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Results 11/21/21

Nov 22 2021 Published by under Club

CPR Old Boys lost 1-6 to NY Pancyprian Freedoms Over-30

  • Goal: Othman Lantir

CPR Orange lost 0-3 to NYPD FC Veterans

CPR Legends beat Cozmoz FC 6-1

  • Goals: Ernest Subah (2), Jeremy Phillips (2), Bo-Joe Brans & David Sawyer

CPR Black drew 3-3 with NY Ukranians III

  • Goals: Oliver Castillo, Lenroy Brown & Ronald Pineda

CPR Young Boys fell 1-9 to LaLiga Academy NY

  • Goal: Jerry Leon

CPR Green fell 3-4 to NY Croatia

  • Goals: Luis Navarro (2) & Zack Bartula

CPR Red Reserves beat Desportiva Sociedad NY 6-0

  • Goals: Sasha Boussina (2), Aleks Marceau (2), Kristian Radi & Max Song

CPR Red beat Desportiva Sociedad NY 7-0

  • Goals: Josh Gray (3), Reggie Thurford (2), Ajay Jagadesan & Tony Scimeca

CPR Joga D’or drew 2-2 with NY Albanians FC

  • Goals: Galo Solís & Carlos Ramírez

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CPR Derby produces an absorbing tussle, with Legends experience triumphing

Nov 16 2021 Published by under Orange

With both teams getting knocked out of the cup, it was a welcome mid November match up as opposed to the original mid December game which would have stunted the post game festivities.  Both teams were certainly ready for the game, with numerous substitutes available and the good natured but slightly edgy camaraderie visible before the game.  The 8am kickoff had the sun in a decidedly low horizon, but perpendicular to the 18 yard line of the far post.  The Legends won the toss but the sun did not come into play as much as it would have seemed.  The game proceeded as expected, with the Oranges compact ready to spring on the counter attack while the Legends kept possession, patiently switching fields while probing for openings.  Clear opportunities were few and far between, expected for a derby with players on both sides familiar with each other’s foibles.  At half time the Oranges were certainly the happier with the stalemate, but also well aware that they had been tied or close for every game this season at the half while faltering in the second half.

Also as expected, the game started to open up in the second half.  The original Field 74 had been a nice cozy favorite, but post renovations it was now on the larger side, although not of the yawning dimensions of Pier 40.  This made a conservative compact structure hard to maintain, and the Legends were able to strike first thanks to a typically powerful run from Subah.  Although Koerner was able to pull off an excellent save, the wily Jones was following up and buried the shot past the despairing two defenders and keeper that had been occupied by Subah.  The lead was followed by a visible exhalation from the Legends, so much so that Boyle decided to purchase a lottery ticket from outside the box and won a rare goal.  The Legends didn’t have it all their own way though as the open nature of the game helped the Oranges as well.  Cronshaw was desperately unlucky as a mazy run and reverse shot forced a good save from Arrocha that trickled agonizingly across the goal, with no striker available to tap it into the open net.  For the last part of the game the Oranges moved to a sweeper keeper formation with 3 defenders at the back, continuing to press the Legends deep but without being able to get the killer touch to drag themselves back into the game.

Charlie finds his Golden Ticket in 'Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory'. -  'Willy... - Heart

Little Willie, would you like a goal? Here’s a golden lottery ticket.  Shoot from outside the box!

Another encouraging display for the Oranges but without reward again.  However, as long as the performances continue to improve and experience is accrued it is only a matter of time before the Oranges start to accumulate more points in this tight division.

Competition: CPR Legends, League opposition

Location: Randall’s Island Field 74, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Moderate late Autumn morning that got cooler towards midday

Fans: A mixture of CPR came to see the game and stick around for the Old Boys Joga derby after, including Resnik, Casanova and Valle.

Result: 0-2 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: N/A

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: No injuries given the good amount of substitutes

Old Man of the Match: None

Team: Grant Koerner (GK), Manohar Venkataraman (F), Gabriel Cowles (DF), Claudio Schneider (MF), Bevan Rosenbloom, Steven Morse, Jason Cyrus, Devin Molina, Hakan Nizam, Darran Cronshaw, Justin Noel, Joji Tokida, Najib Majaj, JP Asbun, Ted Elkington, Jordan Klopf

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CPR Results 11/9-11/14/21

Nov 16 2021 Published by under Club

Tuesday Nov 9th:
CPR  fell 2-3 to Brooklyn City FC in Gotham Soccer Womens 7 v 7

  • Goals: Dkay Henry and Sophia Barsher

Weds Nov 10th:
CPR Old Boys fell to NY Pancyprians (O3os Cup)

  • Goal: Sebastial Palacios

Friday Night Lights 11/12/21:
CPR Red beat NYPD FC 5-0

  • Goals: Henrik Olsson (2), Josh Gray, Ajay Jagadesan, Paul Le Helloco

Saturday Special 11/13/21:
CPR Young Boys beat Williamsburg Int’l FC III, 3-2

  • Goals: Jorge Ruiz (2) & Xadier Concepcion

Sunday Funday 11/14/21
CPR Legends beat CPR Orange 2-0

  • Goals: Andy Jones and Willie Boyle

CPR Joga D’or beat CPR Old Boys 3-1

  • Goals: Hemir Niebles, Neil Riveros & David Panchano (Joga) & Sebastian Palacios (OB’s)

CPR Black fell 1-3 to NY Albanians FC (Strumpf Cup)

