Alumni Communication: January 2020

What’s in store for CPR in the new decade

Dear Esteemed CPR Alumnus,

Here we are in the new year, in the midst of the club’s 21st year, and it’s really hard to believe! We thought it is a good time to fill you in on the exciting developments going on at the club and how you might be able to help us along the way.

We love this club so much that we are working hard to up our game, and improve our brand. We want to take the right steps to help set CPR up for longevity and ongoing success, so with an expanded group of management volunteers, we’ve been identifying various short, medium and long term goals (and even some pipe dreams) to get us there. It has been great to see this team of dedicated and committed people working together with the best interest of the club at heart.

For example, since the summer, we have:

  • re-implemented recurring committee meetings to gather feedback from weekend games and to work through our objectives,
  • hired a 1st team coach, a paid position for the 1st time in club history,
  • consolidated and realigned some of our teams to improve the competitiveness of the squads each week,
  • increased and improved communications channels, including the use of SportEasy app to replace Evite and email for game availability, stats and more,
  • held 3 successful parties so far this season as we look to increase club spirit and interaction,
  • and after years of fun talk and speculation, we finally started a CPR youth program, with a 501c3 charitable entity to follow in the near future.

We’re proud of CPR’s history and what we stand for, and want this club to be around for years to come. We want to position the teams to compete better on the field, and have more fun together off it — we feel these go hand in hand for our success. With the right help and people working together, we know we can exceed the expectations we have for improving this club.

Our top focuses:

  • Filling out more board positions, and adding new, diverse thinkers to the team
  • Improving our recruiting process and pipeline
  • Raising our fundraising and corporate sponsorship game
  • Rolling out streamlined communications and elevated marketing strategies (e.g. website improvements)
  • Increasing club spirit and engagement (e.g. increase CPR swag available)

And, here’s how we intend on engaging with YOU, our awesome alumni, as we move forward:

  • We are going to start an Alumni Supporters Club to increase engagement and to raise funds for club initiatives.
  • We are going to invite you to more events throughout the year (Spring gathering, end of season awards, outings, etc.), so we don’t wait until #CPR25 to get together again!
  • Via networking events and communication channels, we are going to leverage the power of this CPR network to further one another in our careers.
  • We are going to have a consistent cadence of communication to let you know how our progress is tracking and where we are heading.

Now, our immediate calls to action!

  • Please fill out this 2-minute survey (link), so we can update our contact lists and make sure we know where you are and what you are up to.
  • Help spread the word to other alum with whom you are in touch, but we may not have reached.
  • Know someone interested in playing? Send the new recruits our way!
  • Follow this link for more info on the CPR Youth Academy that kicked off in Brooklyn this winter.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for more info on the Alumni Supporters Club in the coming weeks. And, if folks have other personal skills, or corporate connections, and might be willing to help us with our initiatives, let’s talk and see what we can work out. Drop us an email ( and don’t hesitate to share any feedback, suggestions, or interest in getting more involved!


Cheers to a great year,

CPR Management