Summer 2019 Training Schedule

Grays and Orange have opted out of training, so will not be attending.  (If you are Orange or Gray and have any questions, please speak to your Managers)

  • Mondays 6/17 – 8/19, 7-8:30pm, P40 Courtyard East
  • Thursdays 7/25 – 8/22, 8:30-10pm Pier 40 Rooftop

 If you have a ball, bring it

  • Make sure to always bring a WHITE and clearly DARK top so we can properly allocate people for training purposes.
  • If you plan on making practice, please update the comments section below so we can have an accurate count.  This is especially important when weather is bad and attendance may be lower so that people can determine whether its worthwhile to go.  Though note, even if not enough CPR guys show up, there usually plenty of random guys looking for a kick about.
  • Metrosoccer usually uses some of the same fields and has a weather advisory unlike the useless never updated Hudson River Trust:  212-696-8602
  • This is a webcam of the field

Club training is only for active CPR players and scheduled tryout’s!

Copy of permit for Summer 2019 (Pier 40 Courtyard East and Rooftop)


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