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CPR Results 10/23-10/24/21

Oct 26 2021 Published by under Club

Saturday Oct 23rd:
CPR Red fell 1-2 @ NY International FC

  • Goal: Trip Burke

CPR Red Reserves shutout NY International FC 2-0

  • Goals: Deniz Guven and Sasha Boussina

CPR Joga D’or fell 1-2 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over-30

  • Goal: Diego Gorosito

CPR Old Boys shutout NY Shamrock SC Over-30, 3-0

  • Goals: Elior Talmasov, Meir Mazal & Sebastian Palacios

Sunday Oct 24th:
CPR Orange fell 1-4 @ Cozmoz FC

  • Goal: Najib Majaj

CPR Legends drew 3-3 with Manhattan Kickers Legends

  • Goals: Andy Jones, David Sawyer and Jan Carlsen

CPR Black were shutout 0-7 by Yemen FC
CPR Green were edged 0-1 by NY Irish SC
CPR Young Boys fell 2-4 @ NY Pancyprian Freedoms II

  • Goals: Abraham Miranda (2)

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Midweek Results 10/19 & 10/21

Oct 23 2021 Published by under Club

Tuesday Oct 19th

Gerhard Mengel O30s Cup

CPR Old Boys beat Kelmendi FC NY O30, 4-2

  • Goals:  Steven Cano, Sebastian Palacios, Meir Mazal & Sekou Cox
Gotham Women’s 7 v 7
CPR beat Manhattan Kickers 6-3
  • Goals:  Dkay Henry (4) & Sofia Barsher (2)

Thursday Oct 21st

CPR Joga D’Or lost in PKs to NY Greek Americans, after 1 -1 in regulation

  • Goal:  Neil Riveros

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Disorganized Oranges gift Cup win to Baldwin

Oct 20 2021 Published by under Orange

After last week’s inaugural win confidence was high for the cup game against Long Island team Baldwin, especially with potentially 16-18 players available to run against the opposition.  With everyone ready to go and a large opposition squad also ready, the lack of a referee was concerning and generating conversations about what the unpalatable options would be.  Fortunately he was spied amiably ambling along from what must have been a late game elsewhere, so crises averted.  With the game starting about 20 minutes late, both teams started as if they had time to make up.  The Oranges were fortunate that the opposition strikers apparently only had a nodding acquaintance with the offside rule, while for the Oranges there was a lot of sound and fury in the final third with not a lot of danger inside the penalty box.

A fairly even game left the CPR eager and excited at half time.  Slight tactical tweaks were discussed about as usual making sure the far side of play contracted to the center defensively to congest the way forward.  However in the second half CPR ended up far more open at the back on the right hand side.  After several clear warnings where they survived thanks to the profligacy of the opponents, the open invitation was finally taken as Baldwin took the lead, the ball finally hit into the net instead of ballooned over the top.  The Oranges did display more of a threat than they did in the first half but rarely threatened the opposition keeper.  Meanwhile they opened up further and further at the back, with chance after chance offered to Baldwin.  A one on one ball gathering outside the box mercifully only received a booking instead of the straight red, which resulted in nothing.  A long distance rounding of Koerner and ball into the inside netting was heroically saved by Aldi (Narrator: It was not saved, it was a clear goal but the referee must have offered sympathy for the effort to the incandescent fury of the opposition).  Finally the second goal that was coming did arrive, a looping ball over the top that saw the Baldwin strikers run unchallenged from the halfway line to put the ball away.

This was a tougher loss than some of the others as this was a winnable cup game and the mistakes made were mental and not physical.  The lack of familiarity with each other is one issue, but having 2 defenders against 4 strikers again and again shouldn’t happen.  At the other end there needs to be more of a cutting edge, and more of a presence inside the box.  There was an improvement in keeping possession which was good to see, and hopefully as time goes by the leaks in play will be fixed.  This is a capable squad and should be able to produce more.

Competition: Baldwin O-40, LISFL

Location: Randall’s Island #73, Randall’s Island

Conditions: First chilly Autumn day, pretty chilly under the bridge, nicer on the sun side

Fans: 2 (Alfi’s 2 kids)

Result: 0-2 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: L

Yellow Cards: Koerner, whose plaintive appeals to the Referee miraculously worked, a true Over 40’s call from a magnanimous Referee.  A one on one grab well outside the box was as clear a sending off as possible, but the myriad painted lines on the field saved Koerner’s bacon (despite none of them being white lines)

Red Card: None, luckily for Koerner

Mike D’s aka No Shows: George arrived again in the second half, a suboptimal way to stay in the squad.  New boy Devin Molina was also a no show.

