  The Legends sought to take advantage of the sun angle and the man advantage but were often undone by their sloppy passing and decision making.  America pressed up high and feasted on turnovers as the Legends passing game could barely muster 2 or 3 passes in a row.  Almost inevitably the Legends were architects of their own demise, trying to pass the ball out when a more agricultural approach was needed.  Although there were a couple of unfortunate bounces to provide the America striker a gratefully taken opportunity, the initial mistakes allowed the goal to happen.


The game soon devolved into a physical shouting match as the America #5 started where he had left off in the previous game against the Legends.  Having been sent off for a disgraceful tackle on Teesdale he started in on any Legend remotely near him.  After getting justifiably booked, he pulled back a player on a counterattack which inexplicably did not result in a sending off.  Meanwhile a couple of the opposition started flinging themselves to the floor holding their faces whenever a tussle for the ball occurred, a truly unsavory practice.  All of these shenanigans served to help the Legends as they held their heads while all about them were losing theirs.  Winning a free kick at the edge of the area, a beautifully weighted cross from Stower provided the simplest of tap ins for Subah.


At the half the Legends team talk mainly focused on keeping their heads and letting the referee handle the dirty tackles, while also making sure they had a plan in place for the predictable goal kicks and throw ins.  Also as hoped for, the extra substitutes started wearing down America as they struggled to keep pace.  The Legends started taking advantage of the increasing gaps but once again their decision making let themselves down, almost unerringly making the wrong choices when outnumbering the defence.  Almost by accident they finally took the lead, 3 men in the box allowing Ciolli to find Sawyer for his trademark clinical finish.  Despite having all the momentum, the Legends knew they needed a safety margin but for the life of them could not get one.  Subah’s chip dropped agonizingly wide and a later shot caromed off the keeper.  Phillips blew by almost the entire team but from a tight angle could not find the net, and sundry other advantageous attacks could not be converted.


With a mere couple of minutes left, disaster struck.  The Legends once again had issues getting the ball out of the back.  With most of the American team camped in the Legends end, they were able to get the ball in a dangerous area, pass around the packed CPR defence and almost pass the ball into the net.  The Legends tried desperately to regain the advantage but there was not enough time.  A draw that felt like a loss against a strong team showed how far the Legends had come.  The last game of last season had the same result, but this time 2-2 felt like a loss instead of a win.  With a little more nous the Legends could have walked off victors, and the hope is that they use this as a learning experience going forward.

Competition: America FC 1927, League Opposition

Location: Phil Rizzuto Park, New Jersey

Conditions: Pleasant bright afternoon

Fans: 5, Resnik, Jones’s, Stowers

Result: 2:2 HT: 1-1

Goals: 1:1 Subah Assist Stower

2:1 Sawyer Assist Ciolli

Yellow Cards: Azzo, Linehan

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Phillips schedule changed so he was able to make it, giving the game day squad a robust 16.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None on the Legends side, fortunately given some of the appalling tackling going on especially from the opposition #5.

Old Man of the Match: Disappointing as the result was, there were many strong performances all over the field.  Phillips direct attacking runs, Ciolli’s midfield robustness and Carducci’s long distribution from the back.  However it was Jones narrowly edging out Shobowale for the way they handled what could have been a very awkward day with the long ball booming kicks dropping out of the sky.  Some have suggested the narrow edge could be attributed to providing refreshments post game, but this could neither be confirmed nor denied.

Old Man of the Bar: None.

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): Hodges dropped by to watch his beloved Saints outlast the Cowboys in a fairly putrid game.

Statistic of the week:  Enticott was back for cameo appearance but was unable to add to his prolific totals, the rust needing to be dusted off a little more.

Team Bar Showing: 12 out of 16 (75%)

Team Bar Night: 3.5 out of 5. Almost everyone stayed for at least a beer before heading out.  Venkataraman and Resnik joined Hodges for the Saints Cowboys game at Blondies

Team (No new profiles this week): Mike Carducci (GK), Manohar Venkataraman, Neil Stower, Gavin Moore (DF), Ernest Subah, David Sawyer, Danny Azzo, Andrew Jones, Charles Linehan (DF), Jeremy Phillips, Olatokumbo “Tokes” Shobowale (DF), Mark Dean (DF), Mark Ciolli, Jan Carlsen, Jason Jarecki, Rich Enticott

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Schedule for 9/29/19

Sep 26 2019 Published by under Club

CPR White vs. Shamrock’s, 3pm East 6th Street

CPR 1sts @FC Ulqini, 12 Noon Greenbelt Recreation, Staten Island

CPR Reserves @FC Ulqini, 10am Greenbelt Recreation, Staten Island

CPR 3rds @ FC Sandczak, 12noon Randall’s #75

CPR Old Boys @ Manhattan Celtic Bhoys, 8pm Pier40

CPR Orange @ Celtic Legends, 10am Columbia University

CPR Legends @ America FC ’27, 4pm Phil Rizzutto Park, Union NJ

Good Luck All!!

