Supporters Club

CPR Supporters Club:

OK, we’re going to give this another shot and are launching the CPR Supporters Club for the 2023-34 Season! When we first tried this a few years back, it ended up being the worst possible time to do so.  We had just kicked off the campaign and we’re thrilled with the initial response, but as fast as we started we had to start outreach just as fast – the Pandemic was taking hold and people were concerned about their jobs and health.

Thankfully that is mostly behind us, we reacted and adapted as best we could during that critical time, and once things went back to the new normal, we kept growing.  Last year was the most successful season for this club, fielding 11 squads which had some amazing results winning 6 of the divisions and taking home a couple Cup titles as well.

Now, in order to keep up the momentum, to strive to get better and do better for our players, we are reaching out for support.  With at least 10 teams again this season including a promotion to the EPSL, we have a 70k budget to address via various means.  In the EPSL, a number of teams there pay players, and while we would love to be in a position to do that in the future, right now we’re just hoping to help keep the dues down.

If you are willing and able, we are asking for a $100 donation to join the CPR Supporters Club for the 2023-24 season.  We will recognize our supporters throughout the season, and will also send some cool CPR swag your way.  We understand that amount may not work for everyone, so any little bit will help and to show our appreciation we’ll still send some love back your way.

Click here to complete the form to join:

Preferred payment options are Venmo to @Drew-Faherty, or Paypal/ChaseQuickPay to with reference to CPR Supporters Club – if you need other arrangements, let us know.

Spread the word!! Please help us contact our other CPR alum, friends and family, and let them know what’s going on.