  • Goal: Cary Cousineau

CPR Green beat NYC Boldest FC 2-0 (Strumpf Cup)

  • Goals: Dany Jabban & Matt MacFarquar

CPR Red Reserves beat Manhattan Celtic II Reserve 4-1 (D’Arpino Cup)

  • Goals: Kristian Radi, Rory Quigley, Josh Barkoff & Jaime Rosiello

CPR Red beat Sons of Queens Prospects 3-0 (Flamhaft Cup)

  • Goals: Josh Gray, Reginald Thedford & Max Song

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CPR Results 11/7/21

Nov 09 2021 Published by under Club

CPR Red beat Williamsburg Int’l FC 4-1

  • Goals: Henrik Olsson (2), Trip Burke & Josh Gray

CPR Red Reserves beat Williamsburg Int’l FC 6-1

  • Goals: Kristian Radi (3), Max Berney, Sasha Boussina & Deniz Guven

CPR Young Boys lost 0-1 to Falco FC
CPR Orange beat SC Gjoa 2-0

  • Goals: Darran Cronshaw & Rodrigo Valle

CPR Legends fell 3-4 to Doxa FC Legends

  • Goals: Olivier Poupeney (2) & Jeremy Phillips

CPR Black lost 0-3 to Brooklyn Bound SC
CPR Green beat NYPD Futbol 1-0

  • Goal: Matthew Macfarquhar

Derby Result:
CPR Old Boys beat CPR Joga D’Or 4-1:

  • Goals: Diego Gonzalez (Joga); Othman Lantir (2) Elior Talmasov & Sebastian Palacios (OB’s)

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Oranges create order out of the chaos to prevail over Doxa

Nov 08 2021 Published by under Orange

The marathon threw its traditional wrench into the logistics, but with a far smaller percentage of players living in Manhattan it affected only a couple of players with everyone arriving in plenty of time.  Although the weather report was for the chilly low 40’s, with the sun beating down it ended up being quite a nice day on the grass field, with both teams having enough substitutes to make it a good contest.  Both teams also showed why they were near the bottom of the table, with defensive lapses and disjointed play making the game appear to be very much an Over 40’s game.  One forage down the right wing from CPR resulted in the two attackers being left wide open in the box at the far post, although unfortunately Cyrus was unaware of the time available to him and his volley was unsuccessful.

As is almost a weekly tradition at this point, tied 0-0 at the half the Oranges felt very strongly that they could win the game.  They needed to be more disciplined, communicate better, play to the whistle and be patient.  Having the large number of substitutes added a disorganized element but also allowed the squad to remain fresh and avoid injuries.  The sporadic pressing from the front started to unnerve Doxa, adding to the chaos.  The first goal came from an unexpected direction.  Cronshaw took a corner aimed remarkably close to the keeper, so close in fact as to take him by surprise and result in a fumble and a goal.  Not quite an Olimpico, but the result was the same.  With a rare lead the Legends struggled to calm things down, but fortunately the continued pressure resulted in a golden opportunity to double their lead.  Piling players forward coupled with the grass field pressured a defender into a hand ball.  A couple of players were ready to take the penalty but Valle was the most assertive, and his strongly struck kick fortunately bounced inside off of the cross bar.

Protecting a lead was an unusual occurrence for the Oranges, and it clearly showed.  Instead of slowing the game down and maintaining possession to kill off the game, there was still far too much of an attacking element resulting in spaces at the back.  Fortunately CPR was not punished for those mishaps and eventually most of the team got the idea that they just needed to see the game out, which they did for their first shutout of the season.  Next week’s derby against the Legends is sure to be more challenging.

Competition: Doxa SC Legends, League opposition

Location: Randall’s Island Field 71, Randall’s Island

Conditions: Remarkably comfortable late Autumn morning

Fans: A medley of Legends for a season high (Teesdale, Stower, Tsujita, Subah, Linehan, Mershon among others)

Result: 2-0 (0-0 at H/T)

Goals: 1-0: Cronshaw

2-0: Valle (PK)

Yellow Cards: None

Red Card: None

”Mr. Glass” Fragility/Old Man Injury Award: No injuries given the good amount of substitutes

Old Man of the Match: None

Team: Grant Koerner (GK), Manohar Venkataraman (F), Gabriel Cowles (DF), Claudio Schneider (MF), Willian D’Andrea, Steven Morse, Adam Alfi, Vojdan Rosoklija (DF), Rodrigo Valle, Takuna Watanabe, Jason Cyrus, Devin Molina, Hakan Nizam, Darran Cronshaw, Justin Noel, Joji Tokida, C.P.

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CPR Results 10/30-10/31/21

Nov 06 2021 Published by under Club

Saturday Oct 30th:
CPR Old Boys beat Lansdowne Yonkers FC Metro 8-0

  • Goals: Sekou Cox (3), Matt Costelloe (2), Vitaliy Firsov (2) & Sam Wilkinson

Sunday Oct 31st:
CPR Legends drew 1-1 with Ridgewood Romac SC

  • Goal: Bo-Joe Brans

CPR Black drew 3-3 with CD Iberia

  • Goals: Cary Cousineau, Manuel Calle & Oliver Castillo

CPR Green fell 0-1 @ Kid Super Samba AC II

CPR Joga D’Or beat Desportiva Sociedad NY City 5-2

  • Goals: Carlos Ramírez (3), Diego González, Brigham Ortiz

CPR Red, CPR Red Reserves, Orange and Young Boys had a BYE

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