Posts by author: Manohar Venkataraman

28 Mar 2017 Threadbare Legends hold the dam but eventually it burst 0-6

28 Mar 2017 Legends win first ever Cup game on first ever midweek game

12 Dec 2016 Legends finally meet a team more undermanned than they are, make it count with 9-1 win against Hoboken

06 Dec 2016 Legends valiant defensive performance produces historic result

22 Nov 2016 Legends calmly dispatch Doxa with professional 2-0 win

08 Nov 2016 Shorthanded Legends grit their teeth and hold on for creditable draw

31 Oct 2016 Into the Valley of Death rode the 11 Legends…to Victory!

26 Oct 2016 Mistakes and blunt edge render another Legends loss to club rivals Barnstonworth

18 Oct 2016 Typical Cup loss has Legends beaten by younger, faster, thinner, stronger opponents Polonez

03 Oct 2016 Quintessential Old Man football game has Legends hanging on for 5-4 victory over SC Eintracht