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Results from 9/22/19

Sep 24 2019 Published by under Club

CPR Women lost 1-2 to NYC United 2-1.  Goal: Kalie Bartholomew

CPR 1sts lost 3-5 vs. Beyond FC.  Goals: Sam Allington (2)

CPR Reserves beat Beyond FC 3-1.  Goals: Mark Attrill, Trip Burke and Deniz Guven

CPR 3rds fell 0-1 to CD Iberia

CPR Old Boys beat Hoboken 3-0. Goals:  Sekou Cox,  Adtewn Bruce and Seb Palacios (PK)

CPR Orange had a BYE

CPR Legends beat Banatul 7-0.  Goals: Ernest Subah (3), Paul Vale(2), Neil Stower and Peter Hahn

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Tough loss for the Legends against perennial favourites Manhattan Kickers

Sep 20 2019 Published by under Legends

Another blazing hot afternoon at Bush Terminal Piers started full of promise following the previous weekends hard fought victory. Management had received intel of the opponents quality and so started the team in a 4-5-1 with Charlie and Neil pressing high on the wings, and Danny sat anchoring the middle. Mark Dean and Manuel returned to the fold, and Legends welcome Chris Impey into the match day squad for the first time.


The ball was moved around well for the first five minutes, and it quickly became apparent that the teams were well matched. Then misfortune struck. A 40yd back-pass from Edmunds, squirmed its way under Pablo’s foot and nestled into the back of the net. The goalkeepers ability to pass the ball around the backline has quickly been adopted by the team, and recognized as one of the Legends core strengths in building from the backline. Management noted this error was probably due to the fact Pablo had picked up this weeks ‘Ernest Award’, for arriving within 30 seconds of kick-off, and so had not been able to warm-up properly.


Quickly adapting to a 4-4-2, the Legends looked to lift themselves and press the game only for lady luck to drop her drawers for the second time in twenty minutes. The ball pinballed between a cluster of players, only to bounce up and strike Luciano’s hand for a penalty. The striker sent the keeper the wrong way, and the Legends found themselves 2-0 down after two extremely fortunate goals. This gave life to the opposition who now began to take control of possession for the remainder of the half.


The interval was a short ‘let’s go big or go home’ talk, as the Legends switched to a 3-5-2. Ernest saw a header fly over the bar and Jones had a left shoot shot curl agonizingly wide of the post. Pressing the high line was always going to leave the Legends exposed, and a shot came back off the crossbar, before the Kickers striker – through on goal – was bought down by the Legends goalkeeper for the second penalty of the game. Pablo guessed right with a reflex save, keeping the Legends hope alive.


Despite the rolling subs and the packed midfield, the Legends just couldn’t get hold of the ball. Charlie made a number of marauding rights down the flank and Jeremy’s dribbling through the middle caused problems, but the final action fell short of troubling the Kickers goalkeeper. With time running out, the Kickers scored the first (and only) goal of the game from open play as the Legends sought the ever-evasive spark to ignite themselves. The high backline was finally broken and a cross to the far-post, was gleefully smashed home to seal the game for the Kickers.

A second own goal – this time a generous 20 yarder by the Kickers – and a sliding attempt by Sawyer cleared off the line, bought the game to a close.

Competition: Manhattan Kickers Legends, League Opposition

Location: Bush Terminal Piers Park, Brooklyn

Conditions: Baking hot

Fans: Mrs Arrocha, plus junior members of the Jones and Stower clans

Result: 3:1 HT: 2-0

Goals: own goal

Yellow Cards: Toks

Red Cards: None

Ernest Award: Pablo

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Following the own goal, Pablo’s form saved the Legends on multiple occasions.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Any injury free week? Miracle of miracles.

Old Man of the Match: Andy Jones and Toks.

Old Man of the Bar: None.

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistic of the week: Toks 2 yellows in two games is one yellow away from a league game ban.

Team Bar Showing: 9 out of 18 (50%)

Team Bar Night: 4 out of 5. A couple of hours ruing bad luck but quickly moving onto the season ahead and the positive mood around the squad. Great beers and much to look forward to this season.

