Hall of Fame

Honoring those who have had a significant impact

and demonstrated the spirit of CPRFC…


On the FIELD

Inducted at 10th Anniversary

Ghazi Alhajeri
Mo Alkandari
Willy Boyle
Adam Brown
Mike Conboy
Rich Enticott
Jim Grandinetti
Andy Jones
Jenny Lankford
Ben Lucki
Henrik Ottosson
Caspar Pauckstadt
Mike Rudy

Inducted at 15th Anniversary

Pedro Chaim
Dan Hollins
Yuval Lion
Jill Mansfield
Alison Mckeown
Dan Mejias
Creighton Mershon
Joe Sullivan


In the PUB

Inducted at 10th Anniversary

Jess Chism
Paul Clayton
Alison Ehrmann
Andrew Faherty
Marko Guzijan
Nikle Guzijan
Jonny Lincoln
Eduardo Mazzi
Meridyth Park
Mark Resnik
Nathaniel Roberts
Paul Sewards
Manohar Venkataraman

Inducted at 15th Anniversary

Mark Becker
Kaitlin Dufton
John Hodges
Jenny Lankford

Inductee nominations being accepted during February 2019 for the 20th anniversary


Email HOF@centralparkrangers.com with questions or to submit a  nomination