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Women’s Team Mid-season Update

Mar 18 2020 Published by under Womens Whites

At the midway point of the Fall 2019-Spring 2020, while we are on an extended hiatus, our Women’s team currently sit’s in 2nd place (Division A of the NY Metropolitan Women’s Soccer League).  It’s a tightly contested race at this point, with just 3 points separating the top 4 teams.

Click here for the standings.

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CPR White vs. Magic – 3/30/2014

Apr 04 2014 Published by under Womens Whites



Full squad – check
Yellow card – check (BS? Check)
Stuck it to Magic – check check

Final result: 1-1 draw with awesome goal from new player, Winnie.


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CPR White vs. Kickers – 3/16/2014

Mar 24 2014 Published by under Womens Whites

CPR Whites played a strong game against Kickers. We had a lot of pressure and were getting some chances up top. We finally broke through and scored after a great cross in from Jess on the left, dummied by Mallory, and then a shot to the back post by Al. It ended up being the only goal of the game, however we are looking to start scoring some more goals as the season continues.

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CPR White vs. Scala – 3/9/2014

Mar 09 2014 Published by under Womens Whites

…well some of them. For possibly the first time EVER, we showed up with subs. Sadly Scala did not. They had 8 players, we had 8 goals. Not an even match, but Scala put up a good fight. Oh also, turns out our new goalie is a field player too – found that out 3 goals later. Other goal scorers: Dufton, Al, Risa, Candace, and Henry. Bar attendance was solid too. Will Percy’s be the new sponsor bar? Stay tuned…

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CPR White vs. Magic (again, state cup) – 11/10/2013

Nov 13 2013 Published by under Womens Whites

Rough start to a pretty good game. Unbeknownst to CPR, kickoff was moved from 3:00pm to 2:15pm to take advantage of the light hours and too put it lightly, Magic was not happy – eek! Unfortunately CPR is not really a “show up early to warm up” kind of team so the game started at 3:00 as originally planned. Magic scored early but Anne Drames put one away in the second half to tie it up. Both sides had plenty of chances, but the end result was a 1-2 loss for CPR. Let’s be honest though, we’re just happy Magic didn’t make us take our pants off this time. Feels like a win.

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CPR Red/White Darby – 11/3/2013

Nov 05 2013 Published by under Womens Whites

Or should we say White/Red?! I’ll spare you the suspense – Whites came out on top this time with a 3-0 win. In the Reds’ defense, their shortest player played goalie…but in our defense, only one of the three goals was high. Said goalie had devious plans the night before to force tequila shots upon the Whites players, but only one called out sick! Not really sure who won there. Back to the game…the first half consisted of 2 goals and 1 bloody nose, the second half consisted of 1 goal and two goalies, the bar consisted of two teams and some beer :)

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CPR White vs. NYC United

Oct 22 2013 Published by under Womens Whites

CPR White had their second win in a row this week with a 3-0 win over NYC United. Too bad it was state cup so doesn’t count in the standings.

No, we didn’t have a goalie.

Yes, this is our first winning streak of the season.

Yes, we had a full team!


Goal scorers: Mallory, Dufton, Al

Goalies: Dufton, Kelly, Al, Lisa, Erica, Ryan

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CPR White vs. Smokin’ Aces

Oct 22 2013 Published by under Womens Whites

We smoked em! Sort of.

Alex Malkin sacrificed her body on the right wing to get off a beautiful cross to Dufton to score the first goal of the game in the first half. CPR was feeling good until midway through the second half when one of the Aces caught our defense high and lofted a ball over [volunteer goalie] Gump’s head from just past midfield – one of these days we’ll have a real goalie. The game remained tied until the last 4 minutes…handball in the Aces box! Sigh of relief. Dufton finished the PK in the bottom left corner to end the game with a 2-1 win.

MVFs – Noreen and Cliff as “ball boys”

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CPR White vs. Magic – 10/6/2013

Oct 06 2013 Published by under Womens Whites

CPR white wore red today against the magic on this foggy Sunday but unfortunately could not convert a lot of great opportunities into a W. The game remained even for most of the first half, until a foul right outside the box led to an impressive free kick for the Magic that ended up in the back of the net. CPR didn’t let that stop the momentum and continued to force the ball into the opposite half for the majority of the game. The first half got exciting when an unfortunate head to head collision left a player from each side down, but luckily both players recovered well. The last play of the game almost got CPR to a tie, after Anne sent a phenomenal cross to Ryan’s head in front of the goal but the effort went high. Despite a hard fought game CPR fell to the magic 0-1 but is ready to come back to the next game with the same fire that was seen today.

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CPR White vs. Kickers – 9/22/2013

Sep 23 2013 Published by under Womens Whites


1-5 loss. Played 3 women down with no keeper. We held our own for most of the first half but it’s hard to mark 3 people at once!

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