Team (No new profiles this week): Pablo Arrocha (GK), Neil Stower, Gavin Moore (DF), Mark Dean, Ernest Subah, Luciano Belizan (DF), Mark Edmunds (DF), Chris Impey, David Sawyer, Danny Azzo, Andrew Jones, Charles Linehan (DF), Tom Pattinson, Jeremy Phillips, Olatokumbo “Tokes” Shobowale, Manuel, Pete Hahn (DF)

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Results from 9/16/19

Sep 16 2019 Published by under Club

CPR Women beat Celtic Aces 4-3.  Goals: Jess Tsao (2), Elle Sweeney and Lindsay Guice

CPR 1sts lost 0-6 to Manhattan Celtic

CPR Reserves beat Manhattan Celtic 1-0. Goal: Tim Michiels

CPR 3rds lost 1-4 to NY Irish. Goal: Rory Quigley

CPR Old Boys beat NY Irish 5-0.  Goals: Paul Clarke (2), Matt Hatcher, Sebastian Sobczak and Vitaliy Firsov

CPR Orange lost 0-6 to Megas Alexandros

CPR Legends fell 1-3 to Manhattan Kickers Legends. Goal: OG

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CPR Games Schedule for 9/15/19

Sep 10 2019 Published by under Club

CPR Women vs. Celtic Aces, 9am East 6th Street

CPR 1sts @ Manhattan Celtic, 4pm Randalls #75

CPR Reserves @ Manhattan Celtic, 2pm Randalls #75

CPR 3rds @ NY Irish, 5pm Randall’s #72

CPR Old Boys vs. NY Irish, 3pm Randall’s #72

CPR Orange vs. Megas Alexandros, 4pm Randall’s #82

CPR Legends @ Manhattan Kickers Legends, 4pm Bush Terminal Piers Park

Good Luck All!!

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Results from our CSL season openers 9/8/19

Sep 09 2019 Published by under Club

CPR 1sts lost 2-5 to Real Ole FC.  Goals: Sam Allington and Facundo Zalazar

CPR Reserves beat Real Ole FC 4-1.  Goals: Sal LaRosa, Lou Williams, Mark Atrill and David Jacobs

CPR 3rds- D3 BYE, but won their friendly.

CPR Old Boys beat Megas Alexandros 5-0.  Goals: Peter Chodacki (2), Sekou Cox (2) and Vitaliy Firsov

CPR Orange lost 0-3 @ Hoboken FC 1912 Over-30

CPR Legends beat Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys 3-2.  Goals: David Sawyer (2) and Andy Jones.  Match Report link

(The Women’s league doesn’t get back going until next weekend.)

Mike’s got his eyes on everything in the Reserve win this weekend

Mejias makes a diving save late in the game to preserve the shutout for the Old Boys

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Refurbished Legends hold on for encouraging win against Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys

Sep 09 2019 Published by under Legends

With three CPR Over 30’s teams collapsing into two, the Legends saw an influx of talent similar to last year. The knock-on effect was that previous occasional contributors were now put on the on-call list, and the roster now comprised of a higher level of regular attendees. This was a roundabout way of explaining the record tying 18 players who showed up at the sunshine drenched Bush Terminal Piers Park bright eyed and bushy tailed for the season opener. Well, all except for the predictably late Subah who has singlehandedly resuscitated will he/won’t he/what time, something that needs to be incorporated into the SportEasy app for team management. The change from the stale, jaded Legends management to the new regime was stark as Sawyer bustled about with intent, instructions and a notebook copiously filled with tactical jottings. Printed rosters were handed out, the kit was laid out neatly, the team was aware and ready to go.

The Legends added a few veterans from the other CPR teams, including Charlie Linehan











The Legends started the game off with purpose, dominating the first skirmishes and setting up camp in the Rovers half. The final third as ever was not friendly to CPR as they could not quite turn their domination into goals. Barnstonworth started to grow into the game and exhibited a more fundamental passing game, basic and safe compared to the adventurousness of CPR. However at this level, basic and safe helped negate the cruelties that Father Time had inflicted on the participants as the Rovers maintained possession with the Legends soon relegated to counterattacks amidst numerous careless turnovers. It took a fortunate goal for the Legends to wrest the momentum back, a hopeful lob from Jones coming out of the sun to elude the opposition keeper. Soon after, an excellent attack saw new managers Stower and Sawyer combine and it felt like a new dawn. However, on the cusp of seizing full control the Rovers stormed back. A left side attack resulted in the ball pinging around the CPR penalty area without being properly cleared, falling to a Rovers attacker who took full advantage. Given life back, the opposition tied the game when a superbly executed scissors kick was cleared off the line by a Belizan handball. The resulting penalty was dispatched unstoppably into the side netting and the Legends were nonplussed to find themselves tied in a game they looked to have in hand. There was a glorious opportunity to regain the lead with the last kick of the half but Belizan’s twist and shot dropped agonizingly over the bar.