Conboy’s aka Reverse Mike D’s: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: None

Old Man of the Match: None

Team: Grant Koerner (GK), Manohar Venkataraman (F), Claudio Schneider (MF), Willian D’Andrea, Steven Morse, Bevan Rosenbloom, Adam Alfi, Nathan Appel, Rodrigo Valle, Jason Cyrus, Darran Cronshaw, Najib Majaj, Justin Noel, Ted Elkington, Danilo Crestejo

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CPR State Cup Results 10/17

Oct 20 2021 Published by under Club

FLAMHAFT CUP (1st teams of the Second Division)
CPR Red @ Bronx River (EDSL) – ref didn’t show, needs to be rescheduled
D’ARPINO CUP (Reserve teams of the First Division and Reserve teams of the Second Division)
CPR Red Reserve beat Manhattan Kickers Reserve 7-1

  • Goals: Sasha Boussina (3), Jamie Rosiello (2), Kyle Brady & Rory Quigley

STRUMP CUP (3rd & 4th Division teams)
CPR Black beat NYPD Futbol in PK’s (4-3) after 1-1 in regulation

  • Goal: Lenroy Brown

CPR Young Boys lost in PKs (2-3) to Barnstonworth Rovers FC , after 2-2 in regulation

  • Goals: Pearce Callan & Jorge Ruiz

MARTH CUP (Over 30 Division teams)
CPR Joga D’or beat Integral Kings Over 30 5-0

  • Goals: Carlos Ramírez (2), Ilir Durakovic, David Osorno & Diego Gorosito

CPR Old Boys beat Polonez Over 30 7-0

  • Goals: Steven Cano (3), Vitally Firsov (2), Meir Mazal, Sebastian Palacios & Eli Talmasov

VARGAS CUP (Over 40 Division teams)
CPR Legends fell 0-3 to Ridgewood Romac SC
CPR Orange fell 0-2 to Baldwin O-40

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Results from 10/10/21

Oct 11 2021 Published by under Club

CPR Red beat SC Eintracht 6-0
- Goals: Henrik Olsson (2), Josh Gray (2), Jonah Beecher & Christian Henry

CPR Red Reserves beat SC Eintracht 8-0
- Goals: Sasha Boussina (3)., Jamie Rosiello (2), Kristian Radi, Rory Quigley & Jamie Bahamondes

CPR Old Boys beat Laberia FC 3-0 (via forfeit)

CPR Joga D’or beat Lansdowne Yonkers FC Metro 5-1
- Goals: Carlos Moncaleano, Diego González, David Panchano, Germán Islas & Christian Camacho

CPR Legends beat NY Irish SC Legends 3-0
- Goals: Bo-Joe Brans, Steve Teesdale and Willie Boyle

*** CPR Black, Green, Orange and CPR Young Boys had a BYE in League play.

CPR Green beat CPR Young Boys 3-1 in a friendly:
- Goals: Matt MacFarquhar (3) for Green and Edwin Guaman for Young Boys

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CPR Results 9/28 – 10/3:

Oct 04 2021 Published by under Club

9/28 Gotham Women’s 9 v 9 @ Brooklyn Bridge Park

CPR 6 – She Wolf 2

10/3 Cosmopolitan Soccer League:

CPR Legends shutout SC Eintracht Legends 5-0

  • Goals: Ernest Subah (2) Willie Boyle (2) & Olivier Poupeney

CPR Orange beat America FC 1927 2-1

  • Goals: Joji Tokida & Willian D’Andrea

CPR Green drew 1-1 with Borgetto FC Forza

  • Goal: Zack Bartula

CPR Red Reserves beat Manhattan Celtic II 2-1

  • Goals: Sasha Boussina & Isaac Bogart

CPR Old Boys beat Afghan FC NY 7-1

  • Goals: Steven Cano (2), Othman Lantir (2), Eli Talmasov, Sebastian Palacios & Matt Costelloe

CPR Young Boys shutout Desportiva Sociedad NY Metro 2-0

  • Goals: Jorge Ruiz and Todd Pagello

CPR Red beat Manhattan Celtic II 3-1

  • Goals: Jonah Beecher, Josh Gray & Christian Henry

CPR Black drew 2-2 with vs Brooklyn City FC

  • Goals: Lenroy Brown & Manuel Calle

CPR Joga beat NY Shamrock SC Over-30 3-1

  • Goals: Carlos Moncaleano, Carlos Ramirez & Neil Riveros

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