Alumni Communication: March 2020

CPR Supporters Club Kickoff

Hello CPR Family,

Yes, that’s what we feel (and know) this really is, one giant family, and not just because of the many wonderful intra-CPR Weddings and children.

When we reached out last month, we filled you in about the priority items we are working on to improve things at the club, and with en eye towards longevity. Now we’re reaching out for help, and in doing so are rolling out an annual CPR Supporters Club.

We’re aiming to raise 20k this year, and are starting here, with you special folks who know how much the club means to so many. As you know, it’s not easy running and funding a club in the city. It’s becoming even more challenging competing at the top levels against teams who pay their players, while we are mostly funded by player dues. We want to continue being a club who competes while having fun on and off the pitch. We want to keep doing this, and providing teams for men and women (and now children) as they progress through the years and their careers.

Our current need for funds is driven by:

  • the funding of a 1st team coach this season (a CPR Alum himself), to help us get back to, and to challenge in, D1 as soon as possible
  • the ability to supplement funding of dues for some players on the open age teams who may not currently be in a position to afford full dues
  • to allow us to spend money on additional infrastructure and other club improvements, at the same time positioning us better to expand corporate fundraising efforts

As we kick off the CPR Supporters club, we are asking for a donation of $105 – why the extra $5 you ask? Well, we are kicking this off with a telethon on Saturday, and that extra fiver will buy a beer for our folks who reach out and get someone to signup.

In return for this donation, here is what we will provide in return:

  • the immense pleasure and special feeling you will have for giving back to the club that we know means so much to so many of you
  • recognition on our club website and more
  • some SWAG! yep, we’re going to order some special CPR SWAG for you to help show our appreciation
  • periodic updates – not as frequent or as long as Manny’s match reports, but we’ll periodically let you know how things are progressing
  • invites to club events -not just for the big anniversaries, but to fun times like the Annual Awards, socials, FootGolf outings and NYCFC/RBNY derbies and more
  • we also will be expanding our alumni network, to help guide and advise those early in their careers and to look for ways to support alumni businesses etc.

How can you help:

  • starting Saturday March 7th at 10am EST (or earlier if you want) send $105 via Drew’s account (so we can track at the Telethon, and accumulate for bulk transfer to the club accounts). Preferred payment options are Venmo to @Drew-Faherty, or Paypal/ChaseQuickPay to – if you need other arrangements, let us know.
  • please make sure to include in the note field whom contacted you (so they can get their telethon beer) and your preferred email address (so we can keep our database current and contact you later for the SWAG delivery and event invites)
  • spread the word!! help us contact our other CPR friends and family, and let them know what’s going on

As a bonus, if we receive your payment on Saturday, we will draw one lucky winner for a brand new CPR jersey!

Thanks in advance, and we appreciate any help you are able to send our way.