The half time talk focused on better communication along with a potential shift to 4-5-1 depending upon the game situation later on. With the heat baking off the turf, the energy levels of both teams were sapped despite the mass of substitutes resulting in open spaces and opportunities for the enterprising. A counterattack on the left for CPR resulted in the lead once again being taken as Subah’s twisting and turning in the penalty area provided a somewhat harmless cross that caused enough confusion for Sawyer to nip in. Meanwhile at the other end the Legends Defenders were getting a crash course in the Adventures of Pablo, as the keeper’s sweeper keeper style resulted in some hair raising moments. Fortunately the Rovers could never quite capitalize, although they were unfortunate on one of the borderline offside decisions that went their way as a long range shot thundered off the crossbar.

As Rovers put pressure on the Legends they opened gaps at the back, but CPR couldn’t kill the game off. One notable attack saw Rosenbloom as the only player in the penalty area outside of the keeper, but the vision and then execution could never get him the ball for what would have been a tap in. Somewhat unusually in the Over 40’s and especially given the late start, the Referee did heed the beseeching of the Rovers for a couple of minutes of injury time, but it was not enough. A good win against a solid team was a great start to the season for the Legends.

The Legends 2019-2020. Did not have the Sharpie available to draw in the rest of Tier 1











Competition: Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, League Opposition

Location: Bush Terminal Piers Park, Brooklyn

Conditions: Sweltering afternoon

Fans: 8, Jones’s, Stowers + friends

Result: 3:2 HT: 2-2

Goals: 1:0 Jones
2:0 Sawyer Assist Stower
3:2 Sawyer Assist Subah

Yellow Cards: Belizan

Red Cards: None

Mike D’s aka No Shows: None

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: Rosenbloom’s arrival at half time helped with the energy level, especially given his versatility and the injury suffered by Tsujita.

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: Tsujita suffered from a leg injury in the first half, but fortunately there were no other injuries other than Hahn’s cramping near the end of the game, which may or may not have been strategic.

Old Man of the Match: With the inaugural usage of the SportEasy app for game management, voting for OMoM is far more organized than before. In somewhat of an upset, Shobowale earned the honors for helping marshal the defence under an onslaught in the second half. The bettors would have lost money on Sawyer, whose two goals and hyper organized management were large contributing factors to the win.

Old Man of the Bar: None.

El Presidente (Old Men who don’t make it to game but come to the bar): None

Statistic of the week: Sawyer continues his prolific ways with 11 career goals in 11 games.  Rudy’esque, for the Metroboyz.

Team Bar Showing: 9 out of 18 (50%)

Team Bar Night: 3.5 out of 5. A solid wide showing from half the squad, the location of Five Boroughs Brewery around the corner and the early afternoon timing helping people stop by for a beer or two.

Team (No new profiles this week): Pablo Arrocha (GK), Manohar Venkataraman, Neil Stower, Gavin Moore (DF), Bevan Rosenbloom, Ernest Subah, Luciano Belizan (DF), Mark Edmunds (DF), Takeshi Tsujita, David Sawyer, Danny Azzo, Andrew Jones, Charles Linehan (DF), Tom Pattinson, Jeremy Phillips, Olatokumbo “Tokes” Shobowale, Paul Vale, Pete Hahn (DF)

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CSL Season Openers for 9/8/19

Sep 05 2019 Published by under Club

Finally, the new season is here and it’s time to get back at it!  Here is the schedule for the weekend:

CPR 1sts vs. Real Ole FC, 12noon Randalls #75

CPR Reserves vs. Real Ole FC, 10am Randalls #75

CPR 3rds- D3 BYE, Friendly vs NYPD, 4pm Randall’s #82

CPR Old Boys vs. Megas Alexandros, 8am Randalls #74

CPR Orange @ Hoboken FC 1912 Over-30, 2pm Laurel Hill Park #1

CPR Legends @ Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys, 12noon Bush Terminal Piers Park

(The Women’s league doesn’t get back going until next weekend.)

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