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08 Dec 2021 Oranges spectacularly self-immolate, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory

16 Nov 2021 CPR Derby produces an absorbing tussle, with Legends experience triumphing

08 Nov 2021 Oranges create order out of the chaos to prevail over Doxa

20 Oct 2021 Disorganized Oranges gift Cup win to Baldwin

28 Sep 2021 Oranges teething problems continue as Manhattan Celtic Masters take full advantage

21 Sep 2021 Oranges internal unfamiliarity taken advantage of by veteran Shamrocks

15 Sep 2021 Tight loss still shows promise for new look Oranges

23 Oct 2019 Legends fritter away sizeable advantage, draw feels like a loss

09 Oct 2019 Legends meet Banatul’s A team, pity the fools who bet against them

30 Sep 2019 The importance of being Ernest