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Another win vs MKS F.C. – Sept 21

Sep 26 2014 Published by under Womens Reds

It looked to be a tough match up against the combined Manhattan Kickers and Scala team, now called MKS.  But, with each goal scored, the team quickly realized theit expectations were set to high.  Interim goalie Annie kept MKS scoreless in the first half, while Meridyth (who took her turn in net) allowed the opponents to score only one goal, absolutely due to goalie error.  She hangs her head down in shame.

Final score 7-1

Post-game bar attendance:  8

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First game (and win) of the new season – Sept 14

Sep 26 2014 Published by under Womens Reds

Missing our core center midfielders, CPR Women’s Red were able to pull off a 3-1 win over Fuel, who were promoted after their Division B championship.  Albeit a bit shaky, the Women’s Reds were able get the 3 pts with some key recruits and a strong defense led by Steph Loehr.

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Women’s Red vs Rovers 1

Sep 29 2013 Published by under Womens Reds

Reds win 3-2, after being down 0-2 at the half!!!  (Goals scored by Patty, Platt and Jill)


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W. Reds win Round 1 of State Cup…with 8!

Oct 24 2011 Published by under Womens Reds


State Cup for Adults (not really, check out the pic)

Far off in New Utrecht land, it was looking pretty bleak just 10 minutes before gametime.  With the field and bathrooms still chained and locked, the 5 players that arrived early got a great pre-game warm-up (see picture below), but found themselves staring off towards the Coney Island bound trains and envisioning 6 more girls in RED uniforms parading down the subway steps.  That was just a dream of course, as only 3 more arrived – just enough to play, yay?

Alexa warms up for 50 Cents...with Old McDonald playing...


Match Report:

A true team effort followed, with volunteers in goal (that managed diving saves, big thanks to Hilder and Emmakate!), brilliant passing upfield, solid ZONE defense and offensive attacks that mustered up 2 goals in the first half.  The first goal started in the back (there was no midfield) with a pass to Platt in the corner who found Jill across the goal.  Platt, stopped in her tracks (forget follow up when you have 8 players) and yelled “come on Jill, COME ON” to which Jill responded with her one-on-one magic to put one away in the corner of the net.  The second goal came off a Casey B. assist back to the 18 yard line, I (Nabb) chipped the goalie…on purpose, sure. 

The second half started strong as well, with our very own Golden Boot Platt turning and volleying into the back of the net.  As exhaustion and a bit of complacency set in, the last 10 minutes of the game got a little dicey so….we let in 2 goals before the final whistle blew. 

In the end we got the W…on to the next round of State Cup!

Final Score:  CPR 3 – Appletown 2



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Match Report: Game 9/10/11 vs Kickers

Oct 11 2011 Published by under Womens Reds

Best moment:  Final whistle blows and Jill walks off the pitch putting on chapstick.  Coach Nate asks, “Where’d you get that chapstick?”  Jill replies, “From the fold of my shorts.” as if we all carry lipgloss in our shorts while playing soccer!

Match Report:

Four games in and consistently struggling to get 11 players to a game, Managers Nabb and Tanya were filled with stressful anxiety as they counted less than a handful of Red players just 5 minutes before kick-off.  Where was everyone?  Did they have the wrong game time, wrong field?  Or was this a cruel team prank?  Would we have to forfeit?  No… everyone was just hungover and late.  [NOTE to all Women's Red... please be on time and not stress out those volunteering their time to manage the team.  We need to be better at this, myself included.]

By kick-off, the team was lucky to start with 10 players.  Thankfully, the 11th and final player arrived by the 15th minute, which helped to change the flow of the game slightly with some fleeting moments of offense.  The Kickers had quite a few chances to score, but thanks to last season’s MVP (and most certainly a contender for the same title this season), All-Star Madeleine created a force field around the goal and let nothing go by.

While the Reds did press and had a couple of shots within the 18, it suddenly looked bleak for CPR when Stalwart Sosa pulled her hamstring and had to leave the field.  With no subs, the team was forced to play like they had started — down a player with 10 on the pitch.

But then, as if threatened with a lifetime of sobriety, Jill took on 6 defenders and slotted the ball just past the Kickers’ goalie into the back of the net!!!  (And of course, glossened her lips afterwards.)

FINAL SCORE:  CPR 1 – Kickers 0

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